Gary Moore / Wild Frontier Tour / 1DVD

Gary Moore / Wild Frontier Tour / 1DVD / Non Label

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Johanneshov Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden 25th April 1987 PRO-SHOT


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Gary Moore of official video shining emerald was revived in the world’s best quality! This work, the official video “LIVE IN STOCKHOLM: WILD FRONTIER TOUR” which was reprinted. Became the current master, “LIVE AT THE SAN FRANCISCO CIVIC” mania “SUMMERTIME GIRLS & ALL AMERICAN BOYS,” who provided the other day Y & T had been treasured VHS. Unfortunately, this work worldwide without laser disc is released the Japanese version of the VHS also did not go out. Only mania that was checking eagerly imported video that you can have the treasure video of that view. Was a previous Y & T also unusual about great state of preservation, is terrific also this time. Only in the United States version of the import video, resolution is not as much as various work has been reprinted from the laser disk, in spite of the magnetic tape, twisted also tracking noise without, and tongue to save state also was sleeping quietly 28 years my wound. Dressed in PV even familiar black costume of the “Wild Frontier” gallant Gary of “WILD FRONTIER TOUR” unique is I revives vividly.
What surprises, sound any more. To vivid screen, sound is very sophisticated, when coupled with carefully Gary and modest cheer mix that Komu play not in, as drawn and Guigui to play. Normally, but I not amusing even if there is a deterioration, even if not to play if Haitai nearly ’30, beautiful sound of a slight distortion of the sound without any long tone is poured into the ear. Though it is a I a full CD level sound as if they were recorded digitally.
1987 awards to revive its quality is exactly a rarity. Unfortunately, but is not a full recording of the show, Rashiku official (?) Has been narrowed down the focus of editing, a short while also image is as clear. Its image is, frankly Irish Kaori High “WILD FRONTIER of the world”. The cut has been in the four songs of older movies such as “Shapes Of Things,” “Murder In The Skies”, “Victims Of The Future” Wishing Well “, the adopted are the two works of” RUN FOR COVER, “” WILD FRONTIER ” center. Its “RUN FOR COVER” also, “Military Man”, “Out In The Fields” has been firmly bereaved in the footsteps of Phil Lynott such. Because there is going at stake is dedicated to Phil “WILD FRONTIER”, it it’s a stage that is out spill soliciting is thought to Emerald Island to the other, “EMERALD AISLES” or more.
Its beauty is, or probably because Kano lords Edition “WILD FRONTIER” or more to permeates the will, there is a heat of live performance unique. Unlike was using a drum machine “WILD FRONTIER”, here sitting on the familiar Eric Singer is stool in KISS, Bob Daisley also will decide one after another of his unique phrase (By the way, this two men BLACK SABBATH name board of is “THE ETERNAL IDOL” rhythm Corps). Daimyo Edition “WILD FRONTIER” includes, but is told and is “…… if you do not ‘s drum machine” with its splendor, it is spread become a reality! The run through the raw beat “Thunder Rising”, hot passion is play “Wild Frontier”, “RUN FOR COVER” in “All Messed Up” is also uplifting to exceed much the studio version. Any song, I unbearable breathing sense of raw rhythm that response freely in Gary emotional leave of playing down and carefree long tone. For information led to “The Loner” it is stretched long long, hot and if you can whether fancy playing in the face, pull to slip in plucked lightly, the explosion in the drama tee sheet rhythm fully open raw band unique. Buttoi choking, of course, to defeat crying crying crying in machine gun fire …… another, another, Tsu anymore!
…… We rude. In this work, further at the time of the promotional video also three songs bonus included. This is also in a very beautiful image quality and sound quality, clearly until Song Title ticker to say it’s PV of the analog era. MTV is a delicious bonus that can be watched together the figure of Gary went cut in a unique Irish image on a large prime of visual era.

Rock, fusion, blues, drum & bass …… era Show me a variety of face with age, Gary Moore who have the not all in the hear the best of the guitar. However, speaking of music that can not be to everyone except him, place the “Irish melody of HR” It is not in the other. His his last was trying Kaero, Emerald of music. This work, the official video of matches and the live, this one was revived and with all possible means. Daimyo Edition “WILD FRONTIER” live version of the world. By all means, please enjoy the world’s best quality.

エメラルドに輝くゲイリー・ムーアのオフィシャル映像が世界最高峰クオリティで蘇りました! 本作は、公式映像「LIVE IN STOCKHOLM: WILD FRONTIER TOUR」を復刻したもの。今回のマスターとなったのは、先日Y&Tの「LIVE AT THE SAN FRANCISCO CIVIC」「SUMMERTIME GIRLS & ALL AMERICAN BOYS」を提供してくれたマニアが秘蔵していたVHS。残念ながら、この作品は世界的にレーザーディスクがリリースされず、日本版VHSも出ませんでした。輸入ビデオを熱心にチェックしていたマニアだけが見ることのできたお宝映像なのです。前回のY&Tも異常なほど素晴らしい保存状態でしたが、今回も凄まじい。アメリカ版の輸入ビデオだけに、解像度はレーザーディスクから復刻してきた諸作ほどではありませんが、磁気テープにも関わらず、ヨレもトラッキングノイズもなく、28年間も静かに眠っていた保存状態には舌を巻く。「Wild Frontier」のPVでもお馴染みの黒い衣装に身を包んだ“WILD FRONTIER TOUR”ならではの凛々しいゲイリーが鮮やかに蘇るのです。
そのクオリティで蘇る1987年のショウは、まさに絶品。残念ながら、ショウのフル収録ではないのですが、オフィシャルらしく(?)編集の焦点が絞り込まれており、短いながらもイメージがハッキリとしている。そのイメージは、ずばりアイルランドの薫り高き“WILD FRONTIERの世界”。カットされたのは「Shapes Of Things」「Murder In The Skies」「Victims Of The Future」Wishing Well」といった旧作の4曲で、採用されたのは「RUN FOR COVER」「WILD FRONTIER」の2作が中心。その「RUN FOR COVER」も、「Military Man」「Out In The Fields」といったフィル・ライノットの足跡をしっかりと遺されている。そこにフィルへ捧げた「WILD FRONTIER」が絡んでいくのですから、それはそれはもう「EMERALD AISLES」以上にエメラルドの島への想いが募ってこぼれ出すステージなのです。
その美しさが、かの大名盤「WILD FRONTIER」以上に染みるのは、生演奏ならではの熱さがあるからでしょうか。ドラムマシンを使った「WILD FRONTIER」とは違い、ここではKISSでお馴染みのエリック・シンガーがスツールに座り、ボブ・デイズリーも彼ならではのフレーズを次々とキメていく(ちなみに、この2人はBLACK SABBATHの名盤「THE ETERNAL IDOL」のリズム隊です)。大名盤「WILD FRONTIER」は、その素晴らしさと共に「ドラムマシンじゃなかったら……」と語られますが、それが現実のものとなって広がる! 生ビートで駆け抜ける「Thunder Rising」、熱いパッションが弾ける「Wild Frontier」、「RUN FOR COVER」の「All Messed Up」も、スタジオ・バージョンを遙かに超える躍動感。どの曲も、ゲイリーの感情任せの弾き倒しや気ままなロングトーンに自在に呼応する生リズム隊との呼吸感がたまらないのです。「The Loner」に至っては長く長く伸張され、熱く顔で弾き込んだかと思えば、軽くつま弾きでスッと引いて、生バンドならではのドラマティシズム全開で爆発。ぶっといチョーキングはもちろんのこと、マシンガン連射でも泣いて泣いて泣き倒し……もう、もう、もうっ!

ロック、フュージョン、ブルース、ドラムンベース……時代時代でさまざまな顔を見せてくれ、その総てで極上のギターを聴かせてくれたゲイリー・ムーア。しかし、彼以外の誰にもできない音楽と言えば、“アイリッシュ・メロディのHR”を置いて他にありません。最晩年の彼が還ろうとしていた、エメラルドの音楽。本作は、そのライヴを収めたオフィシャル映像を、可能な限りの手段を尽くして蘇らせた1本です。大名盤「WILD FRONTIER」世界の生演奏バージョン。ぜひ、世界最高峰クオリティでお楽しみください。

Live at Johanneshov Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden 25th April 1987

1. Over The Hills And Far Away 2. Thunder Rising 3. Wild Frontier 4. Military Man 5. So Far Away
6. Empty Rooms 7. All Messed Up 8. Out In The Fields 9. Rockin’ Every Night 10. The Loner

Promo Videos

1. Over The Hills And Far Away 2. Wild Frontier 3. Friday On My Mind

Gary Moore – Guitar, Vocal Neil Carter – Keyboard, Guitar, Vocal
Bob Daisley – Bass Eric Singer – Drums


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