Giuffria / Japan Tour 85 / 1DVD

Giuffria / Japan Tour 85 / 1DVD / Non Label
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Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 26th June 1985 PRO-SHOT

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The phantom official video is reprinted with the highest peak quality ever. The protagonist of this work is a flower arrangement of Melodic · Hard bloomed in the 1980s, GIUFFRIA. Although it is a name band which disappeared after leaving just two albums, this work has digitized the official work “JAPAN TOUR ’85” released between the two pieces.
Former ANGEL keyboardist Greg Jefferia formed the new band in 1984. Originally it was reunited ANGEL, but renamed GIUFFRIA and released his debut work “GIUFFRIA”. There was also a smash hit of “Call To The Heart” and he emerged as a “famous band to know”. Of course, early Japanese western music fans responded instantly, the next miracle in the next 1985 realized the first visit to Japan. What is contained in this work is the full set of “June 26, 1985: Nakano Sanguraza Performance” from its first visit to Japan. Also in the meaning of record, let’s record the schedule for the first visit to Japan here.

· June 25: Nakano Sanguraza
· June 26: Nakano Sanguraza 【this work】
· June 27: Shibuya public hall
· July 1: Osaka Festival Hall

Over all, 4 shows. There were two performances at Nakano Sun Plaza, but this work is on the second day. Although it was just after the debut, the tour was realized in a distant foreign country, and the pattern was officially photographed. It was released as official VHS. In our shop, we have reprinted a lot from the discard laser disc, but unfortunately this work has no laser disc, the highest peak is the Japanese version VHS. This work has been reprinted from the mint quality version which the domestic core mania had treasured precisely. Of course, even though it is not a laser disc, the precision of digitization is the same as in previous series. We are entrusted with overseas analog video specialized manufacturers and digitized in a professional high-end environment.
In fact, the visual beauty of this work is extremely wonderful. Every time thing, the core collector offers a master as good as new to wonder “I did not play it just because I bought it”, but the VHS makes the thought even stronger. There is no line noise and even distortion at the edge of the screen, the image quality excavated from beauty products without any tape jam. Although there is a relation of the stage stage, it is a slightly dark screen to the modern eye, but the appearance of the lighted up member is also vivid to the eyes of the present age. The quality which does not feel the running unevenness of the dust is the dimension impossible in consumer machines, and the sound of the finest quality is also the same. Even if the official saved the master, it would not have been beautifully preserved so far … that much super quality.
GIUFFRIA ‘s show drawn with such visual beauty is “Melodic Hard Tao Township” like an illusion. At that time, there was only debut work, 8 songs out of 10 songs except “Dance” “The Awakening” were played, and “Straight To The Top” was inserted there. It is exactly the video version / live performance version of masterpiece “GIUFFRIA”, but its performance is also wonderful. David Glenn Eisley sings a beautiful melody with a beautiful voice reminiscent of Steve Perry, and the young Craig · Goldie also plays more violently than the album. That tricky touches over DIO era, especially at guitar solo time Jeff Healy Regardless of putting a guitar on the knee and repeating a smooth phrase. It fascinates the hot playing which wants to hang out “I was dissatisfied with being suppressed by the album?” Of course, the leading role Greg is also a big success, and in solo time we will extend to “ELF & P” Fanfare For The Common Man “.

Also. In such a performance live, an interview with a dressing room is also included. It can be enjoyed with Japanese subtitles. This is also a masterpiece. When asked for self-introduction, Dave answered “It was in the Japanese Giants” by a voice similar to Dave Lee Ross that is different from the stage, Alan Kriger told the question of “What made you become a musician?” I was hitting even in my mother’s belly, “he says. It is funny that Craig’s name is “Oldie”, but he talks to “Friends? …… Ronnie – James Dio”, and Greg talks about future prospects. It is because it is now that we know what actually happened to “after” and it is a more interesting scene. In addition, it is a masterpiece interview where numerous questions that do not go as far as a street pop out, such as “What do you think to be compared with JOURNEY?”
After such a main part, three valuable bonus images are also recorded. Studio to Live “Call To The Heart” and promo clip “Call To The Heart” “Lonely In Love”. Both are digitized from ultra superb master that matches the official video of this main part.
Especially must-see is the studio / “Call To The Heart” studio. It is a pattern of a television program recorded on “June 24th” before the first day of the Japanese tour, but it is yellowish charm that is intense beyond rare degree and performance. Voice like screams of female fans seems to be covered like TV programs of the 80’s, but it is not sparsely populated like idle popularity, but it is sparse. Suddenly, as I remembered, I did not get excited. This cheapness is also a masterpiece image that seems to reflect their position at the time and has a sense of time.
GIUFFRIA like existence itself is visionary. However, vision embodied the ideal of extremely beautiful melodic hard. A masterpiece that revived its official video with the highest quality ever. One piece that adds a special glow to your 80s collection.

幻のオフィシャル映像が史上最高峰クオリティで復刻です。本作の主役は、80年代に咲いたメロディック・ハードの徒花、GIUFFRIA。わずかアルバム2枚を遺して消えた名バンドですが、本作はその2枚の間にリリースされたオフィシャル作品『JAPAN TOUR ’85』を精緻にデジタル化したものです。
元ANGELのキーボーディスト、グレッグ・ジェフリアが新バンドを結成したのは1984年。当初は再結成ANGELでしたが、GIUFFRIAと改名してデビュー作『GIUFFRIA』を発表。「Call To The Heart」のスマッシュ・ヒットもあって“知る人ぞ知る名バンド”として頭角を現したのです。もちろん、耳ざとい日本の洋楽ファンは即座に反応、翌1985年には奇跡的な初来日が実現しました。本作に収められているのは、その初来日公演より「1985年6月26日:中野サンプラザ公演」のフルセットなのです。記録の意味でも、ここで初来日の日程を記しておきましょう。

・6月26日:中野サンプラザ 【本作】

そんな映像美で描かれるGIUFFRIAのショウは、幻想のような“メロディックハードの桃源郷”。当時はデビュー作しかなく、「Dance」「The Awakening」以外の全10曲中8曲を演奏し、そこに「Straight To The Top」を差し込む。まさに名作『GIUFFRIA』の映像版・生演奏バージョンなわけですが、そのパフォーマンスも素晴らしい。元大リーガーのシンガー、デヴィッド・グレン・アイズレーはスティーヴ・ペリーを彷彿とする美声で美しいメロディを歌い上げ、若きクレイグ・ゴールディもアルバムよりも激しく弾きまくる。そのトリッキーぶりはDIO時代以上で、特にギターソロ・タイムではジェフ・ヒーリーよろしく膝の上にギターを置いて滑らかなフレーズを連発。「アルバムで抑えられていたのが不満だった?」と勘ぐりたくなる熱い弾きっぷりを魅せてくれる。もちろん、主役のグレッグも大活躍で、ソロタイムではEL&Pばりに「Fanfare For The Common Man」まで繰り出します。

そんな本編の後には、貴重なボーナス映像も3トラック収録。スタジオ・ライヴの「Call To The Heart」とプロモクリップの「Call To The Heart」「Lonely In Love」です。いずれも本編のオフィシャル映像に匹敵する超・極上マスターからデジタル化いたしました。
特に必見なのが「Call To The Heart」のスタジオ・ライヴ。日本ツアー初日を控えた「6月24日」に収録されたテレビ番組の模様なのですが、レア度やパフォーマンス以上に強烈なのが黄色い嬌声。いかにも80年代のテレビ番組らしく女性ファンの悲鳴のような声が被せられているのですが、それがアイドル人気のように押し寄せるわけではなく、まばら。突如、思い出したように入りつつ、盛り上がるわけでもない。このチープさがまた、当時の彼らのポジションを映し出すようで時代感がただよう傑作映像なのです。
1. Lonely In Love 2. Rock Rules 3. Interview #1 4. Do Me Right 5. Don’t Tear Me Down
6. Line Of Fire 7. Out Of The Blue 8. Guitar Solo 9. Straight To The Top 10. Call To The Heart
11. Keyboard Solo 12. Trouble Again 13. Drum Solo/Jam 14. Turn Me On 15. Interview #2

Extras (13:26)
1. Call To The Heart (TV Studio, Japan 24th June 1985) 2. Call To The Heart (Music Video)
3. Lonely In Love (Music Video)

David Glen Eisley – lead vocals Craig Goldy – guitars Chuck Wright – bass
Gregg Giuffria – keyboards, backing vocals Alan Krigger – drums, percussion

96min. Dolby 2.0 Stereo 4:3



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