Genesis / Broadway Show In Norway / 2CDR

Genesis / Broadway Show In Norway / 2CDR / Galaxy

Live At Ekeberghallen, Oslo, Norway February 19th 1975. Audience

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From the European tour of “The Broadway” in 1975, which was the last tour of Genesis when he was a member of Peter Gabriel in the 70’s, the Norwegian Oslo Ekberg Hall performance has been newly released on February 19, 1975!

Almost complete from the high-quality audience recording master, it is a collector’s attention excavation live sound source that completely reproduces the precious live performance of all songs of the 70s Genesis ultimate “Illusion Broadway”!



01. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway/02. Fly On A Windshield/03. Broadway Melody Of 1974/04. Cuckoo Cocoon/05. In The Cage/06. The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging/07. Rael’s Story #1/08. Back In N.Y.C./09. Hairless Heart/10. Counting Out Time/11. Carpet Crawlers/12. The Chamber Of 32 Doors

01. Rael’s Story #2/02. Lilywhite Lilith/03. The Waiting Room/04. Anyway/05. The Lamia/06. Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats/07. The Colony Of Slippermen/08. Ravine/09. The Light Dies Down On Broadway/10. Riding The Scree/11. In The Rapids/12. It

Live At Ekeberghallen, Oslo, Norway February 19th 1975

Galaxy.GX 135A/B

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