Graham Bonnet Band / Suncastle 2016 / 1DVDR

Graham Bonnet Band / Suncastle 2016 / 1DVDR / Non Label

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Live at the Suncastle, Skegness, UK 3rd February 2016. NTSC


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In June of this year “SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL”, Graham Bonnet announced the co-star of the Michael Schenker again. Such his latest shot is appeared in gift title.
Last year, but it is Graham that was taking off after the miracle of the Japan tour, resume live activities in 2016 the end of January. Until mid-February was conducted in the UK tour of 13 performances. This mini live album that contains the 5 performances eyes from the tour “NEWCASTLE 2016 (Shades 622)” also have gotten a good reputation, that the present work has been shooting for two shows first, “February 3, 2016 Skegness performances “. Photographer, is what that “Crazy S. Mr.”. Global taper’ve left a number of legendary name recording, No way …… until the video.
Its quality is indeed the name of the taper. At first, it is out-of-focus style, bracing and “Eyes Of The World” Graham in the intro of the advent and Bishitsu. Angle while Besuami Heaven Stone side, good shot to fit and tightly the four members. Although the as possible housed four people, no sense of distance is so narrow club scale. Image quality is also nice, metallic luster of the drum kit from the guitar strings of the Konrad-Peshinado, until the valley of the chest of Besuami are you out reflects the ultra-crisp. Unfortunately, but voice was usually release shelved in order to not extend to was the sound board-class “NEWCASTLE 2016”, is the video beauty more than makes up for it.
“2016 Graham” to be drawn in such a quality is, luxurious than the Japan tour was opening act. Ahead of the “Eyes Of The World” led, “Only One Woman”, “Dancer” of MSG, “Island In The Sun” of ALCATRAZZ “Will You Be Home Tonight,” “The Witchwood” of THE MARBLES, “LINE- such as “SOS” in the UP “, it makes me plenty hear the group of masterpieces that did not listen in the Japan tour.
And, Graham sing such a gorgeous set, unusually relaxed and fun. After all, Skegness is to is the birthplace of Graham, also profusely at home cheers heard in between the songs. You bite the large blur in “Dancer”, warm it in comfort to laugh, as will smile to here that are watching over the ocean. Graham, but says, “I’ve done a gig in here 49 years ago” in MC, if 1967 if it is true. Graham is in the case of 20-year-old, that of before and after formed a cousin and BONAR LAW. Just go back to the roots, I a live in literally the home ground.

Multiplied by the world in the crotch, also 68-year-old Graham was scattered spark a guitarist who rewrite the history of rock. ‘re Stuck in this work, warm stage to sing in front of fellow who can not put such he is of the mind back to her hometown. And, one that name taper of legendary witnessed in situ were recorded manipulate the camera. Very family feeling full of private masterpiece video. In June we refrain again historical co-starred with Michael Schenker, but just one step away from it. Now, while admiring the warm full of this work, or do not we wait and relax.

今年6月の“SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL”で、再びマイケル・シェンカーとの共演を発表したグラハム・ボネット。そんな彼の最新ショットがギフト・タイトルで登場です。
昨年、奇跡の来日公演の後にオフを取っていたグラハムですが、2016年1月末にライヴ活動を再開。2月半ばまで13公演の英国ツアーを実施しました。このミニツアーからは5公演目を収めたライヴアルバム『NEWCASTLE 2016(Shades 622)』も好評を頂いておりますが、本作が撮影されたのは2公演目の「2016年2月3日スケッグネス公演」。撮影者は、なんとあの“Crazy S.氏”です。伝説的な名録音の数々を残してきた世界的テーパーが、まさか映像まで……。
そのクオリティは、さすがの名テーパー。最初はピンぼけ風ですが、「Eyes Of The World」のイントロでグラハムが登場するやビシッと引き締まる。アングルはベスアミ・ヘヴンストーン側ながら、メンバー4人をキッチリと収める好ショット。4人を収めきるとは言え、狭いクラブ規模なので距離感はなし。画質も素晴らしく、コンラード・ペシナードのギター弦からドラムキットの金属光沢、ベスアミの胸の谷間まで超くっきりに映しだしているのです。残念ながら音声はサウンドボード級だった『NEWCASTLE 2016』には及ばないために通常リリースは見送られましたが、それを補って余りある映像美なのです。
そんなクオリティで描かれる“2016年のグラハム”は、前座だった来日公演よりも豪華。先の「Eyes Of The World」を筆頭に、THE MARBLESの「Only One Woman」、M.S.G.の「Dancer」、ALCATRAZZの「Island In The Sun」「Will You Be Home Tonight」「The Witchwood」、『LINE-UP』の「S.O.S.」など、日本公演では聴けなかった名曲群をたっぷり聴かせてくれます。
そして、そんな豪華セットを歌うグラハムは、いつになくリラックスして楽しそう。なにしろ、スケッグネスはグラハムの生まれ故郷ですし、曲間に聞こえる歓声もやたらとアットホーム。「Dancer」で大ボケをかましますが、それも笑い飛ばす気楽さで、大洋を越えて観ているこちらまで微笑んでしまうほど暖かい。グラハムがMCで「49年前にもここでギグをやったよ」と語りますが、もしそれが本当なら1967年。グラハムが20歳のときで、従兄弟とBONAR LAWを結成した前後のこと。まさにルーツに戻って、文字通りのホームグラウンドでのライヴなのです。


1. Intro. 2. Eyes Of The World 3. All Night Long 4. S.O.S. 5. God Blessed Video
6. Will You Be Home Tonight 7. Night Games 8. Dancer 9. Love’s No Friend 10. Desert Song
11. The Mirror Lies 12. The Witchwood 13. Only One Woman 14. Since You Been Gone
15. Assault Attack 16. Lost In Hollywood 17. Island In The Sun 18. Suffer Me

Graham Bonnet – Vocal Conrado Pesinato – Guitar, Vocal
Beth-Ami Heavenstone – Bass, Vocal Mark Zonder – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx.96min.

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