George Michael / Anthology Solo Years / 2Blu Ray R

George Michael / Anthology Solo Years / 2Blu Ray R / Prime Vision
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Blu-Ray First Appearance As The Promotion Collection By The Highest Picture Quality And High Sound Quality Which Was HD Converted By The Complete Recording From The Uncut·Master. NTSC


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1984 The solo debut album “Face” of 87 years from “Careless Whisper” which was released for the first time under the solo name of George Michael in solo name of 1984 and recorded the million hits, has since become the last single 2014 Completely recorded all promotional video works including version differences up to “Let · Ha Down Easy”. This is not the first time from the past video and TV broadcast but all the Blu – ray first appearance as the promotion collection by the highest picture quality and high sound quality which was HD converted by the complete recording from the uncut · master. Furthermore, in the second half of disc 2, rare images such as MTV unplugged and live video highlights for TV broadcasts, as well as promotional EPK and interviews are recorded as “Live and Realism”. It is a highly recommendable item of great recommendation that includes all the brilliant footprints of George Michael who has transformed into a mature solo career that has escaped from pop idol and has made the most points as a solo artist! It is!

1984年ワム時代にジョージ・マイケルのソロ名義で初めてリリースしミリオン・ヒットを記録した「ケアレス・ウィスパー」から87年のソロ・デビュー・アルバム『フェイス』以降現在のところ最後のシングルとなっている2014年「レット・ハー・ダウン・イージー」までバージョン違いを含めすべてのプロモ映像作品を完全収録。こちらも過去のビデオやTV放送からではなくすべてノーカット・マスターからの完全収録でHDコンバートされた最高画質と高音質によるプロモ・コレクションとしてブルーレイ初登場です。さらにディスク2後半には”ライブ・アンド・レアリティーズ”としてMTVアンプラグドやTV放送用のライブ映像ハイライトはじめプロモEPKやインタビュー等のレア映像も収録。ポップ・アイドルから脱却し成熟したソロ・キャリアへと変貌を遂げソロ・アーティストと しても頂点を極めたジョージ・マイケルの輝かしい足跡をすべて収録した大推薦の注目アイテムです!!
1 Careless Whisper A Different Corner I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) (with Aretha Franklin) I Want Your Sex Faith Faith (US Version) Father Figure One More Try Monkey Kissing A Fool Praying For Time Freedom ’90 Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me (with Elton John) Too Funky Killer / Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone Jesus To A Child Fastlove Spinning The Wheel Star People ’97 Older Waltz Away Dreaming (with Toby Bourke) Outside As (featuring Mary J. Blige) Roxanne
DISC 2 = VIDEO COLLECTION 2 If I Told You That (with Whitney Houston) Freeek! Shoot The Dog Amazing Flawless (Go To The City) Round Here John And Elvis Are Dead An Easier Affair An Easier Affair (International Version) December Song (I Dreamed Of Christmas) True Faith White Light Let Her Down Easy LIVE AND RARITIES I Can’t Make You Love Me (Unplugged) You Have Been Loved (Unplugged) A Different Corner (Parkinson Show) Outside (Parkinson Show) I’m Your Man (Live In London) Feeling Good (Live In London) Let Her Down Easy (Live In Paris) Going To A Town (Live In Paris) Feeling Good (Live In Paris) Faith (EPK Part 1) Faith (EPK Part 2) Interview (Jonathan Ross) Freedom ’90 (Vogue X Instagram)

NTSC 16:9 HD (SD) 1080p LPCM Stereo time approx.117+120min.

Prime Vision. PVC 016-1/2

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