Genesis / Definitive Sheffield 1980 / 2CD

Genesis / Definitive Sheffield 1980 / 2CD / Virtuoso
Live at City Hall, Sheffield, UK 17th April 1980. STEREO SBD

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During the “DUKE” era, which was still progressive while still increasing the pop color and making a great success in all of Britain. The ultimate superb sound board album is released in permanent storage press 2CD.
It is contained in such a work “Sheffield performance on April 17, 1980”. Speaking of 1980, it is also the time when three members started to activate solo activity. Let’s first review the turning point from the activity schedule and check the position of the show.

“February 15″ SMALLCREEP’S DAY released ”
· March 13 – 23: UK # 1 (11 shows)
“March 24” DUKE “Release”
· March 24 – April 24: UK # 2 (32 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· May 27 – June 30: North America (35 performances)
“June” FACE VALUE “Production Start”

This is GENESIS in 1980. Although the album “DUKE” was completed at the end of 1979, Mike Rutherford’s “SMALLCREEP’S DAY” was released before its announcement. “DUKE TOUR” started just after that. The Sheffield performance of this work is a concert that is the 25th show of “UK # 2” in the first half of such a tour.
Such a show was broadcasted on FM, and it has reigned as a large staple that created many episodes. This work is what makes it the best. It is the “TM Productions” master who became the highest rating on overseas GENESIS specialized site. As a matter of fact, “DUKE TOUR” has three vertex sound boards, two of which are very popular in our shop as “PERFECT LYCEUM (Virtuoso 079/080)” “PERFECT MONTREAL (Virtuoso 057/058)”. This work is super masterpiece, which is sometimes referred to as that super masterpiece. It is the last one to be a trilogy.
In fact, the sound of this work is ultimate. At the beginning 20 seconds the tone felt somewhat also by the noisy (the first few measures), but it is not a fault but a site sound to the last. It will be immediately glittering at the official grade and a perfect sound will be unfolded. Its beauty, vividness clearly outperforms the large classic preexisting group, recording, mix and freshness are perfect. Moreover, there is only FM broadcasting, and the cheers between the songs are moderately mixed, and it is a sound that can be officially released as it is without question.
It’s a quality that can only be said as “Please listen to it anymore”, but the show drawn with that sound is also excellent. They arrange the famous songs from “SELLING ENGLAND BY THE POUND” to “AND THEN THERE WERE THREE” and arrange the early “Dancing With The Moonlit Knight / The Carpet Crawlers” and the promises of the later years In the middle stage of “In The Cage / The Colony of Slippermen / Afterglow” Medley’s sense of suite is also a real dramatic. Even if it makes it pop, its core is progressive to the last. And for the performance that has been honed for many years, this tour is the peak. In that excellent ensemble, there is plenty of “One For The Vine”, “Deep In The Motherlode”, “The Lady Lies” which does not play after this, “The Carpet Crawlers” and “Say It’s Alright Joe” which can not be listened even at “PERFECT MONTREAL” You can enjoy it.
And the biggest listening is the latest work “DUKE” section in the center of the show. Like the album A side, the curtain is opened with three consecutive episodes of “Behind the Lines”, “Duchess”, “Guide Vocal”, and the top side “Turn It On Again” on the B side is placed, and also as with the album, the highlight “Duke’s Travels” Duke’s End “. The flow of concentrating the essence of the name board “DUKE” is too brilliant, “It is convincing that there is a mania” “DUKE TOUR” is the best! ” Moreover, “Guide Vocal” is a rare song only for this tour. All of them can be tasted with super super stereo sound board.

In the album, popular and evolving, evolving, on stage the GENESIS deepened the polished ensemble. Even in “DUKE TOUR” where the balance between them has reached its peak, it is a super best stereo sound board album which will become the top three copies. Three of the inferior transcendants. Please, collect with permanent preservation press 2CD.


《6月『FACE VALUE』制作開始》

これが1980年のGENESIS。アルバム『DUKE』は1979年末には完成していましたが、その発表前にマイク・ラザフォードの『SMALLCREEP’S DAY』がリリース。その直後から“DUKE TOUR”が開始されました。本作のシェフィールド公演は、そんなツアーの前半「英国#2」の25公演目にあたるコンサートです。
そんなショウはFM放送され、幾多の既発を生み出した大定番として君臨してきました。本作は、その最高峰となるもの。海外のGENESIS専門サイトでも最高評価となった「TM Productions」マスターなのです。実のところ、“DUKE TOUR”には3本の頂点サウンドボードがあり、そのうち2本は当店でも『PERFECT LYCEUM(Virtuoso 079/080)』『PERFECT MONTREAL(Virtuoso 057/058)』として大人気。本作は、あの超傑作2本と並び称される超傑作。3部作となる最後の1本なのです。
「もう聴いちゃってください」としか言いようのないクオリティなのですが、そのサウンドで描かれるショウがまた絶品。彼らがひと皮剥けた『SELLING ENGLAND BY THE POUND』から『AND THEN THERE WERE THREE』までの名曲群をズラリと並べ、序盤の「Dancing With The Moonlit Knight / The Carpet Crawlers」や、後年のお約束となっていく中盤の「In The Cage/The Colony of Slippermen/Afterglow」メドレーの組曲感も実のドラマティック。ポップ化していっても、その芯はあくまでもプログレッシヴ。そして、長年に渡って磨き込んできた演奏力は、このツアーこそがピーク。その絶品のアンサンブルで、これ以降は演奏しない「One For The Vine」「Deep In The Motherlode」「The Lady Lies」や、『PERFECT MONTREAL』でも聴けない「The Carpet Crawlers」「Say It’s Alright Joe」もたっぷり楽しめるのです。
そして、何と言っても最大の聴きどころは、ショウのド真ん中に置かれた最新作『DUKE』セクション。アルバムA面と同じく「Behind the Lines」「Duchess」「Guide Vocal」の3連発で幕を開け、B面トップの「Turn It On Again」を挟み、これまたアルバムと同じくハイライト「Duke’s Travels」「Duke’s End」で締める。名盤『DUKE』のエッセンスを濃縮した流れはあまりにも見事であり、「“DUKE TOUR”こそが最高!」というマニアがいるのも納得できる。しかも、「Guide Vocal」は正真正銘このツアーだけのレア曲。それらすべてが超極上ステレオ・サウンドボードで味わえるのです。

アルバムではポップで親しみやすく進化し、ステージでは磨き込んだアンサンブルを深化させていったGENESIS。その両者のバランスが頂点を迎えた“DUKE TOUR”でも、頂点3部作となる超極上ステレオサウンドボード・アルバムです。いずれ劣らぬ超絶の3本。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDでコレクトしてください。


Disc 1 (65:05)
1. Deep In The Motherlode 2. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight 3. The Carpet Crawlers
4. Squonk 5. One For The Vine 6. Behind The Lines 7. Duchess 8. Guide Vocal
9. Turn It On Again 10. Duke’s Travels 11. Duke’s End

Disc 2 (70:39)
1. MC 2. Say It’s Alright Joe 3. The Lady Lies 4. Ripples 5. In The Cage
6. The Colony Of Slippermen 7. Afterglow 8. Follow You, Follow Me 9. Dance On A Volcano
10. Drum Duet 11. Los Endos 12. I Know What I Like

Phil Collins – Vocals, Drums & Percussion  Mike Rutherford – Bass & Guitar
Tony Banks – Keyboards Chester Thompson – Drums & Percussion Daryl Steurmer – Guitar

Virtuoso 389/390

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