Grand Funk Railroad / Madison Square Garden 1972 / 1CDR+1DVDR

Grand Funk Railroad / Madison Square Garden 1972 / 1CDR+1DVDR/ Uxbridge

Live At Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY, USA 23rd December 1972

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The new GRAND FUNK is now in a four-man team with Craig Frost. The definitive set of the best stereo sound board & pro shot is coming up.
It is “December 23, 1972 New York performance” that is included in such this work. This is a two-disc set with the live album recording the show at the iconic large venue “Madison Square Garden (hereinafter MSG)” on Disc 1 and the multi-camera pro shot on Disc 2. This show is a long-standing classic from TV broadcast, but this one is different from the TV version. Let’s introduce each individually.

【Disc 1: Super stereo sound board】
First to appear is a live album with the best soundboard. MSG performances were broadcasted not only on television but also on the program “ABC IN CONCERT” of the FM radio station WBCN. This FM version is different from TV in sound and content. First of all, the vivid stereo feeling is amazing. The mix for the TV version is quite central, and it’s hard to tell if it is monaural or stereo if you listen a little, but the FM version is completely different. Each instrument is completely separated, and the organ and the guitar attack from the left and right, and the phrase goes round and round around the head. It is a perfect three-dimensional sound. And the songs are different. It is the same show, but the selection is different, and you can listen to songs not in the professional shot version, such as Stones ‘cover “Gimme Shelter” and “Footstompin’ Music”.
It is such an FM broadcast version, but this work is the best master. Very recently, it has been excavated by the prestigious “krw_co” and has been digitized directly from the 1st Gene reel master. The freshness is overwhelming, the sound is beautiful everywhere, the above-mentioned stereo feeling is also unusually bright. That is the quality that can be released officially as it is. There is also an official tradition “CAUGHT IN THE ACT” in the four-man era after joining Craig Frost, but “Flight Of The Phoenix” “Into The Sun” “Get It Together” “I’m Your Captain” “Hooked” There are plenty of great songs you can’t listen to, such as “On Love”.

【Disk 2: Outflow multi camera pro shot】
Disc 2 in place is the same show video. This is also a streaming camera multi-camera pro shot that also includes a work counter, unlike the television broadcast. Although slightly darker than the TV broadcast version, the image quality and the master freshness itself are more beautiful than the television. I am more than happy with the sense of stability. The air check on TV broadcasts was often a mess of the screen, but this work is stable. Although it is hard to say that it is official grade in terms of both sound and image quality, the taste of GRAND FUNK, which has only passed a year and a half since the first visit of the legend, can not be replaced with anything .
The show drawn in such quality is also wonderful. The only song that differs from the FM version of Disc 1 is “Loneliness” from “E PLURIBUS FUNK”, but this is also a delicious masterpiece that can not be heard in “CAUGHT IN THE ACT”. And that performance is scorching. The direction of pop was also included in “PHOENIX” which introduced the keyboard, but from that there is only “Flight Of The Phoenix”, and the rest are all trio era numbers. Mark Ferner’s voice is so soulful, and Don Brewer’s drumming is also powerful. A tough lock reminiscent of the legendary first visit to Japan explodes, and the keyboard is seasoned there.

GRAND FUNK of 1972 which was aiming for further height while enjoying the golden age. It is a decision board which draws such MSG performances that became such a large stage with a superb stereo sound board and a leaked pro shot. The best of the 70’s American Rock, please enjoy carefully in a two-disc set.

クレイグ・フロストを迎え、4人組となった新生GRAND FUNK。その極上ステレオ・サウンドボード&プロショットの決定的セットが登場です。

まず登場するのは、極上サウンドボードによるライヴアルバム。MSG公演はテレビ放送だけでなく、FMラジオ局WBCNの番組“ABC IN CONCERT”でも放送されました。このFM版はテレビとはサウンドも内容も異なる。まず何より、鮮烈なステレオ感が凄い。テレビ版のミックスはかなり中央に寄っており、ちょっと聴いただけではモノラルかステレオかも判別しづらいものですが、FM版はまったく違う。各楽器が完全にセパレートしており、オルガンやギターが左右から攻め立て、頭の周りをフレーズがグルグルと回る。完全な立体サウンドなのです。そして、曲目も違う。同じショウではありますが、セレクトが異なっており、ストーンズのカバー「Gimme Shelter」や「Footstompin’ Music」といったプロショット版にはない曲も聴けるのです。
そんなFM放送版ですが、本作はそのベスト・マスター。ごく最近になって名門「krw_co」が発掘したもので、何と1stジェネのリール・マスターからダイレクトにデジタル化されている。その鮮度は圧倒的であり、鳴りはどこまでも美しく、先述したステレオ感も異様に鮮やか。それこそ、このままオフィシャルにリリースできるほどのクオリティなのです。クレイグ・フロスト加入後の4人時代というと公式の伝統作『CAUGHT IN THE ACT』もありますが、「Flight Of The Phoenix」「Into The Sun」「Get It Together」「I’m Your Captain」「Hooked On Love」等、そこでは聴けない名曲もたっぷりと楽しめます。

代わってのディスク2は、同じショウの映像編。こちらもテレビ放送とは異なり、作業用カウンターも入った流出マスターのマルチカメラ・プロショットです。テレビ放送版より若干暗めではあるものの、画質やマスター鮮度自体はテレビよりも美しい。何よりも嬉しいのは安定感。テレビ放送のエアチェックは頻繁に画面が乱れるものばかりでしたが、本作はビシッと安定している。サウンド・画質の両面でオフィシャル級とは言い難いものの、それでも伝説の初来日からわずか1年半しか経っていないGRAND FUNKをマルチカメラ・プロショットで見られる醍醐味は何物にも代えられません。
そんなクオリティで描かれるショウも素晴らしい。ディスク1のFM版と異なる曲は『E PLURIBUS FUNK』の「Loneliness」だけですが、これもまた『CAUGHT IN THE ACT』では聴けない美味しい名曲。そして、その演奏ぶりが灼熱。キーボードを導入した『PHOENIX』でポップ方面も盛り込み始めたわけですが、そこからは「Flight Of The Phoenix」だけであり、残りはすべてトリオ時代のナンバー。マーク・ファーナーの歌声はどこまでもソウルフルで、ドン・ブリューワーのドラミングも力強く轟く。伝説の初来日を思わせるタフなロックが爆発し、そこにキーボードが味付けしていくのです。

黄金時代を謳歌しつつ、更なる高みを目指していた1972年のGRAND FUNK。そんな彼らの大舞台となったMSG公演を極上のステレオ・サウンドボードと流出プロショットで描く決定盤です。70年代アメリカン・ロックの粋、どうぞ2枚組でじっくりとお楽しみください。


WBCN Broadcast of ABC In Concert Aired January 19th 1973

1 Flight Of The Phoenix 2 Footstompin’ Music 3 Into The Sun 4 Get It Together
5 Heartbreaker 6 Good To Be In New York City Jam 7 I’m Your Captain
8 Hooked On Love 9 Inside Looking Out 10 Gimme Shelter


1. Flight Of The Phoenix 2. Into The Sun 3. Get It Together 4. Heartbreaker
5. Black Brass 6. I’m Your Captain (Part 1) 7. Phoenix House Interview
8. I’m Your Captain (Part 2) 9. Loneliness 10. Hooked On Love
11. Inside Looking Out


Mark Farner – lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica Craig Frost – keyboards, backing vocals
Don Brewer – drums vocals Mel Schacher – bass

Uxbridge 998

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