Genesis / Philadelphia 1983 Pre FM Master / 4CDR

Genesis / Philadelphia 1983 Pre FM Master / 4CDR / Amity

Spectrum, Philadelphia , PA, USA 26th & 27th November 1983. Stereo Soundboard Recording

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The era of “GENESIS” which made further leap with Hugh · Pajam in two persons. The ultimate super stereo sound board album is appearing.
Two performances are contained in this work. “November 26 and 27, 1983 Philadelphia Performance”. It is a sound board recording that captured the act of “MAMA TOUR 1983-1984”. Speaking of GENESIS around this time, the solo activity of each member has also become active. Including that situation, let’s first check the position of the show from the activities summary at that time.

● 1983
· January 22 – February 20: Phil’s solo tour
“April / June” THE WICKED LADY “” THE FUGITIVE “Release”
“October 3″ GENESIS released ”
· November 6 – December 17: North America # 1 (35 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
● 1984
· January 6 – February 20: North America # 2 (31 shows)
· February 25 – 29: UK (5 shows) ← ※ Official video
“May” NO JACKET REQUIRED “Production Start”

This is the flow of 1983/1984. Phil Collins’s “THE HELLO, I MUST BE GOING TOUR” that lasted in 1982 ended in February 1983, and immediately after that Tony Banks’ solo work “THE WICKED LADY” “THE FUGITIVE” continued release. “GENESIS” with autumn fullness is announced, “MAMA TOUR” is started. This “MAMA TOUR” is very limited, only in the three countries of the United States / Canada / the UK. Moreover, there were only 5 performances in the home country UK, and it was a tour almost occupied almost in North America. Even such “MAMA TOUR”, Philadelphia’s performance of this work is the beginning stage. In the 17th show of “North America # 1” +18 on the occasion of the performance, it was 2-3 days of “3 SPECTRUM” 3 consecutive performances.
Such a show is FM broadcast, it is a large staple in the classic that has brought many air checked episodes since ancient times. In the past you did not even know that there were 2 shows, and confusion such as “Is it the same THE SPECTRUM but the performance is different?” Has also been created. This work is the highest peak of such a traditional sound board. It is not an air check, it is the master before broadcasting, it is the ultimate version that neither analog nor radio waves pass.
Actually, the sound of this work is perfectly an official grade. Even with pre-FM, processing similar to broadcasting has been done, and if mix and mastering are perfect, cheers are also polite and I do not feel a sense of editing. Both 2 performances and overseas GENESIS specialty sites have become the highest rating, and it is a quality that can be enjoyed as an official live album. Also I am happy for the longest time. As a matter of fact, although several songs have been cut for editing on the premise of the broadcasting frame, the order of the songs has also been switched, but still two shows are over 90 minutes. Although this tour is also left in the official film “THE MAMA TOUR”, I can enjoy plenty of “Dodo / Lurker”, “Los Endos” and “Misunderstanding” that I could not listen to there as well.
The sound and the editing are “quasi-official work” It is drawn with quality that is dynamically scaled up “MAMA TOUR” world. Although the order of the songs has been changed for both performances, the approximate flow is in accordance with the show, the first half is the enrichment reduction of two works “ABACAB” and “GENESIS”. “ABACAB” has become self-produced, but Hugh · Pajam has already participated as an engineer, and the sound world created by the tag is enriched and drawn. While being a familiar pop song, it is comfortable with a heavy sound.
Such air changes completely in the second half which opens the door with “In The Cage / Cinema Show / In That Quiet Earth / Slippermen” medley. While accompanied by a raging “Drum Duet”, a series of popular songs from Hacket era and “DUKE”. While summarizing it compactly, it will appeal to the spirit of progressive rock which is still not lost.
In the middle of the 80’s GENESIS that was often told by Hugh · Pajam effect “What is different from Phil’s solo?” However, in the album, progressive body odor remained remarkably in the stage on stage, and still the world view was different from Phil’s solo. It is the decision board which couple two performances of Official-grade sound board which becomes the highest peak even in such “MAMA TOUR”. Please, please enjoy plenty on this occasion.

本作に収められているのは2公演。「1983年11月26日+27日フィラデルフィア公演」。“MAMA TOUR 1983-1984”の一幕を捉えたサウンドボード録音です。この頃のGENESISと言えば、各メンバーのソロ活動も活発化してきた時期。その状況も含め、まずは当時の活動概要からショウのポジションを確かめてみましょう。
 これが1983年/1984年の流れ。前年1982年から続いたフィル・コリンズの“THE HELLO, I MUST BE GOING TOUR”が1983年2月に終了し、その直後にトニー・バンクスのソロ作『THE WICKED LADY』『THE FUGITIVE』が立て続けにリリース。秋になって満を持しての『GENESIS』が発表、“MAMA TOUR”が開始されるわけです。この“MAMA TOUR”は非常に限定的で、アメリカ/カナダ/イギリスの3ヵ国のみ。しかも、母国イギリスも5公演しかなく、ほぼほぼ北米で占められたツアーでした。そんな“MAMA TOUR”でも、本作のフィラデルフィア公演は序盤。「北米#1」の17公演目+18公演目にあたり、“THE SPECTRUM”3連続公演の2-3日目でした。
そんなショウはFM放送され、古くから数々のエアチェック既発を生んできた定番中の大定番。かつては2公演という事も分からず、「同じTHE SPECTRUMなのに演奏が違う!?」などの混乱も生み出してきました。本作は、そんな伝統サウンドボードの最高峰となるもの。エアチェックではなく放送前マスターであり、アナログも電波も経由していない究極バージョンなのです。
実際、本作のサウンドは完全無欠のオフィシャル級。プリFMとは言っても放送同様の加工は済んでおり、ミックスもマスタリングも完璧なら歓声も丁寧で編集感を感じさせない。2公演とも海外のGENESIS専門サイトでも最高評価となっており、公式のライヴアルバムとして楽しめるクオリティなのです。また、長尺ぶりも嬉しい。実のところ、放送枠を前提とした編集のために数曲カットされて曲順も入れ替わっていますが、それでも2公演とも90分超え。このツアーは公式映像『THE MAMA TOUR』にも残されていますが、そこでも聴けなかった「Dodo/Lurker」「Los Endos」「Misunderstanding」もたっぷり楽しめるのです。
サウンドも編集も「準オフィシャル作品」となるクオリティで描かれるのは、ダイナミックにスケールアップした“MAMA TOUR”の世界。両公演とも曲順が入れ替えられているとは言え、おおよその流れはショウに準じており、前半は2作『ABACAB』『GENESIS』の濃縮還元。『ABACAB』はセルフ・プロデュースとなってはいますが、既にエンジニアとしてヒュー・パジャムも参加しており、そのタッグが生み出した音世界が濃縮して描かれる。親しみやすいポップ・ソングでありつつ、重厚なサウンドが心地よいのです。
そんな空気が一変するのは「In The Cage / Cinema Show / In That Quiet Earth / Slippermen」メドレーで幕を開ける後半。苛烈な「Drum Duet」を交えながらハケット時代や『DUKE』の名曲群を連発。コンパクトにまとめつつも、今なお失われてないプログレッシヴ・ロックの精神をアピールしてくれるのです。
 ヒュー・パジャム効果で「フィルのソロとどう違う?」と言われがちだった80年代中期のGENESIS。しかし、アルバムではポップでもステージではプログレッシヴな体臭が色濃く残り、やはりフィルのソロとは世界観が違っていた。そんな“MAMA TOUR”でも最高峰となるオフィシャル級サウンドボードを2公演カップリングした決定盤です。どうぞ、この機会にたっぷりとお楽しみください。
Live at Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA. USA 26th November 1983
Disc 1(46:45)
1. Dodo / Lurker 2. That’s All 3. Abacab 4. Mama 5. Keep It Dark 6. Home By The Sea
7. Second Home By The Sea
Disc 2(47:17)
1. In The Cage / Cinema Show / In That Quiet Earth / Slippermen 2. Afterglow 3. Drum Duet
4. Los Endos 5. Turn It On Again 6. Misunderstanding 7. Illegal Alien

Live at Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA. USA 27th November 1983

Disc 3(48:46)
1. Dodo / Lurker 2. Abacab 3. That’s All 4. Mama 5. Illegal Alien 6. Home By The Sea
7. Second Home By The Sea
Disc 4(51:54)
1. In The Cage / Cinema Show / In That Quiet Earth / Slippermen 2. Afterglow 3. Keep It Dark
4. It’s Gonna Get Better 5. Los Endos 6. Misunderstanding 7. Turn It On Again
Phil Collins – Vocals, Drums & Percussion Mike Rutherford – Bass & Guitar
Tony Banks – Keyboards Chester Thompson – Drums & Percussion Daryl Steurmer – Guitar


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