Greg Lake / Birmingham 2005 / 2CD

Greg Lake / Birmingham 2005 / 2CD / Virtuoso

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Live at Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham, UK 6th November 2005


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Greg Lake, an ancient singer who has never returned in December 2016. The best album that showed its charm to its fullest is appearing in press 2CD.
Original KING CRIMSON, EL & P, GREG LAKE & GARY MOORE, ASIA, EL & POWELL, EMERSON & LAKE …… In retrospect, Greg’s career always surrounded by super bands and gurus. In such circumstances, only “singing voice” and “melody” became the leading role, and the charm of it was maximized in 2005 ‘s solo tour. Greg ‘s solo is not attracting much attention and it is hard to say that it is well – known. Let’s begin by summarizing solo tours and careers.

· August – November 1981: UK (20 performances)
· November – December 1981: North America (9 shows)
– After 24 years –
· October – November 2005: UK (20 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
– After 6 years –
· April – May 2012: North America (26 performances)
· November 2012 – April 2013: Europe (19 performances)
· June 15 – 18, 2013: Japan (3 performances)

Besides this there are a few live performances such as participation in a benefit · concert, but roughly Greg ‘s solo tour is roughly divided into “1981”, “2005”, “2012 – 2013” . Among them, this work was recorded in ‘2005’. The restructuring EL & P ended in 1998 and was a solo activity after four years since participating in “ALL STARR BAND 2001” with Ringo Star. This “2005” is special. As I mentioned earlier, Greg’s music life collaborated mostly with experts, even solo “1981” led Gary Moore. That reactionary, “2012 – 2013” in his later years was a solo stage with karaoke and tape back. However “2005” is neither that nor “Greg himself is the leading character + raw band”. In other words, it was the only “solo singer-like tour” in his life.
This work is a masterpiece of a special class that conveys such “2005”. I recorded, “familiar British master” in our shop. Mr. McCartney and THE ROLLING STONES, Dave Gilmore, David Bowie, WISHBONE ASH, etc., and so on, SOFT MACHINE’s “MILTON KEYNES 2016 (Amity 372)” is a big name I got a favorable reception. This work is one of the special class even in his collection. It is an audience album of “November 6, 2005 Birmingham Show”. When saying “masters sound”, the compatibility of warmth and clearness of DAT recording is a taste. Although the personality is strongly living also in this work, the balance is inclined to the “clearer” to a greater extent thankfully. Actually, the sound of this work is suitable for calling “as if it is a sound board”, direct feeling that there is no sense of distance is terrible. For fans of “Maestro Sound” it may be thought that “there is insufficient air”, but on the contrary if you say “only listen to the sound board” you will be able to fully enjoy it.
However, it is not just “soundboard grade.” The sound outputted PA boasts a musically completed balance and the venue sound that is felt very slightly in the extending vocal sounds brings out the beauty of the ringing and the splendid unity. There is not even a poor soundboard’s whiteness, it is a music beauty as if it was an official board that was precisely mixed. It is an intense sound that you can call it “Official grade audience” already.
The world of “Singer: Greg Lake” drawn with its intense clear sound is also excellent. Even though it is a solo, mostly it is occupied by EL & P number, while arranging KING CRIMSON’s “The Court Of The Crimson King” and “21st Century Schizoid Man” at key points. From this tour official live board “GREG LAKE” has also been issued, but there is also cut “From The Beginning” “I Believe In Father Christmas” “Love You Too Much” including “Footprints In The Show” , You can taste plenty of the full story of the full show.
The playing member is mostly a career group in the session field, among them the florian Opale who is familiar with JETHRO TULL / IAN ANDERSON BAND. KING CRIMSON / EL & P number repainted with the sense I showed to Ian Anderson ‘s Japan tour is really wonderful. However, the real essence is not the opal, but the keyboardist, David Arch, who will serve as the Banmas. As there are many keyboard-oriented EL & P numbers, his own arrangement glows. “Take A Pebble” which boldly featured the acoustic guitar, “I Believe In Father Christmas” that grandly resonates with the impressive orchestration of the string synth … …. I confessed, from the image of “Classics full of” & “without star player”, I imagined a null show of the Olympus Games before listening. But it was a complete mistake. Completeness of thought through every corner, but still focused on shining “singer: Greg” … perfection of arrangement. It is also wonderful as a live player, and the only solo number can listen to the furious rock and roll piano even at “Love You Too Much”. And the leading singer Greg ‘s singing voice is also really wonderful. Of course, although it is not as transparent as 70’s, I do not feel the decline of fine dust from the reorganization EL & P …. No, it is rather good.

Keith Emerson and Karl Palmer also performed EL & P number-oriented solo activities, but is not only Greg the high-end show as entertainment so much? A solo tour of destiny that can only leave outcomes that are far from success, but is forgotten by the darkness of history. There is no star artist ‘s skill, there is no collision of ego. Just for the moment, there was a famous group of songs refined with “Greg Lake” focused, there were craftsmen who made the “his voice” shine with the performance.
It is the best gem to taste the singing voice of a noble singer, and the famous group of famous songs he has produced. Never be told on the table stage of rock history, one night in 2005. Absolutely, quietly, yet a night when the rich progressive rock was shining. One to deliver the site at its finest sound. Leave it to the press CD to leave forever and we will deliver it to you at this weekend.

オリジナルKING CRIMSON、EL&P、GREG LAKE & GARY MOORE、ASIA、EL&POWELL、EMERSON & LAKE……思い返せば、常にスーパーバンドや達人たちに囲まれていたグレッグのキャリア。そんな中で、彼の“歌声”と“メロディ”だけが主役となり、その魅力が最大限に輝いたのは2005年のソロツアーでした。グレッグのソロはあまり注目されず、あまり知られているとは言い難い。まずは、ソロのツアー・キャリアを総括してみましょう。


この他にもベネフィット・コンサートへの参加など、細かいライヴはいくつかありますが、おおよそグレッグのソロ・ツアーは「1981年」「2005年」「2012年-2013年」の3つに大別される。そのうち、本作が記録されたのは「2005年」。再編EL&Pが1998年に終わり、リンゴ・スターとの“ALL STARR BAND 2001”への参加から4年を経てのソロ活動だったのです。この「2005年」というのが、特別。先述した通り、グレッグの音楽人生は達人たちとのコラボレーションがほとんどで、「1981年」のソロですらゲイリー・ムーアを率いていた。その反動か、晩年の「2012年-2013年」はカラオケ・テープをバックにした独り舞台でした。ところが「2005年」はそのどちらでもなく“グレッグ本人が主役+生バンド”。つまり、彼の人生で唯一の“ソロ・シンガーらしいツアー”だったわけです。
本作は、そんな「2005年」を伝える特級の大傑作。録音したのは、当店でお馴染みの“英国の巨匠”。ポール・マッカートニーやTHE ROLLING STONES、デイヴ・ギルモア、デヴィッド・ボウイ、WISHBONE ASH等々など、さまざまなアーティストで傑作を連発している名手で、最近ではSOFT MACHINEの『MILTON KEYNES 2016(Amity 372)』が大好評を賜りました。本作は、そんな彼のコレクションでも特級の1本。「2005年11月6日バーミンガム公演」のオーディエンス・アルバムなのです。“巨匠サウンド”と言うと、DAT録音の暖かみとクリアさの両立が旨み。本作にもその個性は力強く息づいているものの、いつに増して「クリアさ」に天秤が思いっきり傾いている。実際、本作のサウンドは「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ぶに相応しいもので、距離感がまるでないダイレクト感が凄まじい。“巨匠サウンド”のファンには「空気感が足りない」と思われてしまうかも知れませんが、逆に「サウンドボードしか聴かない」という方には存分に楽しんでいただけることでしょう。
その激しいクリア・サウンドで描かれる“シンガー:グレッグ・レイク”の世界がまた、絶品。ソロとは言ってもKING CRIMSONの「The Court Of The Crimson King」「21st Century Schizoid Man」を要所に配しつつ、ほとんどがEL&Pナンバーで占められている。このツアーからは公式ライヴ盤『GREG LAKE』も出されていますが、そこではカットされている「From The Beginning」「I Believe In Father Christmas」「Love You Too Much」「Footprints In The Show」も含め、フルショウの一部始終をたっぷりと味わえるのです。
演奏メンバーはセッション畑のキャリア組がほとんどですが、その中で光っているのはJETHRO TULL/IAN ANDERSON BANDでお馴染みのフロリアン・オパーレ。イアン・アンダーソンの来日公演でも見せてくれたセンスで塗り替えられたKING CRIMSON/EL&Pナンバーが実に素晴らしい。しかし、本当の要はオパーレではなく、バンマスを務めるキーボーディスト、デヴィッド・アーチ。鍵盤主体のEL&Pナンバーが多いだけあって、彼の独自アレンジが光っている。アコースティック・ギターを大胆にフィーチャーした「Take A Pebble」、ストリングシンセの感動的なオーケストラレーションで壮大に響く「I Believe In Father Christmas」……。告白しますと、“クラシックスだらけ”&“スタープレイヤー抜き”のイメージから、聴く前から懐メロ大会のヌルいショウを想像しておりました。しかし、それは完全な間違いだった。隅々まで考え抜かれ、それでいて“シンガー:グレッグ”を輝かせることに焦点を絞り込んだアレンジの完成度……。ライヴ・プレイヤーとしても素晴らしく、唯一のソロナンバーは「Love You Too Much」でも猛烈なロックンロール・ピアノを聴かせてくれます。そして、主役グレッグの歌声がまた、本当に素晴らしい。もちろん、70年代ほどの透明感ではないものの、再編EL&Pから微塵の衰えも感じさせない……いえ、むしろ良くなっているほどです。


Disc 1(46:21)
1. Intro Tape (The Dance Of The Puppets) 2. The Court Of The Crimson King 3. Paper Blood
4. From The Beginning 5. Touch And Go 6. Take A Pebble 7. I Believe In Father Christmas
8. Farewell To Arms

Disc 2(60:04)
1. Fanfare For The Common Man 2. Love You Too Much 3. Footprints In The Show
4. Lucky Man 5. 21st Century Schizoid Man 6. Band Introduction
7. Pictures At An Exhibition 8. Karn Evil 9 1st Impression Part 2 9. Finale

Greg Lake – Guitar, Vocals David Arch – Keyboards Florian Opahle – Guitar
Trevor Barry – Bass Brett Morgan – Drums Josh Grafton – Keyboards
Bekki Carpenter – Backing Vocals Jai Ramage – Backing Vocals

Virtuoso 328/329

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