GIRL / Osaka 1980 / 1CD

GIRL / Osaka 1980 / 1CD / Zodiac
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Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 1st December 1980 .

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NWOBHM Pretty Beautiful Band GIRL. The live album that put their first visit to Japan in a superb sound is coming.
It is contained in this work “December 1, 1980: Osaka Festival Hall Performance”. In the past, “LIVE AT THE EXPOSITION HALL, OSAKA, JAPAN” was excavated, but that was the second visit to Japan in Japan (1982) after Phill Collin left. This work is the first visit to Phil Collin with Kitin. First of all, let’s check the position of the show from the tour schedule.

· November 28: Asakusa International Theater
· November 29th: Asakusa International Theater (Day section)
· November 29th: Asakusa International Theater (Night Club)
· December 1st: Osaka Festival Hall 【this work】
· December 2nd: Nagoya City Auditorium

Over all, five performances. It is a nostalgic thing about the deceased Asakusa International Theater, but this work is the Osaka performance that was held later.
The biggest point of such work is the best sound. Actually, it is the work of a name recorder known once in Osaka. Nonetheless, it was in the 1990’s that this person became famous. We have made this masterpiece of works in CD series, and we have done so far with RAINBOW “OSAKA 1995 1ST NIGHT (BLACK BOX 006)”, RICHIE SAMBORA “UNDISCOVERED SOUL IN OSAKA (ZODIAC 199)”, SYKES ‘OSAKA 1998 (ZODIAC 233) “and many other masterpieces received great popularity. This work is an early recording of that masterpiece. It is a treasure treating CDs directly from original cassettes.
Of course there are differences in equipment only in the 1980s, but the skill of recording was amazing from the beginning. Although it is not a type called “as if it is a soundboard” like the 90’s work, its musical clearance / singing voice is far more beautiful far beyond Sonjiya’s line recordings. While wearing the venue sound slightly, it is transparent to crystal clear without making it turbid or cloudy. It is a happy sound that the recording technique that leaves the name of “master” later, and the beautiful sound of the Osaka Festival Hall, even known as “made by God” met.
The quality depicted in that quality is youthful and beautiful GIRL’s entertainment. At that time there was only debut work “SHEER GREED”, but I played plenty of 9 songs in all 12 songs. On top of that, six songs from “WASTED YOUTH” which had already been completed (and it was disturbed by the record company) and “KILLING TIME” “This Town” “Green Light” We are showing off to “White Prophets”.
GIRL playing such a set is furiously fresh. Phil Collin and Philip Lewis are 22 years old (!). Simple rock ‘n’ roll with boogie, reggae, new wave ‘s elemented musicality was a serious thing not like age, but the ensemble that plays it is a mass of passion. Especially Phil Collin will listen to the hot play that was still considered as one of the successors of Gary Moore.
It is the audience that they emit “Kaori of the 80’s” more than them. It is said that 95% of the audience at the scene was a female customer, but its idol popularity culminated. A yellow cheerfully cuts through the silk, and clapping that was neatly tailored is the idol concert itself. A scream screamed over there, a crazy here. It is enough to float up to every single member’s stroke with just the three-dimensional sense of cheers. Especially when I say the moment when the super masterpiece “Hollywood Tease” was called (that extraordinary sensation of the musical tones that scrapes a pale yellow loud voice is amazing …).

At the NWOBHM of the time when it was full of dirty long hair in denim & leather, GIRL who was shining glamorously exceptionally. It is a historical masterpiece that has drawn its first visit to Japan with a superb audience sound. If you listen carefully you are tough rock and tough lock. But they were full of glaring light. I kept it in the press CD leaving that glow for eternity. It is a historical one I would like you to taste by those who have not seen eyes of “DEF LEPPARD” and “LA GUNS” fans as well as “the era”.
本作に収められているのは「1980年12月1日:大阪フェスティバルホール公演」。以前、『LIVE AT THE EXPOSITION HALL, OSAKA, JAPAN』が発掘されたこともありましたが、あれはフィル・コリン脱退後となる二度目の来日公演(1982年)。本作は、フィル・コリンもキチンといる初来日です。まずは、ショウのポジションをツアースケジュールから確認してみましょう。

・12月1日:大阪フェスティバルホール 【本作】

そんな本作最大のポイントは、極上のサウンド。実は、かつて大阪でその人ありと知られた名録音家の作なのです。とは言っても、この方が有名になったのは90年代のこと。当店ではこの名手の作品をシリーズでCD化しており、これまでもRAINBOW『OSAKA 1995 1ST NIGHT(BLACK BOX 006)』、RICHIE SAMBORA『UNDISCOVERED SOUL IN OSAKA(ZODIAC 199)』、SYKESの『OSAKA 1998(ZODIAC 233)』等々、数々の名作が大変な好評を賜りました。本作は、その名手の初期録音。オリジナル・カセットからダイレクトにCD化した秘宝なのです。
そのクオリティで描かれるのは、若々しく、そして美しかったGIRLの熱演。当時はデビュー作『SHEER GREED』しかなかったわけですが、その全12曲中9曲をたっぷり演奏。その上で既に完成していた(そしてレコード会社に発売を邪魔された)『WASTED YOUTH』からも6曲、さらには『KILLING TIME』までお蔵入りになってしまう「This Town」「Green Light」「White Prophets」まで披露しているのです。
その彼ら以上に“80年代の薫り”を発散しているのが観客。現場の観客は95%が女性客だったと言われていますが、そのアイドル的な人気が丸出し。黄色い嬌声が絹を切り裂きまくり、端正に整った拍手はそれこそアイドルのコンサートそのもの。あちらで悲鳴が上がり、こちらでキャーッキャー。もう、歓声の立体感だけでメンバーの一挙手一投足まで浮かぶほど。特に超名曲「Hollywood Tease」がコールされた瞬間と言ったら(それだけ真っ黄色な嬌声をねじ伏せる楽音の極太感も凄い……)。

デニム&レザーに汚い長髪だらけだった当時のNWOBHMにあって、ひときわグラマラスな輝いていたGIRL。その初来日を極上のオーディエンス・サウンドで描ききった歴史的大傑作です。よく聴けば通好みでタフなロック。でも、眩しい光に満ちあふれていた彼ら。その輝きを永遠に残すプレスCDに封じ込めました。DEF LEPPARDやL.A. GUNSのファンはもちろん、“あの時代”に目のない方々にぜひ味わっていただきたい歴史的な1枚です。

1. Wasted Youth 2. Heartbreak America 3. This Town 4. Nice ‘n’ Nasty 5. Green Light
6. Little Miss Ann 7. The Things You Say 8. White Prophets 9. Old Dogs 10. Passing Clouds
11. Strawberries 12. Sweet Kids 13. Doctor Doctor 14. My Number 15. Lovely Lorraine
16. 19 17. Member Introduction 18. Hollywood Tease 19. Born To Be Wild 20. Overnight Angels

Phil Lewis – lead vocals Phil Collen – lead guitar, backing vocals
Gerry Laffy – rhythm guitar, backing vocals Simon Laffy – bass guitar, backing vocals
Bryson Graham – drums


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