Free / Santa Monica 1971 / 2CD

Free / Santa Monica 1971 / 2CD / Wardour
Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA, USA 22nd January 1971 & Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, USA 16th January 1971. SBD

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FREE, a miracle band in which four young people with an average age of 20 embodied the ideal of blues rock. Its legendary name recording is the highest peak and has appeared on the permanent preservation press 2CD.
There are 2 performances in this work. It is a two-disc set with the super-famous soundboard recording of “January 22, 1971 Santa Monica” on Disc 1 and the finest audience recording of “January 16, San Francisco” on Disc 2. The person who thought “That?” Is sharp. It is very similar to “SAN FRANCISCO 1971”, which once appeared on the Masterport label and became very popular. However, this work is neither a re-press of that Daimyo board nor a remaster. It’s a similar upgrade board. Let’s take a closer look at each.

[DISC 1: FM sound board of Santa Monica performance] First, the FM sound board recording of “January 22, 1971 Santa Monica performance” will appear. This sound board has long been a classic recording that has symbolized FREE before being disassembled in the air, and has been producing a number of existing hits. It was also recorded on the Masterport board, but this work is different. It is a new master recently announced by the prestigious excavation “Krw_co”. After all, it is different from the length. Although it is CD-ized directly from the analog master of FM broadcasting, DJ and announcements that were cut and could not be heard on the Masterport board are also recorded. The master is longer and closer to the truth of broadcasting. Moreover, this work is mastering the “Krw_co” master. Of course, the pitch and noise are carefully corrected while making the best use of the original sound, without making money to pollute the new excavated sound. As a matter of fact, it is the same as the previous ones that the songs and “I’m A Mover” come out, and that there is a (slight) cut in the middle of “Mr. Big”. Processed so that you can listen to it naturally. While respecting historical values, we have improved the “dignity” and “completeness” as a music work.
The brilliant blues rock that was born in Britain is drawn with such a finest sound. I think that the content is well known only by the large classic, but it is also a good opportunity, so let’s organize the set.

● TONS OF SOBS (2 songs)
・ I ’m A Mover / The Hunter
● FIRE AND WATER (5 songs)
・ All Right Now / Fire And Water / Mr. Big
・ Songs you can’t listen to on FREE LIVE !: Don’t Say You Love Me / Heavy Load
● HIGHWAY (5 songs)
・ Be My Friend / Ride On Pony
・ Songs that cannot be heard on FREE LIVE !: The Stealer / The Highway Song / Soon I Will Be Gone
● Other (3 songs)
・ Woman “FREE”
・ Songs you can’t listen to on FREE LIVE !: My Brother Jake / Rock Me Baby

… and it looks like this. In addition to enriching the essence from the four original works, there are also 7 famous songs that cannot be heard on the traditional official edition “FREE LIVE!”. All of them are precious, but especially “Don’t Say You Love Me”, “Heavy Load”, “The Highway Song” are not played in the later BAD COMPANY or Paul Rogers solos. You can listen to it on the sound board.
Of course, the other towns also have a deep and dense blues rock Utopia. It’s more fresh than “FREE LIVE!” You can feel the enthusiasm cultivated by layering one song at a time, and the mellow blues dripping deepens. Often, “FREE LIVE!” Is often described as “FREE also works as the best board”, but this work is more than that name board in terms of number of songs and freshness.

[DISC 2: Recording of related personnel at Fillmore West] Following the highest peak of the traditional sound board, Masterport’s “SAN FRANCISCO 1971” first appeared, and the best audience recording that shocked the world. It was a shocking thing just as the first appearance sound source of FREE, but the horizon where this recording stands was not such a thing. Anyway, the quality was too great. Recorded by a Japanese staff of a record company at the time for the purpose of recording, a direct CD from the original cassette. Especially amazing is Andy Fraser’s bass. It is clearly closer than the other three people, and the thick and on-core is brilliantly powerful, with a mellow groove and a melody full of singing in the ears. Of course, the other three people on the thick base must listen. Perhaps it is a party seat, but the clearness that cuts through a fat base stands out and the subtlety can be tasted firmly. Although it is a short 30-minute recording, its density surpasses even the sound board recording of Disc 1, and you can also enjoy “Songs Of Yesterday” that you could not hear at Santa Monica performances.
It ’s a long time, but this is just a story about the Masterport board. In this work, it is digitized again from the original cassette and further mastering. Rather than just leveling with disk 1, it removes noise from the original tape one by one. Furthermore, the part where the sound of one channel was dropped was handled carefully. In fact, the original tape was recorded in mono on stereo tape. For this reason, the same sound was recorded on both channels, but the deterioration was partially different over time. In this work, I checked both channels in detail and ran through the whole story with the best part. Of course, because the original sound is the same, there was no sense of incongruity, and a noiseless and glossy sound was achieved.

】 Three months after this work, the legendary first visit to Japan was realized, and the original FREE, where human relations broke down on the Australian tour right after that. The music was very tasty, but they were 20-year-old youngsters. The miracle blues rock that existed for a short time before the collapse. This work is a live album where you can experience the stage with the finest sound. A two-disc set that preserves the highest-quality sound board, which is famous for its history, and recordings of miracle actors in extreme quality. Please fully enjoy one “extreme” created by British rock.

そんな本作に収められているのは2公演。「1971年1月22日サンタモニカ公演」の超有名サウンドボード録音をディスク1に、「同年1月16日サンフランシスコ公演」の極上オーディエンス録音をディスク2に配した2枚組です。ここで「あれ?」と思われた方は鋭い。かつてMasterportレーベルから登場して大人気を博した『SAN FRANCISCO 1971』と酷似しているのです。しかし、本作はあの大名盤の再プレスでもなければ、リマスター再発でもない。似て非なるアップグレード盤なのです。それでは、それぞれ詳しくご紹介していきましょう。

【DISC 1:サンタモニカ公演のFMサウンドボード】
まず登場するのは、「1971年1月22日サンタモニカ公演」のFMサウンドボード録音。このサウンドボードは古くから空中分解前のFREEを象徴してきた名録音で、これまでも数々の既発を生み出してきた定番中の大定番です。Masterport盤にも収録されていましたが、本作はそれとは別。最近になって発掘の名門「Krw_co」から発表された新マスターです。何しろ、長さからして違う。FM放送のアナログマスターからダイレクトにCD化されているのですが、Masterport盤ではカットされて聴けなかったDJやアナウンスも収録している。より長く、放送の真実に近いマスターなのです。しかも、本作はそんな「Krw_co」マスターを細心マスタリング。もちろん、せっかくの新発掘サウンドを汚すようなマネはせず、原音を最大限に活かしながらピッチやノイズを丁寧に補正。実のところ、既発と同じく曲間や「I’m A Mover」の出だし、「Mr. Big」の中間部に(わずかな)カットがあるのは同じなのですが、そこも違和感を最小限に抑えて自然に聴き通せるように処理。歴史的な価値を大事にしつつも、音楽作品としての“品格”・“完成度”を高めました。

・I’m A Mover/The Hunter
・All Right Now/Fire And Water/Mr. Big
・FREE LIVE!で聴けない曲:Don’t Say You Love Me/Heavy Load
・Be My Friend/Ride On Pony
・FREE LIVE!で聴けない曲:The Stealer/The Highway Song/Soon I Will Be Gone
・FREE LIVE!で聴けない曲:My Brother Jake/Rock Me Baby

……と、このようになっています。4枚のオリジナル作品からエッセンスを濃縮しているだけでなく、伝統の公式盤『FREE LIVE!』でも聴けない名曲がたっぷり7曲も収録されている。そのすべてが貴重なのですが、特に「Don’t Say You Love Me」「Heavy Load」「The Highway Song」といった辺りは後のBAD COMPANYやポール・ロジャースのソロでも演奏されていない。それをサウンドボードで聴けるのです。
もちろん、他の曲に関しても滋味深く、濃密なブルースロックの理想郷。『FREE LIVE!』よりも生々しく、無編集だからこそのショウの流れも自然。1曲1曲を重ねる事で醸成していく熱気が感じられ、滴り落ちる芳醇なブルースがどんどん深くなる。よく『FREE LIVE!』を差して「FREEのベスト盤としても機能する」と評される事もありますが、本作は曲数ボリュームも生々しさもあの名盤以上なのです。

【DISC 2:フィルモア・ウェストでの関係者録音】
伝統サウンドボードの最高峰盤に続くのはMasterportの『SAN FRANCISCO 1971』で初登場し、世界に衝撃を与えた極上オーディエンス録音。FREEの初登場音源というだけで衝撃モノですが、この録音が立つ地平はそんなものではありませんでした。何しろ、クオリティが凄すぎた。当時のレコード会社の日本人スタッフが資料用に録音したもので、そのオリジナル・カセットからダイレクトにCD化したもの。特に凄いのは、アンディ・フレイザーのベース。他3人よりも明らかに間近で、極太でオンな芯がとんでもなく力強く、芳醇なグルーヴと歌心溢れるメロディが耳元に飛び込んでくる。もちろん、極太ベースに乗る他3人も必聴。恐らく関係者席なのでしょうが、ファットなベースを切り裂くようなクリアさが際立ち、その機微がしっかりと味わえるのです。30分の短い録音ではあるのですが、その濃度はディスク1のサウンドボード録音さえも凌駕し、しかもサンタモニカ公演では聴けなかった「Songs Of Yesterday」も楽しめるのです。



Live at Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA, USA 22nd January 1971
KUSC FM Broadcast

Disc 1 (79:10)
1. Introduction
2. Be My Friend
3. The Stealer
4. Woman
5. Ride On A Pony
6. Don’t Say You Love Me
7. All Right Now
8. Fire And Water
9. Heavy Load
10. The Highway Song
11. My Brother Jake
12. Soon I Will Be Gone
13. I’m A Mover
14. Mr Big
15. The Hunter
16. Rock Me Baby
★演奏後の歓声部が既発CD「Rock Me Stealer」よりも50秒ほど長い。


Disc 2 (31:11)
Live at Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, USA 16th January 1971
Original Audience Recording (Taken from the original master cassette tape “Scotch 272 C-90 3M”)

1. Songs Of Yesterday
2. All Right Now
3. The Stealer
4. Heavy Load
5. My Brother Jake
6. The Highway Song

Paul Rodgers – Vocals
Paul Kossoff – Guitar
Simon Kirke – Drums
Andy Fraser – Bass


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