Grand Funk Railroad / Live In Boston 1972 / 2CDR

Grand Funk Railroad / Live In Boston 1972 / 2CDR /Breakdown

Live At Boston Garden, Boston MA December 17th 1972

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Canada attracted attention as a hard rock band to be representative, appeared valuable sound board live of Frank Marino led by Mahogany Rush, which continue to work from the 70’s!

September 24, 1991 Contained in the Pittsburgh Graffiti showcase in Pennsylvania with a soundboard sound source.

Although in the 1980s there was also solo activity this time is newly activities resumed as Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush, one after another showcase of yesteryear representative number.

It is a highly recommended collector’s item as a valuable soundboard live of mahogany · rush that can not be overlooked by a transfigurable guitar play reminiscent of Jimi Hen!

代表的なハードロックバンドとしてカナダは注目を集め、70年代から続いているMahogany Rushが率いるFrank Marinoの貴重なサウンドボードライブが登場しました!





01. The Answer / 02. Midnight Highway / 03. King Bee / Back Door Man / 04. Dragonfly / 05. Free

01. Poppy / 02. Strange Dreams / 03. Wall Came Down / 04. Rock N ‘Roll Hall Of Fame / 05. Johnny B.Goode / Who Do You Love / Bass Solo

Live At Graffiti Showcase, Pittsburgh, PA September 24th 1991


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