Genesis / Berlin 1987 Pre-FM Master / 2CD

Genesis / Berlin 1987 Pre-FM Master / 2CD / Virtuoso
Live at Reichstagsgelande, Berlin, Germany 8th June 1987 STEREO SBD

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1987 GENESIS culminated in the astronomical hit of “INVISIBLE TOUCH”. The highest peak sound board is an upgrade. It is a permanent preservation decision with the ultimate quality.
What is recorded in this work is “June 8, 1987 Berlin performance”. It is the superb stereo sound board recording. Speaking of “INVISIBLE TOUCH Tour”, it is the climax era that was left in the official video “LIVE AT WEMBLEY STADIUM”. First of all, let’s confirm the position of the show in that process.

● 1986
“June 6th” INVISIBLE TOUCH “released”
・ September 18-October 24: North America # 1 (29 performances)
・ November 23-December 20: Oceania (19 performances)
● 1987
・ January 15-March 1: North America # 2 (25 performances)
・ March 13-19: Japan (6 performances)
・ May 10-19: Europe # 1 (6 performances)
・ May 22-31: North America # 3 (7 performances)
・ June 2-July 4: Europe # 2 (20 performances) ← ★ Coco ★

This is GENESIS in 1986/1987. The second (and perhaps the last) performance in Japan and their only Oceania leg were also realized, and a huge tour that conquered the whole earth was carried out. The official video “LIVE AT WEMBLEY STADIUM” was produced from the last four days, but the Berlin performance of this work was just before that. Although it was the same “Europe # 2” leg, it was the 5th performance about a month ago.
Such a Berlin performance is also famous for being broadcast on the radio, and its air check has produced a number of existing groups and has become one of the best masterpieces in the “INVISIBLE TOUCH Tour”. This work is also the FM broadcast, but it is a “top” work that has updated the highest peak in both length and quality. Why can you say “top”? It is the origin of the sound source. Many of the traditional existing groups were based on air checks, but this work is direct from the pre-FM broadcast master. It is also recorded from the digital master with zero deterioration, not the LP raising that is easily affected by the condition. In other words, it is a master sound that has no room for scratches and hiss, let alone reception noise. As a matter of fact, this master first appeared on the Amity label in 2009, but at that time, from a specialized magazine, “This is a sound image that is not strange even if it is released as an official” “Why is it not a press CD?” ? While the mystery remains, it is a wonderful content 」was highly acclaimed.
Twelve years after its first appearance, the long-sought permanent preservation was realized, but it was not just made into a press. We also carried out polishing to raise the “official grade” to the “ultimate”. Of course, instead of earning sound pressure indiscriminately, we adjusted the balance with fine adjustments and pursued a more elegant “work feeling”.
The original was not a one-shot major remodeling only for the completely official class, but fine adjustments were made, but what is particularly easy to understand is the goodness of the bass drum and the feeling of pushing up the bass drum. The original sound was recorded with a thick mid-low reverberation like in the 1980s, but this work has a neat outline while retaining the feeling of that time. The attack feeling of the bass drum, which was on the verge of being distorted, has also been adjusted naturally. As a result, each note of the performance became more prominent without being pressed by sound pressure, and the ensemble had a three-dimensional effect along with the depth of the silent part. In other words, it was raised from “excavation official class” to “official daimyo board class”.
The ultimate evolution of the transcendental sound board is drawn with a full show of the dazzling “INVISIBLE TOUCH Tour”. The official video “LIVE AT WEMBLEY STADIUM” mentioned above was an incomplete version with some cuts, but this work is a full set. Here, let’s organize the contents while comparing.

● 70’s
・ Medley: In The Cage (★) / In That Quiet Earth (★) / Afterglow (★)
・ Others: Drum Duet / Los Endos
● 80’s
・ Duke: Turn It On Again
・ Abacab: Abacab
・ Genesis: Mama / That’s All / Home By The Sea / Second Home By The Sea
・ Invisible Touch: Domino / The Brazilian / Land Of Confusion / Tonight, Tonight, Tonight / Throwing It All Away / Invisible Touch
* Note: The “★” mark is a song that cannot be heard in the official video “LIVE AT WEMBLEY STADIUM”.

… And it looks like this. Not only is the 70’s medley that was cut in “LIVE AT WEMBLEY STADIUM” recorded, but even the waiting for Angkor is completely recorded for about 3 minutes (in the existing group, “Los Endos” and “Turn It” before and after There was a fade cut in “On Again”, but this work is completely seamless).
“The Brazilian” only for this tour is also valuable, but more than that, the performance that shows off with a sense of balance and confidence with a thick selection of “INVISIBLE TOUCH” numbers is dazzling. It’s a live album in which all the works to be released are hits and the “Goddess’s smile power” that succeeds in everything you do is blown out from the speakers.

Speaking of 1986 yen, Phil’s solo, MIKE + THE MECHANICS, and even Peter Gabriel’s “SO” and GTR were all on the charts. The GENESIS family has occupied the music industry beyond the heyday of one band. This work is a super masterpiece that allows you to fully experience the climax show of the headquarter band with a transcendent sound board that exceeds the official. An absolute work that is inevitable even if you listen to it from all perspectives. Please enjoy it with the permanent storage press 2CD!

★ Superb stereo sound board recording of “June 8, 1987 Berlin performance” that symbolizes INVISIBLE TOUCH TOUR. It has been made into a CD with zero deterioration from the pre-FM digital master, and it is the highest peak in history that has been brushed up by meticulous mastering. The part that was cut in the existing group is also uncut, and the 70’s medley that could not be heard even in the official video “LIVE AT WEMBLEY STADIUM” is completely recorded. It is an eternal super masterpiece that acts as a “substitute for the official work of the climax era”.

『INVISIBLE TOUCH』の天文学的ヒットによって絶頂を迎えていた1987年のGENESIS。その最高峰サウンドボードがまさかのアップグレード。究極クオリティで永久保存決定です。
そんな本作に記録されているのは「1987年6月8日ベルリン公演」。その超極上ステレオ・サウンドボード録音です。“INVISIBLE TOUCH Tour”と言えば、公式映像『LIVE AT WEMBLEY STADIUM』にも残された絶頂の中の絶頂時代。まずは、その歩みの中でショウのポジションを確かめてみましょう。


これが1986年/1987年のGENESIS。二度目の(そして恐らくは最後の)来日公演や彼ら唯一のオセアニア・レッグも実現し、まさに地球丸ごと制覇する巨大ツアーが実施されました。公式映像『LIVE AT WEMBLEY STADIUM』はその最後の4日間から制作されたわけですが、本作のベルリン公演はそのちょっと前。同じ「欧州#2」レッグでありつつ、約1ヶ月前の5公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
そんなベルリン公演はラジオ放送された事でも有名で、そのエアチェックが数々の既発群を生んでは“INVISIBLE TOUCH Tour”でも屈指の代表作となってきました。本作もそのFM放送なのですが、長さもクオリティも最高峰を更新した“てっぺん”作なのです。なぜ「てっぺん」と断言できるのか。それは、音源の出自にある。伝統の既発群はエアチェックを元にしたものが多かったわけですが、本作はプリFMの放送原盤からダイレクト。それもコンディションに左右されやすいLP起こしではなく、デジタル・マスターから劣化ゼロで収録している。つまり、受信ノイズはおろか、スクラッチもヒスも紛れる余地のない大元マスター・サウンド。実のところ、このマスターは2009年にAmityレーベルから初登場したのですが、その際にも専門誌から「これはオフィシャルとして発売しても、おかしくないほどの音像」「なぜプレスCDではないのか? 謎が残りつつも、素晴らしい内容」と大絶賛されたのです。
究極進化を果たした超絶サウンドボードで描かれるのは、絶頂の光眩しい“INVISIBLE TOUCH Tour”のフルショウ。前述した公式映像『LIVE AT WEMBLEY STADIUM』はカットもある不完全版でしたが、本作はフルセット。ここでは比較しながら内容を整理してみましょう。

・メドレー:In The Cage(★)/In That Quiet Earth(★)/Afterglow(★)
・その他:Drum Duet/Los Endos
・デューク:Turn It On Again
・ジェネシス:Mama/That’s All/Home By The Sea/Second Home By The Sea
・インヴィジブル・タッチ:Domino/The Brazilian/Land Of Confusion/Tonight, Tonight, Tonight/Throwing It All Away/Invisible Touch
※注:「★」印は公式映像『LIVE AT WEMBLEY STADIUM』では聴けない曲。

……と、このようになっています。『LIVE AT WEMBLEY STADIUM』でカットされていた70年代メドレーが収録されているだけでなく、アンコール待ちさえ約3分丸ごと完全収録されています(既発群では前後の「Los Endos」や「Turn It On Again」にフェイドのカットがありましたが、本作は完全シームレスです)。
このツアーだけの「The Brazilian」も貴重だったりしますが、それ以上に『INVISIBLE TOUCH』ナンバーをぶ厚く取りそろえたバランス感覚や自信と勢いたっぷりに披露する演奏が眩しい。出す作品がことごとくヒットし、やる事なす事すべてが成功する“女神の微笑みパワー”がスピーカーから吹き出してくるライヴアルバムなのです。

1986円と言えば、フィルのソロやMIKE+THE MECHANICS、さらにはピーター・ガブリエルの『SO』やGTRに至るまで、ファミリー総出でチャートを湧かしまくっていました。もはや1バンドの全盛期という次元を超えて音楽業界を占領していたGENESIS一家。本作は、その総本山バンドの絶頂ショウをオフィシャル超えの超絶サウンドボードでフル体験できてしまう超名盤です。あらゆる視点で聴いても不可避な絶対作。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDでとくとご堪能ください!

★INVISIBLE TOUCH TOURを象徴する「1987年6月8日ベルリン公演」の超極上ステレオ・サウンドボード録音。プリFMのデジタル・マスターから劣化ゼロでCD化されており、さらに細心マスタリングでブラッシュアップされた史上最高峰盤です。既発群ではカットされていたパートもノーカットで、公式映像『LIVE AT WEMBLEY STADIUM』でも聴けなかった70年代メドレーも完全収録。「絶頂時代のオフィシャル作品代わり」を務める永遠の超名盤です。


Disc 1 (64:52)
1. Mama
2. Abacab
3. Domino
4. That’s All
5. The Brazilian
6. In The Cage Medley
7. In That Quiet Earth
8. Afterglow
9. Land Of Confusion

Disc 2 (67:48)
1. Band Introductions
2. Tonight Tonight Tonight
3. Throwing It All Away
4. Home By The Sea
5. Second Home By The Sea
6. Invisible Touch
7. Drum Duet
8. Los Endos
9. Turn It On Again


Phil Collins – Vocals, Drums & Percussion
Mike Rutherford – Bass & Guitar
Tony Banks – Keyboards
Chester Thompson – Drums & Percussion
Daryl Steurmer – Guitar

Virtuoso 453/454

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