Gizmodrome / Live And Direct Broadcast 2018 / 1CDR

Gizmodrome / Live And Direct Broadcast 2018 / 1CDR / Project Zip

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Live At Rai – Sala A, Rome, Italy February 23rd 2018. Soundboard

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Radio broadcast soundboard live of the rumor super-band “Gizmodrome” which attracted attention from the performance in 2018 arrived! Police drummer, Adrian Brew who is familiar with Stewart · Copeland, King · Crimson and David · Bowie · band, furthermore, Mark · King and PFM keyboard, Vittorio · Cosma etc which was bass player of Revel 42, This super group by a veteran musician who has made its name rock in the rock world recorded the “live and direct” for radio broadcasting recorded in Italy · Rome in February 23, 2018 complete. It is the first super-group show of the remarkable super group that still lacks live activities yet!


01. Introductions
02. Stay Ready
03. Man In The Mountain
04. Summer’s Coming
05. Interviews
06. Don’t Box Me In
07. Sweet Angels Rule The World
08. Amaka Pipa
09. Interviews
10. Ride Your Life
11. I Know Too Much
12. Strange Things Happen
13. Spin This
14. Interviews
15. Stay Ready (encore)
16. Outro Interiew
◆Live At Rai – Sala A, Rome, Italy February 23rd 2018

Project Zip. PJZ-685

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