Genesis / Complete BBC Sessions 1970 -1972 / 2CD

Genesis / Complete BBC Sessions 1970 -1972  / 2CD / Virtuoso

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Ultimate compilation of BBC recording sessions 1970-1972  Stereo SBD



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Super masterpiece representing the Peter Gabriel era over another official / unofficial “LIVE: TEST PRESSING 2LP” Virtuoso label that has been a string of “DEFINITIVE MONTREAL 1974”. This work is a studio live collection of BBC session that becomes a star performer in the third stage.
GENESIS of Gabriel era, but we live in the studio several times BBC, the remaining up to now is five times. In this work the collection was compiled the core Mania overseas, various air check, of course, such as the recent re-broadcast version and broadcasting master, carefully selected the best track from the sound source that is currently known. One that I compiled the best version. Of course, the whole volume is of superb stereo sound board. So immediately, let’s introduce for each program.

[Disc 1: February 22, 1970 “BBC NIGHT RIDE”] Disc 1 has recorded three of the program from 1970 to 1972. The first appeared, still Anthony Phillips and John Mayhew had been enrolled in the “FROM GENESIS TO REVELATION” era session. It is five songs at the Maida Vale Studios in London. Although not span the official take the “Shepherd”, “Pacidy”, “Let Us Now Make Love” what “GENESIS ARCHIVE 1967? 75”, “GENESIS 1970? 1975”, “Stagnation”, “Looking for has not been recorded in there” TRESPASS ” for Someone “is also full version of the broadcast, including. This live is not only say a valuable live performance of Philips era, is also the existing GENESIS oldest of live recording, is the name take even that beautiful illusion era examined the 12-string guitar can listen in the best of the sound board.

[Disk 1: May 10, 1971 “SOUNDS OF THE SEVENTIES”] Next it is to say the two songs …… who appeared in “TRESPASS” era, Phil Collins and Steve Hackett after joining. And say “TRESPASS” era, not only remaining audience recording of this two songs and March 1971 Belgium performances, this is also very valuable early record. But had been showing off as a new song from “TRESPASS” before production even earlier “1970 BBC NIGHTRIDE”, playing “The Musical Box” Despite before even here “NURSERY CRYME” production. Moreover, it has been unveiled at a version of about 12 minutes more than the album version. Needless to wait for the “NURSERY CRYME”, joining the effect of Collins & Hackett is enormous, we are here at once GENESIS world has blossomed. Is a historic best take taste the moment the model was born of progressive rock ideal that gave birth to countless followers in the stereo sound board all over the world.

[Disc 1: January 9, 1972 “SOUNDS OF THE SEVENTIES”] This is a four songs 5 ​​take from the appeared again after eight months “SOUNDS OF THE SEVENTIES” ( “Harold The Barrel” only recorded 2 takes of mix difference). Although the first broadcast was the 1972, here it is recorded in the re-broadcast version of BBC6. Now in appearance after two months of “NURSERY CRYME” release, masterpieces of Kano name board is aligned with or even this. Combined with the previous “The Musical Box”, also becomes the album all seven songs in five songs, you can also enjoy a part of as “NURSERY CRYME ​​of studio live music version” is the second half of the disk 1 almost.

[Disc 2: March 2, 1972 “IN CONCERT”] Behalf of disc 2 of the recording two programs in 1972. The first is the three songs of the “NURSERY CRYME” era “IN CONCERT”. But was also superb sound board so far, this is caused directly from BBC master DAT of pre-FM, further on the number rank. Exactly in the best sound of the official class, you can enjoy the live to follow up the just epic of “NURSERY CRYME” Remarkable plenty.

[Disc 2: 25 September 1972 “TOP GEAR”] Three songs of the last, still appeared six months after “TOP GEAR”. Up create a masterpiece “FOXTROT”, it is a performance of just starting the tour prior to the release. In addition to its “FOXTROT”, “Watcher Of The Skies” in “Get’em Out By Friday”, the single “I KNOW WHAT I LIKE” rare songs that will be announced as the B-side of “Twilight Alehouse” after also playing you have.
“Get’em Out By Friday” is awakened from the BBC master DAT of pre-FM, the “Twilight Alehouse” “Watcher Of The Skies” has been used to re-broadcast version of 2008. All three songs master DAT exists, but not towards the re-broadcast version has been replaced for a slight sound is good. In this way, the choice of this work is if the quality goes down even a little, has been rejected mercilessly even master DAT broadcast songs. It has been organized in strict scrutiny the take one one so much.

This work is a live album that was covered in the finest quality of the BBC studio session of the Gabriel era remain in the modern. However, true value of this work is not just it. Of: “LIVE TEST PRESSING 2LP” 1973, “DEFINITIVE MONTREAL 1974” was the apex sound board in 1974. This work continues in it, it is also the one that covers the apex in 1970, 1971, 1972. In other words, you would hear at once the GENESIS history of just this trilogy from the oldest recorded live up to “SELLING ENGLAND BY THE POUND” at the apex sound board (for those who still Broadway era! Is “ULTIMATE LAMB ( Virtuoso 051/052) “and” LAMB MASTER IN LOS ANGELES (Virtuoso 151/152) “and recommended).
Take one one is not only precious treasure, as if a single spell initial GENESIS like a history book. “LIVE: TEST PRESSING 2LP” and “DEFINITIVE MONTREAL 1974”, and go on to the “ULTIMATE LAMB”, Chapter 1 of the vertex sound board History of Gabriel GENESIS. By all means, please add to your collection on this occasion.

公式/非公式の別を超えてピーター・ガブリエル時代を代表する超傑作「LIVE : TEST PRESSING 2LP」「DEFINITIVE MONTREAL 1974」を連発してきたVirtuosoレーベル。本作は、その第3段にして真打ちとなるBBCセッションのスタジオライヴ・コレクションです。

【ディスク1:1970年2月22日“BBC NIGHT RIDE”】
ディスク1は、1970年から1972年の3つの番組を収録しています。まず登場するのは、まだアンソニー・フィリップスやジョン・メイヒューが在籍していた「FROM GENESIS TO REVELATION」時代のセッション。ロンドンのメイダ・ヴェール・スタジオでの5曲です。「Shepherd」「Pacidy」「Let Us Now Make Love」こそ「GENESIS ARCHIVE 1967?75」「GENESIS 1970?1975」のオフィシャルテイクに及ばないものの、そこに収録されなかった「TRESPASS」の「Stagnation」「Looking For Someone」も含めた放送の完全版。このライヴはフィリップス時代の貴重な生演奏と言うだけでなく、現存するGENESIS最古のライヴ記録でもあり、12弦ギターの調べも美しい幻想時代が極上のサウンドボードで聴ける名テイクです。

【ディスク1:1971年5月10日“SOUNDS OF THE SEVENTIES”】
続いては「TRESPASS」時代に出演した2曲……とは言っても、フィル・コリンズ&スティーヴ・ハケット加入後。「TRESPASS」時代というと、この2曲と1971年3月ベルギー公演のオーディエンス録音しか残っておらず、これまた非常に貴重な初期の記録です。先ほどの“1970年BBC NIGHTRIDE”でも制作前の「TRESPASS」から新曲として披露されていましたが、こちらでも「NURSERY CRYME」制作前にも関わらず「The Musical Box」を演奏。しかも、アルバムバージョンを超える約12分のバージョンで披露されています。「NURSERY CRYME」を待つまでもなく、コリンズ&ハケットの加入効果は絶大で、ここで一気にGENESISワールドが花開いている。世界中に無数のフォロワーを生んだプログレッシヴ・ロック理想のひな形が誕生した刹那をステレオ・サウンドボードで味わえる歴史的な極上テイクです。

【ディスク1:1972年1月9日“SOUNDS OF THE SEVENTIES”】
これは8ヶ月後に再び出演した“SOUNDS OF THE SEVENTIES”からの4曲5テイク(「Harold The Barrel」だけはミックス違いの2テイクを収録)です。初放送は1972年でしたが、ここではBBC6の再放送バージョンで収録しています。今度は「NURSERY CRYME」リリースの2ヶ月後の出演で、かの名盤の名曲がこれでもかと並ぶ。先ほどの「The Musical Box」と合わせると、アルバム全7曲中5曲にもなり、ディスク1後半はほぼ“スタジオ生演奏バージョンのNURSERY CRYME”としても楽しめるパートなのです。

【ディスク2:1972年3月2日“IN CONCERT”】
代わってのディスク2は1972年の番組を2つ収録。最初は「NURSERY CRYME」時代の“IN CONCERT”の3曲です。これまでも極上のサウンドボードでしたが、これはプリFMのBBCマスターDATからダイレクトに起こされており、さらに数ランク上。まさにオフィシャル級の極上サウンドで、「NURSERY CRYME」極めつけの大作ばかりを畳みかけるライヴをたっぷりと楽しめます。

【ディスク2:1972年9月25日“TOP GEAR”】
最後は、さらに半年後に出演した“TOP GEAR”の3曲。代表作「FOXTROT」を創り上げ、リリースに先立ってツアーを始めたばかりのパフォーマンスです。その「FOXTROT」の「Watcher Of The Skies」「Get’em Out By Friday」に加え、後にシングル「I KNOW WHAT I LIKE」のB面として発表されることになるレア曲「Twilight Alehouse」も演奏しています。
「Get’em Out By Friday」はプリFMのBBCマスターDATから起こされ、「Twilight Alehouse」と「Watcher Of The Skies」は2008年の再放送バージョンを使用されています。3曲ともマスターDATが存在しますが、再放送バージョンの方がわずかに音が良いために差し替えられているわけです。このように、本作のチョイスはクオリティが少しでも落ちるなら、放送曲のマスターDATであっても容赦なく却下している。それほどまでにテイク1つひとつを厳密に精査して組まれているのです。

本作は、現代に残るガブリエル時代のBBCスタジオセッションを極上クオリティで網羅したライヴアルバムです。しかし、本作の真価はそれだけではありません。「LIVE : TEST PRESSING 2LP」は1973年の、「DEFINITIVE MONTREAL 1974」は1974年の頂点サウンドボードでした。それに続く本作は、1970年・1971年・1972年の頂点を網羅した1本でもある。つまり、この3部作だけで最古のライヴ録音から「SELLING ENGLAND BY THE POUND」までのGENESIS史を頂点サウンドボードで一気に聴けてしまうのです(さらにブロードウェイ時代も!という方には「ULTIMATE LAMB(Virtuoso 051/052)」や「LAMB MASTER IN LOS ANGELES(Virtuoso 151/152)」をお薦めします)。
テイク1つひとつが貴重なお宝なだけでなく、まるで歴史書のように初期GENESISを綴る1本。「LIVE : TEST PRESSING 2LP」や「DEFINITIVE MONTREAL 1974」、そして「ULTIMATE LAMB」へと続いていく、ガブリエルGENESISの頂点サウンドボード史の第1章。ぜひ、この機会にあなたのコレクションに加えてください。

Disc 1 (75:59)
BBC Night Ride
Studio 4, Maida Vale, London, UK 22nd February 1970

1. Shepherd 2. Pacidy 3. Let Us Now Make Love 4. Stagnation 5. Looking For Someone

Sounds Of The Seventies
Studio T1, Kensington House, Shepherd’s Bush, London, UK 10th May 1971

6. The Musical Box 7. Stagnation

Sounds Of The Seventies
Studio T1, Kensington House, Shepherd’s Bush, London, UK 9th January 1972

8. The Return Of The Giant Hogweed 9. Harold The Barrel 10. The Fountain Of Salmacis
11. Harlequin 12. Harold The Barrel (Mix #2)

Disc 2 (53:19)
In Concert
BBC Paris Studios, London, UK 2nd March 1972

1. The Fountain Of Salmacis 2. Story of Old Henry 3. The Musical Box
4. The Return Of The Giant Hogweed

Top Gear
Studio T1, Kensington House, Shepherd’s Bush, London, UK 25th September 1972

5. Twilight Alehouse 6. Watcher Of The Skies 7. Get’em Out By Friday

All tracks performed by
Peter Gabriel – Lead Vocals Steve Hackett – Guitar Mike Rutherford – Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Tony Banks – Keyboards Phil Collins – Drums, Vocals

Except Night Ride Session (22nd February 1970) performed by:
Peter Gabriel – Lead Vocals Anthony Phillips – Guitar Mike Rutherford – Bass
Tony Banks – Keyboards John Mayhew – Drums


Virtuoso 272/273

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