Gary Moore / Kyoto 1983 / 2CD+1Bonus CDR+1Bonus DVDR

Gary Moore / Kyoto 1983 / 2CD+1Bonus CDR+1Bonus DVDR / Zodiac
Translated Text:
Live at Kyoto Kaikan, Kyoto, Japan 27th January 1983. This Set Come With Bonus ‘Pink Pop Festival 1983’ Burgemeester Damen Sportpark, Gellen, Netherlands 23rd May 1983.


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Although it was only for a few years, it was too rich “Honey and Gary Moore” honeymoon. Among them, a special live album appears in the decision board of press 2CD.
What is so special about this work? First of all, it was the legendary first visit to Japan that the film was recorded. There were six Japanese tours in Gary’s life, but among them the first visit to Japan in 1983 was special in various ways. First of all, let’s summarize his visit to Japan in order to realize its meaning.

· January 22, 1983 – February 1 (9 shows first tour)
“May 1983: Neil Carter subscription”
· February 24th – 29th, 1984 (5 performances)
· October 8 – 17, 1985 (6 performances)
· July 13 – 17, 1987 (4 shows)
· May 6 – 13, 1989 (6 performances)
“After 21 years”
· 22 April – 28 April 2010 (5 blues performances)

As a result, the Japan Tour of 35 performances has been realized all six times. The last blues arrived in Japan, but everything else was hard rock performance. I came to Japan once for each VIRGIN five-part work from “CORRIDORS OF POWER” to “AFTER THE WAR”. Especially “Special” in 1983. Initially Gary will be the most popular ever in Japan history 9 popular explosion, popular explorer before the battle with Neib Carreter, technical ensemble, including full-time singer and so on. It was a different Japan tour than other visits to Japan.
This work is an audience album containing the performance “January 27, 1983: Kyoto Kaikan” performance of such a first visit to Japan. This live album is one more special even in the special 1983. That special is quite quality. The first visit to Japan was a popular explosion, but official / informally many records are left, but among them the highest and longest. Let’s organize the live record here.

· January 22: Shibuya Public Hall “FACING GARY”
· January 24: Tokyo Kokkin Kinenkan Official / “HEAVY KNUCKLES” ※ CD 1-2
· January 25: Tokyo Komei Kinenkaikan official
· January 26: Osaka Festival Hall “CORRIDORS OF BLOOD”
· January 27: Kyoto Kaikan 【this work】
· January 28: Fukuoka Sun Palace Hall
· January 30: Nagoya City Auditorium
· January 31: Tokyo Kokendai Kinenkan “A THING OF THE PAST” ※ CD 1-2
· February 1st: Shibuya Kōkyodo “THE DEFINITIVE END”

In this way, various live albums have appeared, with the official nameplate “ROCKIN ‘EVERY NIGHT” as the lead. As a matter of fact, this work ‘January 27: Kyoto Kaikan’ has also been known for such a great album, especially the bonus CDR ‘KYOTO 1983 TAPE MASTER’ is a superbly sounding sound ‘bathing in the honor of’ Japan performance best ‘ The name you are recording The name was recording. This work is the ultimate version of that name recording. It was not simply remastered, but it was only recently announced from “KRW_Collection”. The prestigious direct CD from the original cassette is exactly “no more” is a gem.
In fact, the sound of this work is too much to prove “the best performance in Japan”. Anyway, the musical sound which is “like a sound board” on the ground is intense, a very thick core, thick sounds, detailed detail are all top class. All notes of all instruments are powerful and beautiful from rising to muting. Although the audience’s clapping hand clapping is insisting on audiences recording, the sound quality itself is a wonderful thing to dismiss such as poor line recording. Despite the fierce ensemble that the British rock veterans gathered together, the one tone one tone does not collide with each other and it reaches beautifully, so it is already abnormal high quality for the first time.
And the superstars’ ensemble is the life of this work. The god of the protagonist centering on Gary, Ian Pace / Don Eiley / Neil Murray’s “COLOSSEUM II + DEEP PURPLE” trio comes to Gabri. Besides, this is not just a skill. I will pursue Neil Carter and “Ideal form of Hard Rockin ‘Gary” following this “Japan companion”, but here it is not only a “hard rock” but also a “clash between players” The main focus is placed. From that time it was said to be “COLOSSEUM 3”, but the ensemble organized in four, reminiscent of even the fusion era, is exploding.
In fact, in this work you can enjoy a tense feeling and a fusion little taste in rock songs, but again highlights will be “Hurricane” of real fusion! Also in the album “BACK ON THE STREETS” he was able to listen to the battle of the COLOSSEUM II team + Simon Phillips with a horrible battle, but this is a real stage featuring Ian Pays’ drum solo. When thinking at the time when it was trying to sell out with hard rock, it is unreasonable fusion competition that was cut off by the official board “ROCKIN ‘EVERY NIGHT”, but that is why it is brilliant so it is unique in 1983, because it is this member’s best song is. Of course, there are also “ROCKIN ‘EVERY NIGHT” such as “End Of The World” “Cold Hearted” “Always Gonna Love You” “Parisienne Walkways” “Do not Take Me For A Loser” “Gonna’ Break My Heart Again” “The songs that you can not listen to are heavily loaded, and in the final song” Sunset “you can listen to the MC of” Randy · Rose dedicated … … “super clearly.

“Hard Rock Gary” was also special in Japan in 1983. It is a vertex version of that vertex recording. There was not only hard rock, but also the afterglow of the fusion era and even the final point was engraved. A masterpiece of special grade at all gary’s careers. We will deliver it to you at hand over this weekend.



以上、全6回35公演のジャパンツアーが実現しました。最後のブルース来日こそ異彩だったわけですが、それ以外はすべてハードロック公演。『CORRIDORS OF POWER』から『AFTER THE WAR』までのVIRGIN五部作それぞれに一度ずつ来日しました。中でも“特にスペシャル”なのは1983年。初にしてゲイリー来日史上最多となる9公演という人気爆発ぶり、相棒ニール・カーターと出会う前のテクニカル・アンサンブル、専任シンガー入りの編成等々など。他の来日とは異なる日本ツアーだったのです。

・1月22日:渋谷公会堂  『FACING GARY』
・1月24日:東京厚生年金会館 公式/『HEAVY KNUCKLES』※CD1-2
・1月25日:東京厚生年金会館 公式
・1月26日:大阪フェスティバルホール『CORRIDORS OF BLOOD』
・1月27日:京都会館 【本作】
・1月31日:東京厚生年金会館 『A THING OF THE PAST』※CD1-2
・2月1日:渋谷公会堂  『THE DEFINITIVE END』

このように、公式の名盤『ROCKIN’ EVERY NIGHT』を筆頭に、さまざまなライヴアルバムが登場してきました。実のところ、本作の「1月27日:京都会館」も以前から素晴らしいアルバムが知られており、特にボーナスCDR『KYOTO 1983 TAPE MASTER』は極上究めるサウンドで「日本公演ベスト」の誉れに浴する名録音中の名録音だったのです。本作は、その名録音の究極バージョン。単にリマスターしたわけではなく、ごく最近になって「KRW_Collection」より発表されたもの。名門がオリジナル・カセットからダイレクトにCD化しており、まさに“これ以上はない”逸品なのです。
そして、そのスーパースター達のアンサンブルこそが本作の命。主役のゲイリーを中心にイアン・ペイス/ドン・エイリー/ニール・マーレイという「COLOSSEUM II+DEEP PURPLE」トリオがガブリ寄り。しかも、これが単に巧いだけの話ではない。この後の来日は“サポートの相棒”ニール・カーターと「ハードロッキン・ゲイリーの理想形」を追及していきますが、ここでは「ハードロック」なだけでなく「プレイヤー同士の激突」にも主眼が置かれている。当時から「COLOSSEUM 3」と言われたものですが、フュージョン時代さえも彷彿とさせる4つに組んだアンサンブルが大爆発しているのです。
実際、本作ではロックソングでもギリギリとした緊張感やフュージョンちっくな味付けが楽しめますが、やはりハイライトは本物フュージョンの「Hurricane」でしょう! アルバム『BACK ON THE STREETS』でもCOLOSSEUM IIチーム+サイモン・フィリップスで凄絶なバトルを聴かせてくれましたが、こちらはイアン・ペイスのドラムソロまでフィーチュアして本生ステージ。ハードロックで売り出そうとしていた当時を思えば、公式盤『ROCKIN’ EVERY NIGHT』でカットされたのも無理からぬフュージョン大会ですが、だからこそ鮮烈であり1983年ならでは、このメンバーだからこその最高の1曲なのです。もちろん、それ以外にも「End Of The World」「Cold Hearted」「Always Gonna Love You」「Parisienne Walkways」「Don’t Take Me For A Loser」「Gonna’ Break My Heart Again」といった『ROCKIN’ EVERY NIGHT』では聴けない曲がてんこ盛りですし、最終曲「Sunset」では「ランディ・ローズに捧げるよ……」のMCも超クリアに聴けるのです。


Disc 1(43:19)
1. Majestuso E Virtuoso 2. End Of The World 3. Wishing Well 4. Rockin’ Every Night
5. Guitar Solo 6. Cold Hearted 7. Nuclear Attack 8. I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow

Disc 2(57:00)
1. Always Gonna Love You 2. Hurricane incl. Drum Solo 3. White Knuckles
4. Rockin’ And Rollin’ 5. Back On The Streets 6. Parisienne Walkways 7. Don’t Take Me For A Loser
8. Majestuso E Virtuoso(reprise) 9. Gonna’ Break My Heart Again
10 Sunset (Dedicated to Randy Rhoads)

Gary Moore – Guitar, Vocal Ian Paice – Drums Neil Murray – Bass Don Airey – Keyboards
John Sloman – Vocal, Keyboards


Bonus DVDR
Gar Moore / Pink Pop Festival 1983 / 1Bonus CDR +1Bonus DVDR / Non Label
Burgemeester Damen Sportpark, Geleen, Netherlands 23rd May 1983 SBD/PRO-SHOT


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It is the best record “KYOTO 1983” that Gary Moore’s “hard rock” and “fusion” intersect with each other as the first record of the first visit to Japan. To that bonus we will present two pairs of representative sound board & pro shots set immediately after the first visit to Japan.
That “the representative sound board & pro shot” is the same show both. It is “PINK POP FESTIVAL 1983” which was done at “Sittethe Lane May 23, 1983”. Disk 1 is a 2-tiered set of radio-broadcasted FM sound sources (8 songs: 56 minutes) and disc 2 plays pro shots (2 songs plus interview: 15 minutes) telecasted on disc 2.
It is a classic sound source & video that has been introduced in various shapes from the past, but this work is its latest and the highest peak version. The FM sound source of Disk 1 is the special grade board announced as “Krw_Co Collection” as well as the main press 2CD and the Pro 2 shot of Disk 2 is the highest sound quality & picture quality master of the past.
The biggest taste of this work is to make it possible to taste the super ensemble by the star lineup by sound board & pro shot. This is exhausted. As a matter of fact, Gary ‘s early solo has a small member change and it is slightly different from the Japanese performance here as well. Because it is a good opportunity, let’s organize the transfiguration of the early stages.

“May 1982:” CORRIDORS OF POWER “completed”
· August 1982: UK (4 shows)
(LINE UP A: Tommy Aiah + Charlie Hahn)
“September 1982:” CORRIDORS OF POWER “released”
· November 1982 – January 1983: UK + Germany (16 performances)
· January 1983 – February: Japan (9 performances) ← Main press 2CD
(LINE UP B: Don Eiley + John Sluman)
· March 1983 – May: Europe (9 performances) ← 【this work】
(LINE UP C: Don Eile)
“May 1983: joining Aibo Neil Carter”
※ Note: All of the above rhythm corps are Neil Murray & Ian Pace

This is a summary of the VIRGIN re-debut to the encounter with Aibo Neil Carter. “Hard Rockin ‘Gary” The biggest turning point is Aibo Carter in any way, multiplayer he is a big success in all keyboards, guitar, vocals. After his subscription, “Gary Moore” individuals stood out and became a system where Carter assisted the one who can not do it alone. In contrast, “before Carter” is the main axis where star players scatter sparks. Which is not good / bad, but as mentioned above, “Carter Prior” has only 38 performances, it is a special time that maniacs stick to.
Such “before Carter”, but there is also a fine transition there. Rhythm corps are fixed to Pace & Murray, but keyboards and singers change. Full-time singer after the main performance of Japanese press of 2CD Press: John Sloeman is gone, it is a fine day and Gary Moore has just started to be a singer. However, again, the liver of this work clashes the instrumental team more than singing enough. Even in this work, the fusion number “Hurricane” will be showcased and you can enjoy that death ensemble with line sound.

Gary Moore / Don Eiley / Neil Murray. A super band where Ian Pais also joined this COLOSSEUM II trio. It is a masterpiece set that strikes its terrible with sound board & pro shot. Please, enjoy with the main press press 2CD altogether!
初来日の頂上録音にして、ゲイリー・ムーアの“ハードロック”と“フュージョン”が交錯する最高盤『KYOTO 1983』。そのボーナスには、初来日直後の代表サウンドボード&プロショットをセットした2枚組をお贈りします。
その“代表サウンドボード&プロショット”とは、どちらも同じショウ。「1983年5月23日シッタートヘレーン」で行われた“PINK POP FESTIVAL 1983”です。ディスク1にはラジオ放送されたFM音源(8曲:56分)を、ディスク2にはテレビ放送されたプロショット(2曲+インタビュー:15分)を配した2枚組なのです。
以前からさまざまなカタチで紹介されてきた定番音源&映像ですが、本作はその最新にして最高峰版。ディスク1のFM音源は本編プレス2CDと同じく「Krw_Co Collection」として発表された特級盤ですし、ディスク2のプロショットも過去最高音質&画質マスターです。

《1982年5月:『CORRIDORS OF POWER』完成》
(LINE UP A:トミー・アイアー+チャーリー・ハーン)
《1982年9月:『CORRIDORS OF POWER』発売》
・1983年1月-2月:日本(9公演) ←本編プレス2CD
(LINE UP B:ドン・エイリー+ジョン・スローマン)
・1983年3月-5月:欧州(9公演) ←【本作】
(LINE UP C:ドン・エイリー)


ゲイリー・ムーア/ドン・エイリー/ニール・マーレイ。このCOLOSSEUM IIトリオにイアン・ペイスまでもが加わったスーパー・バンド。その凄味をサウンドボード&プロショットで叩きつける傑作セットです。どうぞ、本編プレス2CDと共に存分にお楽しみください!
1. Interview 2. Cold Hearted 3. Nuclear Attack

Gary Moore – Guitar, Vocal Ian Paice – Drums Neil Murray – Bass Don Airey – Keyboards


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