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“POP SHOP” Brussels 20th March 1972 PRO-SHOT

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The 70s GENESIS ‘s big decision shot collection is resurrection with gift title. This work was recorded for 4 hours of TV programs in about 30 minutes, over 2 hours in total. It was previously released as one of the “FILM ARCHIVE” series, and it is the definitive edition with especially excellent image quality and sound quality among the series. Although maniac also includes familiar pictures, its quality was a record high, and it was an impact shock that shocked mania to the appearance of Peter Gabriel appearing as beautifully clear at the time of release. Let’s introduce four programs one by one.

【”POP SHOP” Brussels 20th March 1972】
The first thing that will appear is studio live in “NURSERY CRYME” era. It is a pattern when I appeared in Belgian program “POP SHOP”. Phil Collins, Steve Hackett is also known as the “five golden people” oldest image, Gabriel also no makeup. That’s why GENESIS’s theatrical charm is thin, but the essence of the band GENESIS is exposed. Three songs of the album “The Fountain Of Salmacis” “The Musical Box” “The Return Of The Giant Hogweed” is valuable, but also “Twilight Alehouse” to be announced on the B side of a further single “I KNOW WHAT I LIKE” It seems that my eyes are dazzling at the rare degree. Most importantly, despite such a rare picture, mastery and superb quality of picture and sound quality is masterful. It is truly a historic masterpiece pro shot.

【”BATACLAN” Paris 10th January 1973】
Following the “FOXTROT” era known only as the image, the so-called “batakuran”. It is a live image of “Paris Performance on October 1, 1973”. Unlike television studio it is a dark video, but Gabriel’s “fox mask” bursts from “The Musical Box” at the beginning! “Supper’s Ready” also spreads whitewashed make-up according to the progress of the song, and “The Knife” spreads a mysterious action while blowing a flute. Continuously watching from “POP SHOP”, you can see that the dramatic sensibilities fire at a stretch here. Even though I’m glad even if I can see the perfect live video of a multi camera at any rate, this is also the best image quality & sound quality. It is a gem.

【”THE MELODY SHOW” ORTF-studios, Paris 12th February 1974】
The third one is “SELLING ENGLAND BY THE POUND” era. From this time the picture increases at a stretch, but this work contains the studio live when she appeared in the French television program “THE MELODY SHOW”. The time code for editing is displayed on the screen, it seems to be recorded from the production master, not the air check of the broadcast.
It is a studio live like the first “POP SHOP” of this work, but its atmosphere is completely different. The appearance of Gabriel singing “I Know What I Like” is Mr. Noppo of a public broadcaster. Besides, the earth and the Apollo rocket are reflected in the background, and a world unknown to Wake is drawn out.
Even if it is a complete masterpiece “Supper’s Ready”, ★ dancing, whispering, barking, singing white coat Gabriel who got the wire crown inside the studio turning around marks and music. And in the midfield it changed to flower man, in the latter half the red box Magoku, and in the climax a white shelf Gabriel appeared from the explosion! Although it showed seven changes even on the stage, the studio recording that can make the world view can still be amazing. It is a furious expressive power that can not be thought of as just two years from “POP SHOP”.

【”SECONDS OUT PROMO” Moody Coliseum, Texas 19th March 1977】
At the end is the 4 era era after the era and the Gabriel withdrawal. It is a live video known for “SECONDS OUT PROMO”. Unlike classic live “SECONDS OUT LIVE”, “March 19 1977 Texas Show”, but it is a professional shot caught in perfect multi camera, image quality and sound quality. It is different from Gabrielle era and it is a live show where the performance since “POP SHOP” plays the leading role, but its performance power is a different thing from “POP SHOP”. In the shadow of Gabriel, it is clearly understood that the other four people have grown at a furious momentum. The light Falls familiar in the jacket of “SECONDS OUT LIVE” and the powerful solosine by the twin drum are also perfect. This is also a masterpiece picture of terrible image quality / sound quality.

A collection of images containing 4 professional shots at the highest quality. It is a masterpiece that can be completely immersed in Tōkoji village of progressive rock for 2 hours. It is impossible, I can not forgive you for not seeing it yet. If you do not have a gift release to let everyone reach. If you think “Would you like me?”, Please order your order now!

70年代GENESISの大決定プロショット集がギフト・タイトルで復活です。本作は、約30分のテレビ番組を4種、合計2時間以上にわたって収録したもの。かつて「FILM ARCHIVE」シリーズの1つとして通常リリースもされていたもので、シリーズの中でも特に画質・音質の優れた決定版。マニアにはお馴染みの映像も含まれているものの、そのクオリティは過去最高で、リリース当時には美しくクッキリと映し出されるピーター・ガブリエルの姿にマニアを震撼させたという衝撃作です。それでは、4つの番組を1つずつご紹介しましょう。

【”POP SHOP” Brussels 20th March 1972】
まず最初に登場するのは「NURSERY CRYME」時代のスタジオライヴ。ベルギーの番組“POP SHOP”に出演した際の模様です。フィル・コリンズ、スティーヴ・ハケットが加入した“黄金の5人”最古の映像としても知られ、ガブリエルもノーメイク。その分、GENESISの演劇的な魅力は薄いですが、バンドGENESISの本質がさらけ出される。アルバムの3曲「The Fountain Of Salmacis」「The Musical Box」「The Return Of The Giant Hogweed」も貴重ですが、さらに後のシングル「I KNOW WHAT I LIKE」のB面で公表される「Twilight Alehouse」のレア度は目も眩むよう。何よりも、そんな貴重極まる映像にも関わらず、極上の画質・音質が凄まじいマスター・クオリティ。まさに歴史的な大傑作プロショットです。

【”BATACLAN” Paris 10th January 1973】
続いては「FOXTROT」時代唯一の映像で知られる、通称「バタクラン」。“1973年10月1日パリ公演”のライヴ映像です。テレビスタジオとは違って暗めの映像ではありますが、冒頭の「The Musical Box」からガブリエルの“狐の仮面”が炸裂! 「Supper’s Ready」も曲の進行に沿って白塗りメイクが広がり、「The Knife」ではフルートを吹きながらも妖しいアクションを繰り広げる。“POP SHOP”から連続して観ると、ここで一気に演劇的な感性に火が付いたのが分かります。ともかくマルチカメラの完璧なライブ映像が観られるだけでも嬉しいのに、これまた最高の画質&音質。まさに逸品です。

【”THE MELODY SHOW” ORTF-studios, Paris 12th February 1974】
3つ目は「SELLING ENGLAND BY THE POUND」時代。この頃から映像が一気に増え出しますが、本作ではフランスのテレビ番組“THE MELODY SHOW”に出演した際のスタジオライヴを収録しています。画面には編集用のタイムコードが表示されており、放送のエアチェックではなく、製作用マスターからの収録と思われます。
本作最初の“POP SHOP”と同じようにスタジオライヴなわけですが、その雰囲気はまるで違う。「I Know What I Like」を歌うガブリエルの姿は、ほぼ某公共放送局のノッポさん。その上、背景には地球やアポロ・ロケットが映し出され、何ともワケの分からない世界が描き出されるのです。
完全演奏される超大作「Supper’s Ready」にしても、★マークや楽譜がくるくると回るスタジオの中、針金の冠を頂いた白塗りガブリエルが踊り、囁き、吠え、歌う。そして、中盤にはフラワーマン、後半には赤い箱のマゴクへ変化していき、クライマックスでは爆発の中から白装束のガブリエルが登場! ステージでも七変化を見せてはいましたが、世界観を作り込めるスタジオ収録は、やはり凄い。“POP SHOP”からわずか2年とは思えない、猛烈な表現力です。

【”SECONDS OUT PROMO” Moody Coliseum, Texas 19th March 1977】
最後は時代が飛び、ガブリエル脱退後の4人時代。“SECONDS OUT PROMO”で知られるライヴ映像です。名作ライヴ「SECONDS OUT LIVE」とは違う「1977年3月19日テキサス公演」ですが、完璧なマルチカメラ・画質・音質で捉えたプロショットです。ガブリエル時代とは打って変わり、“POP SHOP”以来の演奏が主役を張るライヴらしいライヴですが、その演奏力は“POP SHOP”とはまるで別物。ガブリエルの影で、他の4人も猛烈な勢いで成長してきたのが如実に分かる。「SECONDS OUT LIVE」のジャケットでお馴染みの光の滝やツインドラムによる大迫力のソロシーンもばっちり。これまた凄まじい画質・音質の傑作映像です。


“POP SHOP” Brussels 20th March 1972
Running time: 29:26

1. The Fountain Of Salmacis 2. Twilight Alehouse 3. The Musical Box
4. The Return Of The Giant Hogweed

“BATACLAN” Paris 10th January 1973
Running time: 33:51

6. The Musical Box 7. Interview 8. Supper’s Ready 9. Interview
10. The Return Of The Giant Hogweed 11. The Knife

“THE MELODY SHOW” ORTF-studios, Paris 12th February 1974
Running time: 30:13

12. I Know What I Like 13. Supper’s Ready

“SECONDS OUT PROMO” Moody Coliseum, Texas 19th March 1977
Running time: 27:42

14. Firth Of Fifth 15. Dance On A Volcano 16. Los Endos
17. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 18. The Musical Box(closing section)

PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx. 121min.

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