Gary Moore / Fire Beat / 4CDR

Gary Moore / Fire Beat / 4CDR /Shades

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Live At Academy, Manchester, UK 22nd October 1999 & Live At City Hall, Newcastle, UK 26th October 1999.

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From the fall of 1999 in the UK tour due to “A DIFFERENT BEAT” release of Gary Moore, full debut to become ultra-high-quality audience recording, is the release of fan startle become two shows set! By the same taper as the current is simultaneous release “MONSTERS OF ROCK TAPES”, where this work the original DAT master that are not floating around was also direct use of the world, enjoy unwind during their pattern of rare ’99 tour with realistic sound receive!

Years of “BLUES FOR GREENY” after the release 1995, Gary was stated that “the next album is not a blues album”, was to suggest a challenge to the new direction. The verbatim, in was announced in 1997, “DARK DAYS IN PARADISE”, Gary hit the spot in the music itself and the vocal rather than in their own guitar, a further incorporating the rhythm and technology that was prevalent at that time sound such as deployment, was allowed to abuzz fans by presenting works that subvert the Gary image as a conventional guitarist.
But returned to the contents of the “A DIFFERENT BEAT” in guitar center was announced in 1999, two years after the adoption of epidemic technology was promoted further. Modern beats and driving-based experimental and bold style music took of a fan after Bruce turning not only the fan from the hard rock era, such as doubt the ear for a moment as a “really Gary work of art?” , it has resulted in a strong impact.
United Kingdom tour with the album release was started from Wolverhampton performance of October 19, but the live recordings of this tour was not almost released from the evaluation to the album. Speaking of things that can be verified, referred to as “THE BLUES IS STARTING POINT”, in much the item that appeared long ago, this was also a show of the ’00 tour. This work that appeared this time in live, especially hit early as those of “A DIFFERENT BEAT” tour, the live perhaps unknown will try ’99 autumn towards the avid fan, either press CD release even possible ultra-line package in class of superb sound quality!

To the disk 1 and 2, of 3 performances eyes from the UK tour started and is recorded October 22, Manchester concert ’99. Cheers audience is given from the opening intro and exudes a sense of realism of the best, further spread of clear outlook and natural sound, “Walking By Myself” began the moment, is to convince the outstanding high-quality sound to listeners award. Missing a good treble and rich bass, is also the highest instrument of separate, such like a line sound source. Gary guitar approach in fat thick sound is different from the mechanical impression of the album, is as it is the sound of blues routes that feel the unique warmth. The third song after grabbing the audience with the “Walking By Myself”, “Oh Pretty Woman” is was choice from the new “Lost In Your Love”. Kyokuso the melodious song is intertwined in a tough beat in the “A DIFFERENT BEAT” Above all featured one song, the second half of the slick and hard guitar solo is the name of a scene that reminds me of the ’80s. In this solo will be a lot of fans are fascinated. “BLUES FOR GREENY” from the choice as “Need Your Love So Bad,” “I Loved Another Woman” is wonderful also support Dallin Mooney of Vic Martin and drum of the keyboard, a warm deep-pocketed excellent mood and atmosphere you can enjoy. Along with “Still Got The Blues” of the disk 1 last, these are great listening stations also in this Sakuchu!
Although the disc 2 is what “Fire” at the beginning compact, “The Sky Is Crying” and later approaching across the board 10 minutes enthusiastic performance continued, both of which are featured in response to hear Gary guitar unbearable. Pathos of up to crazy with the glossy guitar to listen in “Parisienne Walkways” of the last, with the clear superb sound quality at realistic, will keep you taste the excitement of the best among the same song live take that number! The sound source is recorded about two minutes the state of the venue even after the live end. While surrender to the buzz of the outro and the audience is in this scene, please enjoy the best finish!

To enjoy in the disk 3 and 4 is a pattern of Newcastle City Hall concert of October 26, which corresponds to the tour 5 performances eyes. Atmosphere of the set list and playing does not change with the Manchester concert, but in a dynamic acoustic charm feel the scale of the venue here, also bass like sounds to thunk and the belly is very powerful. Personality is different from the sound of Manchester performances there was a sense of unity, recording filled with great sense of scale is a great word.
From the familiar intro, Gary is the very beginning shout “You Know!”, “Walking By Myself” is, there is a realistic three-dimensional feeling like they like listening in the live venue. Big sound envelops the listeners in the spacey spread along with the “Lost In Your Love”, the sound source is a barrage of take want you to also listen to the fans of the ’80s only unfamiliar with Moore of the blues.
Sound with a thickness and weight feeling brings out a deeper full-bodied blues number, of the ’90s classic “Since I Met You Baby” and “All Your Love” is also served in the likely to illusion and the official sound workmanship. This was sandwiched between the two song “Surrender” is a new song from “A DIFFERENT BEAT”, mellow mood of the song deployed in even without the discomfort along with jazz standard, Gary unique for 10 minutes melody and the cry you can listen to. Live the second half also best glue and groove to swing in the “Too Tired” and “Further On Up The Road”, “The Blues Is Alright” is paid out, fun bright mood will continue involving the entire venue. If you listen to easy people to this image of a “crying” and “darkness” to the blues, surprise to the bright atmosphere until the surprising of the stage and the venue, the “seemingly original blues and fun”, its recognition would that change the. Over a period of about 2 hours to live is greet the finale in the “Parisienne Walkways”, you can abandon enjoy the charm of Gary play and blues!

This man who was shunned Gary of the times it seems that many, also Gary is off his seems guitar sound and play in either of the sound source, that has been put clearly the distinction of experimental album and live I would know. Also just two valuable ’99 live even, further this work was the document in high-quality sound of agony level, if the fans are interested in Gary history even a little, you affirm that it is a sound source of the absolute must listen! Exactly “Seeing is believing”, such as in the form of, a fan must-have board to recommend with confidence. In this the finest live to please your ears, I would like confirm it for yourself!

ゲイリー・ムーアの「A DIFFERENT BEAT」リリースに伴う1999年秋のイギリス・ツアーから、完全初登場となる超高音質オーディエンス録音が、2公演セットになってファン驚愕のリリースです! 今回同時リリースされる「MONSTERS OF ROCK TAPES」と同じテーパーによる、世界のどこにも出回っていないオリジナルDATマスターをダイレクト使用した本作品は、レアな’99年ツアーの模様をリアルなサウンドで思う存分お楽しみいただけます!

1995年の「BLUES FOR GREENY」リリース後、ゲイリーは「次作はブルース・アルバムにはならない」と明言し、新たな方向性へのチャレンジをうかがわせました。その言葉どおり、’97年に発表された「DARK DAYS IN PARADISE」において、ゲイリーは自身のギターではなく曲そのものやヴォーカルにスポットを当て、さらには当時流行していたリズムやテクノロジーを盛り込んだサウンドを展開するなど、従来のギタリストとしてのゲイリー像を覆す作品を提示してファンを騒然とさせました。
2年後の’99年に発表した「A DIFFERENT BEAT」ではギター中心の内容に戻ったものの、流行テクノロジーの採用はさらに推し進められました。モダンなビートや打ち込み系の楽曲が並んだ実験的かつ大胆な作風は、ハードロック時代からのファンだけでなくブルース転向後のファンも、「本当にゲイリーの作品か?」と一瞬耳を疑うような、強烈なインパクトをもたらしました。
アルバムリリースに伴うイギリスツアーは10月19日のウォルバーハンプトン公演からスタートしましたが、アルバムへの評価から本ツアーのライヴ音源はほとんどリリースされていませんでした。確認できるものと言えば、「THE BLUES IS STARTING POINT」という、ずっと以前に登場したアイテムくらいで、これも’00年ツアーにおいてのショウでした。今回登場する本作は「A DIFFERENT BEAT」ツアーのものとしては特に初期に当たるライヴで、熱心なファンの方もおそらく未知であろう’99年秋のライヴを、いずれもプレスCDリリースさえ可能な超ライン級の極上音質でパッケージしています!

ディスク1と2へは、イギリスツアー開始から3公演目の、’99年10月22日・マンチェスター公演を収録しています。オープニングイントロからオーディエンスが挙げる歓声が極上の臨場感をかもし出しており、さらにクリアな見通しとナチュラルな音の広がりは、「Walking By Myself」が始まった瞬間、聴き手に抜群の高音質を確信させるでしょう。抜けの良い高音と豊かな低音、まるでライン音源のような楽器のセパレートも最高です。ファットなぶ厚い音で迫るゲイリーのギターはアルバムの機械的な印象とは異なり、独特の温みを感じさせたブルース路線での音色そのままです。「Walking By Myself」と「Oh Pretty Woman」で観客を掴んだ後の3曲目は、新作からチョイスされた「Lost In Your Love」です。タフなビートにメロディアスな歌が絡み合う曲想は「A DIFFERENT BEAT」中でも秀逸な一曲で、後半の流麗かつハードなギターソロは’80年代を思い出させる名場面です。このソロでは多くのファンが魅了される事でしょう。「BLUES FOR GREENY」からチョイスされた「Need Your Love So Bad」と「I Loved Another Woman」はキーボードのヴィク・マーティンやドラムのダリン・ムーニィのサポートも素晴らしく、温かで懐の深い絶品のムードと雰囲気を楽しめます。ディスク1ラストの「Still Got The Blues」と並んで、これらは本作中でも大きな聴き所です!
ディスク2は冒頭の「Fire」こそコンパクトなものの、「The Sky Is Crying」以降は軒並み10分に迫る熱演が続き、いずれもゲイリーのギターが堪らない聴き応えでフィーチャーされています。ラストの「Parisienne Walkways」で聴ける艶やかなギターと狂おしいまでの情念は、リアルでクリアな極上音質を得て、数ある同曲ライヴテイクの中でも屈指の感動を味わわせてくれるでしょう! 本音源はライヴ終了後も会場の様子を2分間ほど記録しています。この場面ではアウトロと観客のざわめきに身を委ねながら、最高の余韻をお楽しみください!

おなじみのイントロから、ゲイリーが開口一番「You Know!」と叫ぶ「Walking By Myself」は、まるで自分がライヴ会場で聴いているようなリアルな立体感があります。ビッグな音響がスペーシーな広がりで聴き手を包み込む「Lost In Your Love」と共に、本音源はブルースのムーアをよく知らない’80年代オンリーのファンにも聴いて欲しいテイクの連発です。
厚みと重量感のあるサウンドはブルースナンバーをより深いコクで引き立て、’90年代の定番「Since I Met You Baby」や「All Your Love」も、オフィシャル音源と錯覚しそうな出来栄えで楽しめます。この両曲に挟まれた「Surrender」は「A DIFFERENT BEAT」からの新曲ですが、メロウでムードたっぷりの曲展開はスタンダード・ナンバーと並んでも違和感が無く、10分にわたりゲイリーならではのメロディと泣きを聴くことができます。ライヴ後半も「Too Tired」や「Further On Up The Road」・「The Blues Is Alright」でスウィングする最高のノリとグルーヴが繰り出され、明るく楽しいムードが会場全体を巻き込んでいきます。ブルースに対して「泣き」や「暗さ」をイメージしやすい人がこれを聴けば、ステージと会場の意外なまでに明るい雰囲気に驚き、「ブルースとは本来楽しいものなのか」と、その認識を改める事でしょう。「Parisienne Walkways」でライヴが大団円を迎えるまで約2時間にわたって、ゲイリーのプレイとブルースの魅力を思い切りご堪能いただけます!


Live at Academy, Manchester, UK 22nd October 1999

Disc 1
1. Intro. 2. Walking By Myself 3. Oh Pretty Woman 4. Lost In Your Love 5. Need Your Love So Bad
6. I Loved Another Woman 7. Since I Met You Baby 8. Surrender 9. Tore Down 10. All Your Love
11. Still Got The Blues

Disc 2
1. Fire 2. Too Tired 3. The Sky Is Crying 4. Further On Up The Road 5. The Blues Is Alright
6. Parisienne Walkways

Live at City Hall, Newcastle, UK 26th October 1999

Disc 3
1. Intro. 2. Walking By Myself 3. Oh Pretty Woman 4. Lost In Your Love 5. Need Your Love So Bad
6. I Loved Another Woman 7. Since I Met You Baby 8. Surrender 9. Tore Down 10. All Your Love
11. Still Got The Blues

Disc 4
1. Fire 2. Too Tired 3. The Sky Is Crying 4. Further On Up The Road 5. The Blues Is Alright
6. Parisienne Walkways

Gary Moore – Guitar, Vocal Pete Rees – Bass Vic Martin – Keyboards
Darrin Mooney – Drums

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