Glenn Frey / Tokyo 1986 / 1CD

Glenn Frey / Tokyo 1986 / 1CD / Zion

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Live at the Open Theater East, Tokyo, Japan 2nd August 1986 STEREO SBD

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Thirty years ago in 1986 to leave now, it is the emergence of a midsummer sound board album that contains the live that are made Glenn Frey in Japan. Is a joint live with the place was Christopher Cross as “KIRIN SOUND TOGETHER ’86”. Open Theater EAST became the scene that was in the amusement park Yomiuri Land. To permanent outdoor stage of Japan’s largest, which is now gone is closed, about 10,000 people midsummer feast was packed. The pattern is also a television broadcast, but I think many people remember, this work is of the highest quality live album. Of course, in full official class sound board, perfect any of the recording and mix-mastering. I for less than 40 minutes and the LP size, but’s the one where you can enjoy the “Made in Japan” in perfect without any love of a minute.
Also, the great content of live as well as quality. There and say his live album official album “GLENN FREY LIVE” also, but there are those from the 1990s. In contrast, here is the initial name board “NO FUN ALOUD,” “THE ALLNIGHTER” golden age shining gold disks. In addition also a big hit movies and dramas of the soundtrack, is why EAGLES plenty enjoy singing voice of Glenn was riding on smooth sailing as a solo disbanded.
In fact, this work is delicious where there is condensation of his solo. Solo debut of “NO FUN ALOUD” “Found Somebody”, “Partytown”, then it and a string of hit songs as “Sexy Girl”, “The Allnighter” Second, flutter now the movie “Beverly Hills Cop,” “The Heat Is on “,” You Belong to the City of drama “Miami Vice,” “also, US 2-position of the big hit in the midst of unique alive goodness! Including “Take It To The Limit,” “Heartache Tonight” of EAGLES, just hit single is paid out from the next to the next, just like juke box as if. Of course, I hit songs that have been written by Glenn that does not cut – fit in this much time, into a thick hit maker first time jammed in short, we bringing you the furious the “1986 smell”.
While there is in such a hit parade, this film the biggest highlight is Larry Williams of cover songs that refrain to last “Slow Down”. Co-star with Christopher Cross was a momentum to drop the birds that fly I was realized. While singing in the main is the Glen, there in the lead at the time of the high tone that has been said to be the angel of the voice, in the chorus when entangled. 1986 unique, is the best moment of luxury co-star of the joint concert unique flows into the ear with a perfect sound board.

Night from 30 years this summer, Glenn Frey became a people that does not come back. However, the song that he left behind, singing voice of the shine is still not faded now. And, instead of “of EAGLES”, 1986 years in his own spotlight, is the one that records the concert that was realized in this Japan at the highest quality. Most dazzling live album to be wrapped in a singing voice of Glenn that was shining. By all means, along with the home of the music shelf, I would like you to love forever. Permanent press album for that, will be delivered this weekend to your handy.

今を去ること30年前の1986年、真夏の日本で行われたグレン・フライのライヴを収めたサウンドボード・アルバムが登場です。“KIRIN SOUND TOGETHER ’86”として行われたクリストファー・クロスとのジョイント・ライヴです。現場となったのは遊園地よみうりランド内にあったオープンシアターEAST。現在は閉鎖されてしまった日本最大級の常設野外ステージに、約1万人が詰めかけた真夏の饗宴。その模様はテレビ放送もされ、覚えている方も多いと思いますが、本作はその最高品質ライヴ・アルバムなのです。もちろん、完全なオフィシャル級サウンドボードで、録音・ミックス・マスタリングのいずれも完璧。40分弱とLPサイズなのですが、一分のスキもなくパーフェクトに“ライヴ・イン・ジャパン”が楽しめる1枚なのです。
また、クオリティだけでなくライヴの内容も素晴らしい。彼のライヴアルバムというとオフィシャル盤「GLENN FREY LIVE」もありますが、あちらは90年代に入ってからのもの。それに対し、こちらは初期の名盤「NO FUN ALOUD」「THE ALLNIGHTER」もゴールドディスクに輝く黄金期。さらに映画やドラマのサントラも大ヒットし、EAGLESが解散してもソロとして順風満帆にノっていたグレンの歌声がたっぷり楽しめるわけです。
実際、本作は彼のソロの美味しいところが凝縮。ソロデビュー作「NO FUN ALOUD」の「Found Somebody」「Partytown」、セカンドの「Sexy Girl」「The Allnighter」とヒット曲を連発しますし、今をときめく映画「ビバリーヒルズ・コップ」の「The Heat Is On」、ドラマ「特捜刑事マイアミ・バイス」の「You Belong To The City」も、全米2位の大ヒット真っ最中ならではの活きの良さ! EAGLESの「Take It To The Limit」「Heartache Tonight」も含め、ヒットシングルばかりが次から次へと繰り出され、さながらジュークボックスかのよう。もちろん、グレンの書いてきたヒット曲はこれだけの時間に収まりきれるものではありませんが、短い中に詰まった濃厚なヒットメイカーぶりに、“1986年の薫り”を猛烈に運んでくれるのです。
そんなヒットパレードにありながら、本作最大のハイライトはラストに控えるラリー・ウィリアムスのカバー曲「Slow Down」。飛ぶトリを落とす勢いだったクリストファー・クロスとの共演が実現したのです。メインに歌うのはグレンですが、そこに天使の声と言われたハイトーンが時にリードで、時にコーラスで絡みつく。1986ならではの、ジョイント・コンサートならではの豪華共演が完璧なサウンドボードで耳に流れ込む最高の瞬間です。


1. Found Somebody 2. Sexy Girl 3. Take It To The Limit 4. You Belong To The City
5. The Allnighter 6. The Heat Is On 7. Partytown 8. Heartache Tonight
9. Slow Down (with Christopher Cross)

Glenn Frey – Vocals, Guitar Duane Sciacqua – Guitar Duncan Cameron – Guitar
Steve Crane – Bass Prairie Prince – Drums Hawk Wolinski – Keyboards
Steve Thoma – keyboards Al Garth – Horns



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