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Kanda Kyoritsu Kodo, Tokyo, Japan 30th April 1971 & Korakuen Stadium, Tokyo , Japan 22nd July 1972

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Glory FREE disappeared in foam while listening to the best of British blues rock. A traditional narrative album that continued to convey its first visit to Japan is a gift release decision.
“They only stepped into Japan in 2 or 4 performances. All of them are legendary, but in particular the first visit to Japan in 1971 was too deep and too rich. In the era when LED ZEPPELIN and DEEP PURPLE were phantoms of the sea, the “original four” came together with the late Paul Kozov and Andy Fraser. And the end of the climax. They experienced the first dismantling during the tour in May 1971, but the first visit to Japan was realized at the end of April, just before that. At that time they were 20 years old on average, and Andy was 18 years old. One year, one performance per performance, and reached the peak of the depth that was improving.
This work is a famous recording that has been performed on the first day “April 30, 1971: Kyoritsu Auditorium” on the first day of such a legend. This is a digital version of the IMP label’s vintage LP “LIVE!”. This LP also includes the second visit to Japan in 1972 as a bonus. First of all, let’s check the contents of the concert schedule which was only 4 performances.

● 1971
・ April 30: Kyoritsu Auditorium [This work 1-9] ・ May 1: Sankei Hall
● 1972
・ July 22: Korakuen Stadium [This work 10-12] ・ July 24: Koshien Stadium

…… and it looks like this. The legendary 1972, which was the forerunner of EL & P, is also a legend, but the main thing is the first visit to Japan. First of all, the rich vintage sound is amazing. The standard at the time was an unprecedented audience recording, the ugly core delivered straight, and the details were vivid. The analog board alone is more resistant to aging than tape, and not only Paul Rogers’ vocals, heavy Simon Kirk’s drums, often singing Andy’s bassline, and Kosov’s guitars are clear. It is a sound that can be said to be miraculous in times when the audience recording of the outer sauce is precious.
And the show itself is overwhelming. It’s almost the same time as the official masterpiece “LIVE!”, But there are plenty of “The Stealer”, “Heavy Load”, “The Highway Song”, and “My Brother Jake” that you couldn’t listen to. But more than that, the performance of the young original FREE itself. Anyway it ’s hot and deep. The soul is full of each sound, but Kosov is exceptional. In spite of its extremely simple phrase, the powerful sound born from the thick chord is praised by a vigorous choking and crying deeply in a vivirate. Moreover, the tone is exquisite. It’s really powerful, but its ringing is glossy and sexy. There are countless individual guitarists who can tell who is in one note in British rock, but there is no other guitarist who can tell so much in just one note. The deep and deep guitar was shaking the air in Japan. Moreover, this work is also a recording that conveys such subtlety neatly.
Included after the first visit to Japan was an audience recording of the “July 22, 1972: Korakuen Stadium” performance that came to Japan as the opening seat of EL & P. Although there are only three songs “Lady”, “Seven Angels” and “Honky Tonk Women”, this is also a great recording with zero clear response unique to outdoor venues.
After the dissolution and reunion, Andy and Kozov left, and Tetsu Yamauchi and Rabbit joined. The guitar was a four-person trip to Rogers. At that time, Kirk was in poor physical condition and lacked rehabilitation, so it cannot be compared with the deep performance of the first visit to Japan, but the young Rogers singing voice is still wonderful. While going to the space of Korakuen, it is thick and has a deep blues feel. This is also a legendary real-world document.

Miracle’s first visit to Japan, the second famous EL & P legend. This is a reprint of the masterpiece vintage LP that has handed down the FREE scene. For Japan, this sound was FREE … One of the mellowness that overflows from the speakers. Please enjoy this opportunity.

Live at Kanda Kyoritsu Kodo, Tokyo, Japan 30th April 1971

彼らが日本の地を踏んだのは2回・4公演だけでした。そのすべてが伝説的ですが、特に1971年の初来日はあまりにも深く、あまりにも芳醇だった。LED ZEPPELINもDEEP PURPLEも海の彼方の幻だった時代に、故ポール・コゾフとアンディ・フレイザーも揃った“オリジナルの4人”がやってきた。しかも、絶頂の最後。彼らは1971年5月のツアー中に最初の解体を経験するわけですが、初来日が実現したのは、その直前となる4月末。当時の彼らは平均20歳で、アンディに至っては18歳。1年、1公演ずつ経験を積み、練度を上げていった深みのピークに達していたわけです。

・4月30日:共立講堂 【本作1-9】
・7月22日:後楽園球場 【本作10-12】

そして、圧倒的なのはショウそのもの。オフィシャルの大名盤『LIVE!』にも近い時期なのですが、そこでも聴けなかった「The Stealer」「Heavy Load」「The Highway Song」「My Brother Jake」もたっぷりと披露する。しかし、それ以上なのが若きオリジナルFREEの演奏そのもの。とにかく熱く、深い。1音1音に魂がこもるのですが、やはり格別なのはコゾフ。極めてシンプルなフレーズながら、極太弦から生まれるド迫力サウンドが豪快なチョーキングで吠え、深いヴィヴラートで咽び泣く。しかもトーンが絶品。実にパワフルなのに、鳴りが艶やかでセクシー。英国ロックには1音で誰だか分かる個性派ギタリストが無数にいますが、たった1音にここまで多くを語らせるギタリストはコゾフを置いて他にいない。その深い深いギターが日本の空気を震わせていた……その現実に(今さらながら)戦慄が走る。しかも、本作はそんな機微を端正に伝えてくれる録音でもあるのです。
そんな初来日に続いて収録されているのは、EL&Pの前座として来日した「1972年7月22日:後楽園球場」公演のオーディエンス録音。「Lady」「Seven Angels」「Honky Tonk Women」の3曲だけではありますが、こちらも野外会場ならではの反響ゼロのクリアさが素晴らしい名録音です。


Live at Kanda Kyoritsu Kodo, Tokyo, Japan 30th April 1971

1. Fire and Water 2. The Stealer 3. I’m A Mover 4. Be My Friend 5. All Right Now
6. Heavy Load 7. The Highway Song 8. My Brother Jake 9. Soon I Will Be Gone

Live at Korakuen Stadium, Tokyo, Japan 22nd July 1972

10. Lady 11. Seven Angels 12. Honky Tonk Women


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