George Harrison With Eric Clapton & His Band / Nagoya 1991 / 2CD

George Harrison With Eric Clapton & His Band / Nagoya 1991 / 2CD / Tricone

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Live at Nagoya International Exhibition Hall, Nagoya, Japan 5th December 1991

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The fact that George Harrison’s Japan tour took place in December 1991 was realized only in Japan in the world and was also being fully backed up to his best friends musician, Eric Clapton and his band , As a super event which proved their hard friendships, it is no longer a legend on the history of Western rock in Japan. At the official, the live album of George’s name was released in the form of cutting the set of Clapton that was set in the middle and selecting the best take of the performances from 12th to 17th, but of course until today , A number of sound sources of this Japan tour have been released from the audience source of complete collection. Speaking of “Nagoya” in the middle of that, I decided to record with DAT, which was still rare at the time, and “FOURTH NIGHT LIVE” and “4 TH NIGHT REVISITED” which totally captured musical tones like a soundboard are becoming standard I will. However, the DAT Master, which became the former, had less battery capacity because the recorder was the initial model, Devil ‘ s Radio had been suffering from the trouble that the battery suddenly became low due to the battery exhaustion. Therefore, in the released original board released, it was a complete recording by connecting the audience source of another day which is inferior in tone quality from the main part DAT master. Furthermore, since two of the pre-launch boards were produced with the cassette tape copied from the DAT master as the master, the hiss noise of the cassette tape exists over the whole story, and it contains the drawback that the pitch is about 40% higher than a semitone did. Because it was the master who copied it to the cassette, it also exposed the disadvantage that the treble was crushed. The reverberation of the cymbal was not a beautiful sound like a bell called Shaan, but it was becoming a sound that was made Pashapasha. This time, our shop got the DAT itself from the original DAT master’s recording person. As a result of verifying it, there was no hiss, etc. at all, the pitch was normal, and the beginning of the recording further goes back to the time of the start of recording on the already-to-be-released board There was also the intro part of the pre-show for about 6 minutes. There was a voice of the audience near the recording person who said “It felt stunned” to the sound of the drum just before the opening, it was funny. In the main board, it is made from the master of the normal pitch of DAT direct, and it is affected by the battery problem Devil’s Radio 1: After 08, supplemented “DEFINITION OF LEGEND” (Tricone 089/090) which recorded the highest tone quality board of our shop DAT master that exceeds any supplementary source of the pre-launch board, Osakajo Hall performance of December 2 I used it. Just supplemented, it is supplemented by applying remastaring so that it approaches the sound quality of the original Nagoya DAT master. Daimaru Nagoya DAT Master is too close to musical tones and it was not possible to make it equal to this texture even when listening to the sharpness of the snare, but it has become a connection with less difference in sound quality than any of the originals . Well here let’s look at the implications of this Japan tour as a legend from the tour schedule of the time.

· January 21 – 29, 1991: Tour, rehearsal at The Point in Dublin, Ireland ·
January 31, 1991, February 2: Warm-up performance at The Point
· February 1991 5 Sun – March 9: 24 consecutive performances at the Royal Albert Hall in London ·
September 4, 1991: Jumped into a buddy · guy gig at Los Angeles, Roxy.
· September 26, 1991: Appeared in a comedy show where Nathan East recorded in Hollywood, The Palace serves as a house band leader. This pattern was aired on the FOX channel on Sunday 29th.
· December 1 – December 17, 1991: George Harrison’s Japan tour fully backed up with his band
December 1st: Yokohama Arena Performance (Additional Performances)
December 2nd, 3rd: Osakajo Hall Performance
December 5: Nagoya International Trade Fair Hall Performance ← ★ This work ★ ★
6th December: Hiroshima Sun Plaza Performance
December 9th: Fukuoka International Conference Center Performance
December 10th, 11th, 12th: Osakajo Hall Performance
12 Moon 14th, 15th, 17th: Tokyo Dome Performance

You can see that it was off from March 9th to September. When Clapton finishes the last year’s “Journey Man · World Tour” and the hard Royal · Albert Hall continuous performances which lasted for 2 years, it entered complete rest, and living with a young son Conner who was 4 years old I heard that he intended to enjoy. However, that incident occurred on March 20, that incident. From there, Clapton got “like a stone” if you borrowed the words of the person himself. From the shock of losing a young son, life continued without touching anyone, pulling in at home. Keith Richards and Elton John were mixed and George Harrison immediately sent a letter comforting concerning Clapton. Clapt

ジョージ・ハリソンの日本ツアーは1991年12月に行われた事実は、日本でのみ実現され、彼の親友であるミュージシャン、エリック・クラプトンと彼のバンドに完全にバックアップされました。もはや日本の西ロックの歴史に関する伝説ではありません。公式には、ジョージの名前のライブアルバムは、中間に設定されたクラプトンのセットをカットして、12日から17日までのパフォーマンスのベストテイクを選ぶという形でリリースされましたが、今日までは、この日本ツアーのソースは、完全なコレクションのオーディエンスソースからリリースされました。中期的には「名古屋」と言えば当時はまれだったDATで録音することにしましたが、響板のような音色を全面的に捉えた「4夜ライブ」と「4夜改訂」が標準となっていますします。しかし、前者になったDAT Masterはレコーダーが初期モデルであったためバッテリー容量が少なかったが、デビルズラジオはバッテリーが消耗して突然バッテリーが低下したという問題を抱えていた。そのため、リリースされたオリジナルボードでは、音質が劣っている別の聴衆をメインパートのDATマスターと接続することで、完全なレコーディングとなりました。さらに、DATマスタからコピーされたカセットテープをマスタとした2台のプレラウンチボードが作成されているため、カセットテープのヒスノイズが全体の物語に存在し、ピッチが約40%半音よりも高い。それをカセットにコピーしたのはマスターだったので、トレブルが壊れたという欠点も明らかになりました。シンバルの残響はシャーンと呼ばれる鐘のような美しい音ではありませんでしたが、それはパシャパシャの音になっていました。今回は、元のDATマスターの録音者からDAT自体を入手しました。それを確認した結果、ヒス等は全くなく、ピッチは正常であり、録音の開始は、既にリリースされている盤の録音開始時にさらに戻るまた、約6分間のプレショーのイントロパートでした。録音した人の近くに聴衆の声が聞こえてきましたが、オープニングの直前にドラムの音に “びっくりしました”と言われました。面白かったです。メインボードでは、それはDATダイレクトの通常のピッチのマスターから作られ、それはバッテリーの問題の影響を受けます悪魔のラジオ1:08後、最高を記録した “DEFINITION OF LEGEND”(Tricone 089/090)を補った当店の音質盤DATマスターは、発売前のボードの補足元を超え、オサカホホール演奏12月2日の演奏を使用しました。補完されただけで、元の名古屋DATマスターの音質に近づくようにリマスタリングを適用することで補完されます。ダイマール名古屋DATマスターは音楽の音色に近すぎて、スネアの鋭さを聞いてもこのテクスチャと同じにすることはできませんでしたが、いずれのオリジナルよりも音質の差が少ない接続になっています。ここでは、この日本ツアーが当時のツアースケジュールからの伝説としてどのような意味を持つかを見てみましょう。

・1991年1月21日〜29日:アイルランドダブリンのThe Pointでのツアー、リハーサル・
1991年1月31日、2月2日:The Pointでのウォームアップパフォーマンス
・1991年2月5日 – 3月9日:ロンドンロイヤルアルバートホールで24回連続演奏


Disc 1 (77: 33)
1. Pre-Show Music 6 minutes recording 2. I Want To Tell You 3. Old Brown Shoe 4. Taxman 5. Give Me Love
6. If I Needed Someone 7. Something 8. What Is Life 9. Dark Horse 10. Piggies
11. Pretending 12. Old Love 13. Badge 14. Wonderful Tonight

Disc 2 (61: 09)
1. Got My Mind Set On You 2. Cloud Nine 3. Here Comes The Sun 4. My Sweet Lord
5. All Those Years Ago 6. Cheer Down 7. Devil’s Radio * 8. Is not It A Pity *
9. While My Guitar Gently Weeps * 10. Roll Over Beethoven *

* … Live at Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan 2nd December 1991

George Harrison – guitar, vocals Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals
Andy Fairweather Low – guitar Chuck Leavell – keyboards Greg Phillinganes – keyboards
Nathan East – bass, vocals Steve Ferrone – drums Ray Cooper – percussion
Katie Kissoon – backing vocals Tessa Niles – backing vocals

Tricone 171/172

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