George Martin / The Beatle Tracks Anthology 2 / 2CDR

George Martin / The Beatle Tracks Anthology 2 / 2CDR / Beatfile

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A Collection of George Martin Orchestra. Soundboard


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Memorial Sir George Martin!
The Beatles Best editing anthology second edition that reflect their George Martin of footprints that passed away unfortunately March 2016, leaving in history enormously achievements as a producer of appeared!

The Original Soundtrack score the beginning of the Beatles film “Yellow Submarine,” this time, 70 years to be released in the George Martin Orchestra album in the UK, “BY GEORGE!” Rare version centered on (not on CD) content was also added recording.

Orchestral arrangements and the like interesting sound source are summarized in the “Sgt. Pepper” and “I Am The Walrus”.

Large recommendation of George Following the first of Martin’s memorial anthology sequel!


今回はビートルズの映画『イエロー・サブマリン』のオリジナル・サウンドトラック・スコアはじめ、英国で70年にリリースされたジョージ・マーティン・オーケストラのアルバム『BY GEORGE!』(未CD化)を中心にレア・バージョンも追加収録した内容。



01. By George (The David Frost Theme)/02. Thingumybob/03. A Beginning/04. Pepperland/05. March Of The Meanies/06. Lord Mayor’s Quartet (pt.1)/07. Lord Mayor’s Quartet (pt.2)/08. March Of The Meanies/09. The Sub Stalks Ringo (pt.1)/10. The Sub Stalks Ringo (pt.2)/11. The Sub Stalks Ringo (pt.3)/12. Ringo’s House/13. George Is Here/14. Finding Paul/15. Blast Off!/16. A Day In The Life/17. Sea Of Time/18. Sea Of Monsters (pt.1)/19. Sea Of Monsters (pt.2)/20. Sea Of Monsters (pt.3)/21. Sea Of Monsters (pt.4)/22. Sea Of Monsters (pt.5)/23. P Is For Goodbye/24.Sea Of Holes/25. Yellow Submarine In Pepperland/26. Pepperland Laid Waste/27. Hiding AMong Meanies/28. A New Blue Day/29. Who Is Blue?/30. Alter Ego Band (pt.1)/31. Alter Ego Band (pt.2)/32. Rescuing Jeremy/33. Blooming Blue/34. Yellow Submarine In Pepperland

01. Winchester Cathedral/02. A Whiter Shade of Pale/03. Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band/04. To Sir With Love/05. Alfie/06. Theme One/07. Hole In My Shoe/08. I Am The Walrus/09. Itchycoo Park/10. Elephants and Castles/11. Kings Road Raspberry Parade////+ bonus tracks:12. Time Beat (Ray Cathode)/13. Waltz In Orbit (Ray Cathode)/14. Music from the film ‘Ferry Cross The Mersey’ (1965)/15. I’ve Been Wrong Before (Cilla Black with George Martin’s Orchestra)/16. All Quiet On The Mersey Front (Mono Single Version)/17. Out Of The Picture (Mono Single Version)/18. The Niagara Theme (Mono Single Version)/19. I Feel Fine (Mono Single Version)/20. Bahama Sound (US Stereo Single Version)/21. Love In The Open Air (US Single Verison)/22. Theme One (Single Edit)

Beatfile. BFP-085

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