Genesis / The Lamb At Rochester Theater / 2CDR

Genesis / The Lamb At Rochester Theater / 2CDR / Highland Project

Translated Text:
Soundboard Live At Auditorium Theater Rochester, New York December 17th 1974.


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Peter Gabriel enrolled at the time of the last blockbuster to fully reproduce the ’74 American tour “dazzle of Broadway” and live.

The, New York Rochester performances December 17 than ’74 US tour first appearance in the complete recording Disc 2 by sound board sound source of superb quality!

This time of the sound board recording sound source theatrical stage has a high reputation as the attention is live act in the United States to become the now perhaps the precious records. It is a must listen title of large recommendation not to be missed in the Genesis collector!



01. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway/02. Fly On A Windshield/03. Broadway Melody Of 1974/04. Cuckoo Cocoon/05. In The Cage/06. The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging/07. Story Of Rael (Part 1)/08. Back In N.Y.C./09. Hairless Heart/10. Counting Out Time/11. The Carpet Crawlers/12. The Chamber Of 32 Doors

01. Story Of Rael (Part 2)/02. Lilywhite Lilith/03. The Waiting Room/04. Anyway/05. Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist/06. InterLude/07. The Lamia/08. Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats/09. The Arrival/10. The Colony Of Slippermen/11. Ravine/12. The Light Dies Down On Broadway/13. Riding The Scree/14. In The Rapids/15. It/16. The Musical Box

Soundboard Live At Auditorium Theater Rochester, New York December 17th 1974

Highland Project. HLP-143A/B

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