Graham Bonnet Band / Live In Japan 2015 Tokyo 3 Nights / 3CD

Graham Bonnet Band / Live In Japan 2015 Tokyo 3 Nights / 3CD / Non Label

Translated text:
Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 17th, 18th & 19th June 2015 STEREO SBD


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No way …. No way, it …… and come out to Tokyo performance. Last week, the GRAHAM BONNET BAND which was the appearance of shock “LIVE IN JAPAN 2015: OSAKA & NAGOYA”. As the name suggests, it was a sound board album of Osaka and Nagoya performances of 2015, this work is its Tokyo Nakano Sun Plaza 3DAYS Hen!
If you came to your listening to Osaka and Nagoya hen I think you know, but the sound is super-best. Just was full of direct feeling of desk directly, it was a sound board album of ultra-ultra-class that can not be found in the non-parties outflow. In fact, I all of this work also Nakano Sun Plaza 3 performance at the same quality at all has been recorded. Not a “hunky” quality. “Same” quality. I do not know that is whether you are familiar spilled in what route, but with “the same parties no doubt to the original”, is as if the sound itself is screaming loudly. The sound not only, complete recording places also the same as the Osaka and Nagoya Hen. From the curtain at the time of the SE to return to the “Domoarigato!” And shouting stage sleeves, it is recorded perfectly the allotted time about 50 minutes of GRAHAM BONNET BAND. No, is led to the “June 17” in Tokyo the first day, it has been recorded from the previous curtain BGM, and I have recorded 5 minutes near longer than Osaka and Nagoya edition (however, Mirror Lies of the day only 2 : 08 to have a moment of cut). That’s right had been able to time lag from the performance date relationship until the master arrives, but … Nante there is such a thing.
Of course, sound, even quality is the same, the content of the show is different. Set list is different from almost the same thing, the atmosphere of possible unsatisfactory and venue of the performance. To be honest, but how performances can not affirm or best because it is both advantages and disadvantages for each song, probably because you’ve been gradually accustomed, it seems Graham of tone is better than the overall Osaka and Nagoya performances. Although there is also place to be strictly in the high tone, richness of turning sing in the middle, the frequency to put play high. Including the guitar and the instrument Corps also, but tension the first time in Japan in Osaka and Nagoya looked, is there in playing sore, such as the welcome was confidently turned to support of.
Is the difference of such a mood is out most, only female playing the base, Japanese MC of Besuami Heaven Stone. It is entering during the “Suffer Me” and the new song “Mirror Lies”, but only to say hello in Japanese in Osaka, while greeting in Japanese Nagoya, it was also propaganda of the new EP “MY KINGDOM COME” in English . However, even my best try to speak publicity in Japanese in Tokyo performances, and I still listen to pleasing scene that becomes English. Moreover, in Tokyo the third day of the last day, to receive from the audience until the surprise gift, Graham the Ganbatte are Besuami to gently follow. …… As you try to cause that part

Besuami “Good evening Oh, I’m sorry, Japanese only a little really 28 years ago (such as in Osaka had said 17 years ago: a wry smile)…. I was studying Japanese very forgotten it .But, I’m …… and what!? not a thank you for the throne …… New Year! ”
Graham “Beautiful! That’s sounds good !!”
Besuami “Ha ha! OK, uh, there is a new storage .On iTunes.2 people, is a new memory. There, there is .I’m sorry, we are up 2 songs on iTunes. Please goin ‘check it up! Really Good ! Really Good !! Thank you, to love Mars! ”
Graham “She’s nerves, tonight. She speaks really really well, Japanese. (Tonight, she’m become Nervous. Very good at I’m Japanese!)”
…… On this heartwarming scene, you can Tsu it lightly jam Graham in electric acoustic guitar in Tokyo the first day (precious!), On the last day “Do do even (in English) Johnny B. Goode. No, stop was” while saying the , or the middle, but his kick went wide that intro (Chow precious !!). Then, Chase Manhattan drum also began taking the rhythm, Graham is to restrain and “I’m not done!”. This relaxing and mood enjoying the prize is I listen to the official barefoot ear sound.
In addition, at the end of the disk 3, it’s bonus recorded sound check “God Blessed Video” at the Nakano Sun Plaza. Date while unknown, this also in the sound source that has been brought about by the same parties, the route, the sound quality is still ultra-superb sound board. Someone is not a Graham (Conrado, Peshinado?) Will be singing in the main.

This visit to Japan performances, “co-star of the dream of the Michael Schenker,” more than anything else is what was the hottest. However, (even to not be said about heyday) to try even if only to Graham recently let me hear the stable awards in the goodness of rare to see tone, and showed me the pleasing ties with new partners that Besuami. In this work the desk directly, but does not contain only a little cheer, warm mood comes through the MGA also from the small sound. And, we hear until the breathing of Graham you are enjoying sincerely the hard rock in the higher age to 67 years of age.
Historical feelings that became full chest with co-star, even 3-Disc miracle of the press who were happy. No way, it is a super high-quality sound board album did not depend think such exist. By all means, the total finish of happened miracle “of the 2015 summer”, please look forward to plenty of it!

まさか……。まさか、東京公演まで出てくるとは……。先週、衝撃の登場となったGRAHAM BONNET BANDの「LIVE IN JAPAN 2015: OSAKA & NAGOYA」。その名の通り、2015年の大阪&名古屋公演のサウンドボード・アルバムでしたが、本作はその東京・中野サンプラザ3DAYS編です!
大阪・名古屋編をお聴きになった方はご存じと思いますが、そのサウンドは超・極上。まさに卓直結のダイレクト感に溢れた、関係者流出以外にあり得ない超ウルトラ級のサウンドボード・アルバムでした。実は、本作もまったく同じクオリティで中野サンプラザ3公演の総てが記録されているのです。「互角の」クオリティではありません。「同じ」クオリティ。どういう経路で流出したのか詳しい事は分かりませんが、「同じ関係者が元に間違いない」と、サウンド自体が声高に叫んでいるかのようです。サウンドだけでなく、完全収録なところも大阪・名古屋編と同じ。開演時のSEから「ドモアリガト!」と叫んでステージ袖に戻るまで、GRAHAM BONNET BANDの持ち時間約50分を完璧に収録している。いや、東京初日の「6月17日」に至っては、開演前のBGMから録音されており、大阪・名古屋編より5分近く長く収録しているのです(但し、この日のMirror Liesのみ2:08に一瞬のカットあり)。公演日の関係からマスターが届くまでタイムラグができてしまったそうですが、こんなことがあるなんて……。
そんなムードの違いが一番出ているのは、ベースを弾く紅一点、ベスアミ・ヘヴンストーンの日本語MC。「Suffer Me」と新曲「Mirror Lies」の間に入るのですが、大阪では日本語で挨拶するだけ、名古屋では日本語で挨拶しつつ、英語で新作EP「MY KINGDOM COME」の宣伝もしました。ところが、東京公演では宣伝も日本語で話そうとがんばるも、やはり英語になってしまうという微笑ましいシーンが聴けるのです。しかも、最終日の東京3日目には、観客からサプライズ・プレゼントまで受け取り、がんばっているベスアミをグラハムが優しくフォローする。その部分を起こしてみますと……

ベスアミ「こんばんは。あー、すいません、日本語少しだけ。本当に。28年前に(大阪では17年前と言ってたような:苦笑)日本語を勉強していました。とても忘れた。But、だけど……なに!? ありがとうござ……おせちじゃない!」
グラハム「Beautiful! That’s sounds good!!」
ベスアミ「あはは! OK、あー、新しい記憶があります。On iTunes。2人、新しい記憶です。が、があります。I’m sorry, we are up 2 songs on iTunes. Please goin’ check it up! Really Good! Really Good!! ありがとう、愛してまーす!」
グラハム「She’s nerves, tonight. She speaks really really well, Japanese.(今夜、彼女はナーヴァスになってるんだ。とっても上手な日本語だよね!)」
……こんな心温まるシーンの上、東京初日にはグラハムがエレアコで軽くジャムったり(貴重!)、最終日には「(英語で)Johnny B. Goodeでもやるか。いや、止めた」と言いながら、あのイントロを弾き出したり(超・貴重!!)。すると、ドラムのチェイス・マンハッタンもリズムを取り始め、グラハムが「俺はやらないよ!」と制止する。こんなリラックスしてショウを楽しんでいるムードがオフィシャル裸足の耳元サウンドで聴けるのです。
さらに、ディスク3の最後には、中野サンプラザでのサウンドチェック「God Blessed Video」をボーナス収録しています。日付は不明ながら、これまた同じ関係者・経路でもたらされた音源で、サウンドクオリティはやはり超・極上のサウンドボード。グラハムではない誰か(コンラード・ペシナード?)がメインで歌っています。


Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 17th June 2015

Disc 1 (53:01)
1. Intro 2. All Night Long 3. Love’s No Friend 4. God Blessed Video 5. Makin’ Love
6. Since You Been Gone 7. Suffer Me 8. Mirror Lies 9. Band Introductions
10. Night Games 11. Lost in Hollywood

Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 18th June 2015

Disc 2 (49:56)
1. Intro 2. All Night Long 3. Love’s No Friend 4. God Blessed Video 5. Makin’ Love
6. Since You Been Gone 7. Suffer Me 8. Mirror Lies 9. Band Introductions
10. Night Games 11. Lost in Hollywood

Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 19th June 2015

Disc 3 (53:18)
1. Intro 2. All Night Long 3. Love’s No Friend 4. God Blessed Video 5. Makin’ Love
6. Band Introductions 7. Since You Been Gone 8. Suffer Me 9. Mirror Lies 10. Night Games
11. Lost in Hollywood

Bonus Track

12. God Blessed Video (Soundcheck)


Graham Bonnet – Vocal Conrado Pesinato – Guitar Beth-Ami Heavenstone – Bass
Chase Manhattan – Drums

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