Gary Moore / Fighting For Germany / 2CD

Gary Moore / Fighting For Germany / 2CD / Zodiac

Translated Text:
Live at Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart, Germany 19th April 1989


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Live that contains the last glow of “hard Rockin ‘Gary” was revived in the press 2CD! Contrary to the bigoted image, Gary Moore went continue changing the music over the lifetime. Brightly shining was fusion era as a guitarist, his blues era of the most successful in life, when you prominence thoughts on technology era …… such his life that was me fascinated with graceful melody, our mind of figure that floats first and foremost, the still or will not “Gary as a hard rocker”. However, emergency when overlooking it tries to listen to was “HR era of bottom line” “AFTER THE WAR” tour, line comprises only incomplete professional shot to show strangely hard play in the very early Belfast performances. The “bottom line” or more is, to require Fururaivu of absolutely his real exercise, official, let alone I do not even sound board. I have become involuntarily long prelude. Let’s introduce the super audience to heal this irritation, it is “FIGHTING FOR GERMANY”!
Will be some people that come with the pin in this title. So, this work that contains the “April 19, 1989 Stuttgart performance” is the dough masterpiece of press board that was released from POWER GATE in 2007. “AFTER THE WAR” tour I wonderful audience album there are many, but the most masterpiece recording in masterpiece name rises Lee among them. Moreover, this is the final performance of the last tour hard rock era. Genuine, I Tagiru burning hard Rockin “last Gary” is vacuum-packed!
The monumental concert, this time again remastered from the original tapes. “Also line sources escape barefoot” from conventional but was the best sound quality that was said, until slightly had noise also completely repair, it was revived in the ultimate specification in order to embody the “hard Rockin ‘Gary vertex of” . Profound to thunderous sound even “Dunluce” of opening SE is correctly Pikkapika. Such as “perfect super sound in Ultra-clear” and Although it is likely to think you go side by side katakana and head is bad, there is no choice but to say even To so. Once you have this sound before, Nde myself will become the HR fool while longer grinning is not suppressed grinded!
Excuse me. I would have a little excitement. Although this at the time had been introduced bold Irish melody among the hard rock era, full of its beauty is sparkling such clarity sound. Rhythm of Bob Daisley & Chris Slade (comparable to Cozy Powell & Neil Murray!) Is also a clear, buddy Neil Carter to support Gary in all aspects down pat. The recording obtained in shield zero environment Will no doubt, but it just enough description is not attached, is no extraordinary grain Standing of every sound. Den in such! Put a major role as, of course boss Gary. Even one shot one shot of machine gun that is fire to push aside all the sound also is beautiful …… Oh, and shoot more! Struck me! …… Often, sorry. I do not mean that playfully, but in each note is pleasure of really fast playing, it’s the sound that will want to continue to play forever.
Of course, not be a fool to do this in sound quality only. Live itself is also best condition. Perhaps because of the final performance, playing to playing unusually, Gary cry to cry. In particular has been extended to 12 minutes or more “Military Man” solo of must listen. And to basically start from the same melody as the studio, Nechikkoku Nechikkoku crowded play, also 20 seconds long choking! Still do not end, of improvisers’s “This day only solo” is endlessly continued, boil the customer that phrase in one by one catchy. At all, this person was gone ………… will do what a improvisation machine that, Kasanegasane ……… stopped the brain to long tones cry foot I’m really sorry.
Not only guitar, vocals also includes a somewhat hoarse component than the studio album, even cool in the wild. What has been pulled in the leading role, whether it does not know is pulling up the leading role, other members are also extremely riding tone. “Best member of Gary band” but is where you break the opinion, lineup of this work is also one of the surely candidate. Especially stalwart Chris Slade of the UK rock world, it only even be chosen to truly AC / DC. The puppet groove that draw the charm of the song to the fullest, sandwiching the original Okaz that witty. I’m writing while listening, but also the power hitter of the side and me E feel the difference of case.
Because it is full recording, it is not hear a professional shot of Belfast performances “Shapes Of Things,” “Wild Frontier,” “Rockin ‘Every Night” plenty to “All Messed Up”. A little in a VAN HALEN tone “This Thing Called Love”, you can enjoy even until one side is the playful “trendy also of love”. Exactly 2 Disc that I and worthy of “hard rock bottom line.” And because so much I was doing a concert of, “another hard rock is exhausted spear” No wonder even if I think it is ….
At the end of this work, has been added bonus track seven songs sound board from Belfast performances which have been touched often. Press 2CD crammed tightly the taste of “hard Rockin ‘Gary”. Profusely masterpieces live album in masterpiece tempted screaming along with the good crowd of rhythm, by all means to your collection!

“ハードロッキン・ゲイリー”の最後の輝きを収めたライヴがプレス2CDで甦りました! 頑固一徹なイメージとは裏腹に、生涯に渡って音楽性を変え続けていったゲイリー・ムーア。ギタリストとして目映く輝いたフュージョン時代、彼の人生でもっとも成功を収めたブルース時代、たおやかなメロディで魅了してくれたテクノロジー時代……そんな彼の人生に想いを馳せたとき、私たちの脳裏に真っ先に浮かぶ姿は、やはり“ハードロッカーとしてのゲイリー”ではないでしょうか。しかし、いざ“HR時代の総決算”であった「AFTER THE WAR」ツアーを聴こうと見渡すと、ライン物は極初期ベルファスト公演で妙に硬い演奏を見せる不完全プロショットだけ。“総決算”である以上、どうしても本領発揮のフルライヴが必要なのに、オフィシャルはおろか、サウンドボードもないのです。思わず前置き長くなってしまいました。こんな苛立ちを癒してくれるスーパー・オーディエンスをご紹介しましょう、「FIGHTING FOR GERMANY」です!

このタイトルにピンと来られる方もいらっしゃることでしょう。そう、「1989年4月19日シュツットガルト公演」を収めた本作は、2007年にPOWER GATEからリリースされた同名作のプレス盤なのです。「AFTER THE WAR」ツアーは素晴らしいオーディエンス・アルバムが多いのですが、その中でもイの一番に名前が挙がる傑作中の傑作録音。しかも、これはハードロック時代最後のツアーの最終公演。正真正銘、ハードロッキンに燃えたぎる“最後のゲイリー”が真空パックされているのです!
すみません。少々興奮してしまいました。この当時はハードロック時代の中でもアイリッシュ・メロディを大胆に導入していましたが、その美しさがキラキラと輝くような透明感あふれるサウンド。ボブ・デイズリー&クリス・スレイドのリズム隊(コージー・パウエル&ニール・マーレイにも匹敵する!)も鮮明で、すべての面でゲイリーを支える相棒ニール・カーターもばっちり。遮蔽物ゼロの環境で録られたのは間違いないのでしょうが、それだけでは説明が付かないほど、あらゆる音のつぶ立ちが尋常ではないのです。そんな中でデン!と主役を張るのは、もちろん御大ゲイリー。すべての音をかき分けるように連射されるマシンガンの一発一発さえもが美しい……あぁ、もっと撃って! 撃ち殺して! ……度々、申し訳ありません。ふざけているわけではないのですが、本当に速弾きの1音1音が快感で、永遠に弾き続けて欲しくなるサウンドなのです。
もちろん、音質だけではこうまでバカにはなりません。ライヴそのものも絶好調。最終公演のせいか、いつになく弾きに弾き、泣きに泣くゲイリー。特に12分以上に伸長された「Military Man」のソロは必聴。基本的にスタジオと同じメロディから始まるのに、ねちっこくねちっこく弾き込み、20秒ものロングチョーキング! それでも終わらず、インプロヴァイズの“この日だけのソロ”が延々と続き、そのフレーズがいちいちキャッチーで客を湧かす。まったく、この人はなんというインプロ・マシンなんでしょ…………しまった、ふっと泣くロングトーンに脳が止まって………重ね重ね、本当にすみません。
フル収録ですから、ベルファスト公演のプロショットでは聴けない「Shapes Of Things」「Wild Frontier」「Rockin’ Every Night」「All Messed Up」までたっぷり。ちょっとVAN HALEN調な「This Thing Called Love」で、お茶目な“流行りもの好き”の一面までもが味わえる。まさに「ハードロック総決算」に相応しい2枚組なのです。これほどのコンサートをやったのですから、「もうハードロックはやり尽くした」と思ってしまっても無理はない……。

Disc 1(73:18)
1. Dunluce 2. After The War 3. Shapes Of Things 4. Wild Frontier 5. This Thing Called Love
6. Military Man 7. So Far Away 8. Empty Rooms 9. Blood Of Emeralds 10. Out In The Fields
11. Over The Hills And Far Away

Disc 2(75:30)
1. Rockin’ Every Night 2. All Messed Up 3. Johnny Boy 4. Parisienne Walkways

Bonus Tracks
Live at Kings Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland 9th March 1989

5. So Far Away 6. Empty Rooms 7. Blood Of Emeralds 8. Out In The Fields
9. Over The Hills And Far Away 10. Johnny Boy 11. Parisienne Walkways

Gary Moore – Guitar & Vocal Bob Daisley – Bass Neil Carter – Keyboard, Guitar & Vocal
Chris Slade – Drums


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