George Harrison With Eric Clapton & His Band / A Legend Meant To Be / 2CD

George Harrison With Eric Clapton & His Band / A Legend Meant To Be / 2CD /Tricone

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Live at Yokohama Arena, Yokohama, 1st December 1991

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A two-disc CD of Yokohama Arena recorded on December 1, 1991 with a super-high quality audience recording that can definitely assert that it is undoubtedly the highest ever DAT master, which has never been circulated so far The title is appearing.

A new master of the Yokohama Arena performance which became the first day tour was unearthed! This book is the title that inevitably becomes a big news from the legendary Japan tour which took place in 1991. It is a master that appeared completely completely, which is not used at all on the pre-launch board. Moreover, it is a stereo master of the highest level which was recorded in a good position by DAT which was still unusual at that time. Only the master unearthed beyond the time of 21 years had multiple parts with aged deterioration, but that part was a fine replacement work (“MOMENTS OF MAJESTY” Disc 3/4) from the already released release sound source (“MOMENTS OF MAJESTY” Disc 3/4) I did a perfect mending. Also, since DAT was 120 minutes, although it was not recorded from the latter half of Is not It A Pity to the performance, this was also compensated by the preeminent good sound source of our release and realized the complete version. If you listen to it, you will understand, there is no disparity in extreme sound quality with the supplemental sound source at all, it is a finish with no sense of incompatibility. Anyway, the clear sound with deepness that seems to be DAT is a wonderful master than anything and it is extremely excellent for the presence. Nevertheless, the merit of other than high sound quality is that the audience / noise is extremely low. A title with a good sound quality on the earlier stage was recorded in the front row area of ​​the arena, so we had abundantly captivated the excitement and excitement of the first day’s audience and noise, but this board does not have it. The balance between right and left was also recorded at an excellent position, and this less audience noise. You can declare that this is the definitive title that you can enjoy on the first day of the first two joint tours in history. On this day, the master of the highest level of tours has appeared on the already-launched board, but they were cassette masters. Sound quality of this board is overwhelming splendor that surpasses all previous episodes. I would like to confirm the sound balance that is unique only with DAT, which has a different sound image with the original disk, and the exquisite sound balance.

It was as reported that George, who had a 17-year-old blank on the tour, was a bit nervous only on the first day, but as the stage progresses, gradually unraveling the tension and accompanying Japanese MC I understand that he is relaxing as he takes his figure. On the other hand, while the Maximum excitement that the legendary person is in front of the eyes for the first time in 25 years since the Beatles’ visit to Japan has been maximized, gradually settling with George, audience listening to the best performance The appearance of it will be subject to appreciation. What I find interesting is the MC in front of Wonderful Tonight, where Clapton says “This song is dedicated to Mimmy, Happy birthday, Mimi.” As it was rumored back then, it seems to be what Clapton seems to be a woman, to say to a lover of a Japanese woman who was a cabin attendant (she was there in this venue) . Therefore, there is a rare scene that singing “Long blond hair” in the lyrics as “Long black hair”. George also noted that just before the tour, Devil’s Radio played the wrath as it was with anger who posted an article with a fundamental grounds that “It was a follower of Hitler” in British gossip magazine is. And the most valuable thing is that there were so many songs on Fish On The Sand and Love Comes To Everyone on this day. On the first day of the Osaka first day performance Fish On The Sand was played but Love Comes To Everyone was not played. In the subsequent performances these two songs were dropped from the set due to the closing time. It is this board that you can listen to these two songs with the highest sound quality. The highest sound quality board of 1991 Yokohama performance is released limited release by press CD.


ツアー初日となった横浜アリーナ公演の新マスターが発掘されました!本盤は、1991年に行なわれた二人の伝説的ジャパンツアーから、大ニュースとなることが必至のタイトルです。既発盤には一切使用されていない、完全初登場のマスターです。しかも、当時はまだ珍しかったDATによって好ポジションで録音された極上レベルのステレオマスターです。21年の時を超えて発掘されたマスターだけに、経年劣化部分は複数箇所でありましたが、その部分は既発リリースの優良音源(「MOMENTS OF MAJESTY」Disc 3/4)から細やかな補填作業を行ない、完璧なメンディングを施しました。またDATが120分だったため、Isn’t It A Pityの後半から終演までが未収録となっていましたが、これも当店リリースの既発優良音源にて補填し、完全版を実現しました。聴いていただければお判りになりますが、まったく補填音源との極端な音質の格差もなく、違和感皆無の仕上がりです。とにかくDATらしい深みのあるクリアなサウンドが何よりも素晴らしいマスターで、非常に臨場感に優れたものです。それでいて高音質以外でのメリットとしましては、オーディエンス・ノイズが極端に少ないことが挙げられます。既発盤の音質の良いタイトルは、アリーナ前列エリアで録音されたため、興奮して盛り上がる初日のオーディエンス・ノイズがふんだんに捉えられていましたが、本盤にはそれがありません。左右のバランスも抜群の好ポジションで録音された上に、このオーディエンス・ノイズの少なさ。これぞ、史上初の二人のジョイントツアーの初日を心置きなく楽しめる決定版タイトルと断言できるでしょう。この日は既発盤でツアー最高レベルのマスターが出現していますが、それらはカセットマスターでした。本盤の音質は、全ての既発を凌駕する圧倒的な素晴らしさ。既発盤との音像の違うDATならではの深みあるサウンド、絶妙のサウンドバランスを是非お確かめいただきたいと思います。

初日だけに、ツアーに17年のブランクのあったジョージが多少緊張していたことは報じられていたとおりですが、ステージの進行とともに、徐々にその緊張を解きほぐしながら日本語のMCをも交えてリラックスしていく彼の姿が手に取るように判ります。それに対し、ビートルズの来日公演から25年ぶりのライブで伝説の人が目の前にいるという興奮度をマックスにしながらも、徐々にジョージとともに落ち着いていき、最高のパフォーマンスに傾聴していくオーディエンスの様子も鑑賞の対象となるでしょう。面白いのは、Wonderful Tonightの前のMCでクラプトンが「この曲をミミーに捧げます。お誕生日おめでとう、ミミー。」と言っている箇所です。これは当時、噂もありましたように、女性にモテるクラプトンらしく、キャビン・アテンダントをしていた日本人女性の恋人に対して発言したものと考えられます(この会場に彼女はいたのでしょう)。そのため、歌詞の中の「Long blond hair」という部分を「Long black hair」と歌い替えているという珍しいシーンがあります。またジョージが、このツアーの直前、イギリスのゴシップ誌に「ヒットラーの信奉者だった」という根も葉もない根拠の記事を掲載された怒りをそのままDevil’s Radioの演奏にぶつけているのにも注目です。そして何よりも貴重なのは、この日のみFish On The SandとLove Comes To Everyoneの2曲が多く演奏されたということです。翌日の大阪初日公演ではFish On The Sandは演奏されましたが、Love Comes To Everyoneは演奏されず。そしてそれ以降の公演ではこの2曲は終演時間の関係でセットから落とされました。この2曲を最高音質で聴けるのも本盤ということになります。1991年横浜公演の最高音質盤がプレスCDにて限定リリース決定です。

Disc 1 (78:30)
1. Opening 2. I Want To Tell You 3. Old Brown Shoe 4. Taxman 5. Give Me Love
6. If I Needed Someone 7. Something 8. Fish On The Sand 9. Love Comes To Everyone
10. What Is Life 11. Dark Horse 12. Piggies 13. Pretending 14. Old Love 15. Badge
16. Wonderful Tonight

Disc 2 (55:46)
1. Got My Mind Set On You 2. Cloud Nine 3. Here Comes The Sun 5. All Those Years Ago
6. Cheer Down 7. Devil’s Radio 8. Isn’t It A Pity 9. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
10. Roll Over Beethoven

George Harrison – Guitar & Vocals Eric Clapton – Guitar & Vocals Nathan East – Bass & Vocals
Steve Ferrone – Drums Chuck Leavell – Keyboards Greg Phillinganes – Keyboards & Vocals
Ray Cooper – Percussions Andy Fairweather Low – Guitar Katie Kissoon – Backing Vocals
Tessa Niles – Backing Vocals


Tricone 077/078



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