Gary Moore / Live Blues / 1DVD

Gary Moore / Live Blues / 1DVD / Non Label

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Live at the Town and Country 2, London, UK 11th November 1992 PRO-SHOT


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Best official video of Bruce era was revived in history highest quality. This work, which in 1993 became his blues video 2nd the “LIVE BLUES” was reprinted from the Japanese edition laser disk. DVD of “AN EVENING OF THE BLUES WITH GARY MOORE & MIDNIGHT BLUES BAND” of the first edition was also we look forward to great popularity, also used a treasured product of the same country collector this work, gem by the collaboration of the same overseas professional manufacturer It is the DVD of.
Here, we will be the introduction of obligatory reprint series (please skip lightly If you know of). This series is, those that DVD of the world’s highest peak quality taken all means the video works out of print. First of all, the original source is a Japanese board laser disk. Laser disc is on top of the resolution is higher planning than the video cassette, but by far the group is also in the storage stability, made in Japan was the early active in new media Among its lineup and quality was the best in the world. Moreover, not just a Japanese board. It is using is, mint quality that domestic core collector had been treasured. It had been what opened, but by using the finest quality goods that far there is no scratches, “there is that you play?”. Even when the DVD of from the mint board are elaborate elaboration. Now there is also difficult laser disc able to get the player, in partnership with foreign manufacturers that specializes in analog video in this reprint series. Digitized at high-end equipment and the studio environment of professional. The amount of information that the laser disk is encapsulated and squeeze as much as possible with the latest technology of 2016. Its ultimate quality the first time, you such a person also have a time of laser disk ” ‘s out of the player up to this point can not play beautiful”, the more that us purchase in the repeat.
This work was revived through such a stroke, just appropriate the three characters of “visual beauty”. If those who even now some of that was mentioned in one to reprint series, but I think that you know its quality, this work is wonderful over the wheel. Is natural does not even noise playback twist is also a fate of VHS. Shooting itself is of a croton is an analog era, too silky and beautiful screen is comparable even to the modern digital video. According to the hand of Gary Moore, projected clearly to stand out blood vessels, by pulling a slip of the spotlight shaft of light, that you such transcendent beauty visible to the particles. Voice versa. Perfect in the Official Sound, as well as all of the musical sound is polished, vivid vivid until the sound of scraping the strings. Fiercely to save state on it, there is no evidence that force the processing in mastering. This is a natural vivid enough good to say “master tape sound of” rather than “sound at the time.”
Even in reprint series, which boasts a history of highest quality, what is engraved in the high quality of the preeminent, of depressed deeply Gary Bruce. “AN EVENING OF THE BLUES” and the same “GARY MOORE & THE MIDNIGHT BLUES BAND” Although it is in the name of performance, there are 8, 9 performances eyes from getting to the blues style. In contrast, this work tour the last day of the further through the album “AFTER HOURS” which was Fukairi to Bruce Road. After doing two shows a simple band style to the next 1993 years, participated in the JACK BRUCE & FRIENDS → sometimes to BBM formed proceed with the walk, it is also the bottom line live in the big band style. So to speak, Gary previous work Once you have that it is rock guitarist longs to Bruce, this work is that solidified the ready to move our focus of career in blues. Confidence in the blues becomes deeply beyond compare, charm of the phrase is becoming more natural.
That the deep blues to the explosion, would be co-starring scene of the boss B.B. King. Although previous work had been played with Albert King and Albert Collins, mogul and phase in the two songs of “Since I Met You Baby” and BB of hobbyhorse “The Thrill Is Gone” of Ivory Joe Hunter is in this work Mamieru. Especially wonderful is, in “The Thrill Is Gone”, Gary exchange time to match up the guitar and “the king in the King” is, and is deep enough that no longer someone else previously. Albert King to “water it becomes wanna topped” heat that has been said is intact, the phrase of the reply that emotion to the whisper of one note. Gary was in response to respect a lot in the phrase of B.B. is going to become increasingly talkative, in turn, lead the king. While each other’s notes go tinged with heat, King …… laugh and grin. Goose bumps have all Zowazowa, spine Zokkuzoku! I just want to say that such “moment was observed in mogul,” but, it becomes cheap in those words. This is another, Toka if the lock is, is not what Toka blues. Live guitar, two dense of conversation to talk on the guitar. Although the sound is intense, even just, “play in the face” two video unique is a feeling of air each other staring at each other’s fingertips. great. Guitar playing, let alone, is the name scene in the name of the scene that you want seeing for those of all who love the guitar music.

Remains to seek the soul, Gary Moore began to walk in the world of the deeper blues. Official “longing” his blues has changed to from the “way of life” is jammed with plenty of video, it is the highest peak in the world version. Cry of guitarist, etc. any number of guitarist passion, why only the special Gary either. Why, the same song, Gary even if you play the same phrase or difference. The world’s best video of the blues sensibility to be the principal becomes naked. By all means, you also please your experience.
ブルース時代の極上オフィシャル映像が史上最高峰クオリティで蘇りました。本作は、彼のブルース映像第2弾となった1993年の『LIVE BLUES』を日本盤レーザーディスクから復刻したもの。第1弾の『AN EVENING OF THE BLUES WITH GARY MOORE & MIDNIGHT BLUES BAND』のDVD化も大好評を賜りましたが、本作も同じ国内コレクターの秘蔵品を用い、同じ海外専門メーカーのコラボレーションによる珠玉のDVD化です。
史上最高峰クオリティを誇る復刻シリーズでも、バツグンの高品質で刻まれているのは、深く踏み込んだゲイリーのブルース。『AN EVENING OF THE BLUES』と同じ“GARY MOORE & THE MIDNIGHT BLUES BAND”名義のパフォーマンスではありますが、あちらはブルース・スタイルになってから8・9公演目。それに対し、本作はさらにブルース道に深入りしたアルバム『AFTER HOURS』を経たツアーの最終日。翌1993年にはシンプルなバンドスタイルで2公演こなした後、JACK BRUCE & FRIENDSに参加→BBM結成へと歩みを進めることもあり、ビッグバンド・スタイルの総決算ライヴでもあります。言わば、前作がブルースに憧れるロックギタリストだとしたら、本作はキャリアの軸足をブルースに移す覚悟の固まったゲイリー。ブルースへの自信は比べものにならないほど深くなり、フレーズの妙味はより自然になっています。
その深いブルースが爆発するのは、御大B.B.キングとの共演シーンでしょう。前作ではアルバート・キング&アルバート・コリンズと共演していましたが、本作ではアイボリー・ジョー・ハンターの「Since I Met You Baby」とB.B.の十八番「The Thrill Is Gone」の2曲で大御所と相まみえる。特に素晴らしいのは、「The Thrill Is Gone」で、“王の中の王”とギターを付き合わせて交わすゲイリーは、以前とはもはや別人なほどに深い。アルバート・キングに「水をぶっかけたくなるね」と言われた熱さはそのままに、ワンノートの囁きにまで感情を込めたフレーズの応酬。敬意たっぷりにB.B.のフレーズに応えていたゲイリーが徐々に饒舌になっていき、今度は王をリード。互いのノートが熱を帯びていく中、ニヤッと笑うキング……。まったくもって鳥肌ゾワゾワ、背筋ゾックゾク! 「大御所に認められた瞬間」等と言いたくなるところですが、そんな言葉では安っぽくなってしまう。これはもう、ロックがどうとか、ブルースがどうとかではない。ギターに生き、ギターで語り合う2人の濃密の会話。音だけでも強烈ですが、“顔で弾く”2人が互いの指先を見つめ合う空気感が映像ならでは。凄い。ギター弾きはおろか、ギター・ミュージックを愛する総ての方にご覧頂きたい名シーン中の名シーンです。


1. Cold Day In Hell 2. Walking By Myself 3. Story Of The Blues 4. Oh Pretty Woman 5. Intro
6. Separate Ways 7. Too Tired 8. Still Got The Blues 9. Since I Met You Baby (with B.B. King)
10. The Thrill Is Gone (with B.B. King) 11. The Sky Is Crying 12. Further On Up The Road
13. King Of The Blues 14. Jumpin’ At Shadows 15. Stop Messin Around

Gary Moore – guitar, vocals Tommy Eyre – keyboards Andy Pyle – bass
Graham Walker – drums Martin Drover – trumpet Frank Mead – alto sax, harmonica
Nick Pentalow – tenor sax Nick Payn – baritone sax Candy Mackenzie – backing vocals
Carol Thompson – backing vocals

Special Guest B.B. King – Guitar, Vocal on Since I Met You Baby & The Thrill Is Gone


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