Free / Live In Japan 1971 / 1CD / Shakuntala

Free / Live In Japan 1971 / 1CD / Shakuntala
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Sankei Hall Tokyo Japan May 1, 1971. Digitally Remastered

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While free musicality is hard, the basic band tendency is in blues to the last. The sound of a big guitar is typical of it in the late 1960’s, and the free debut in 1969 is no exception. Organized members have all songs of Paul Rodgers, Paul Kozoff, Andy Fraser, Simon Kirk, but with a strong character but strong individuality, especially Paul Rogers, even after free, Bad Company, Solo, and Queen As a member of fulfilling the performance in Japan. Because of that, I quickly disbanded after my debut, and then I reunited again, it was quite a busy band. The style of rock which evolved greatly since the 1960s was said to have been in the early stages at the time of free debut and the unique sound that combines elements of blues and soul has had a great influence on backward hard rock .

This work has recorded the May 1 Hall sankei hall performance since arriving in Japan in 1971 right after its debut. In addition, Tatsu Yamauchi who met with the members during the first visit to Japan, and spirited up, will join the band later as a bassist. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press.




01. Introduction
02. Fire And Water
03. Ride A Pony
04. I’m A Mover
05. Be My Friend
06. The Stealer
07. Heavy Load
08. The Highway Song
09. My Brother Jake
10. Soon I Will Be Gone
11. All Right Now
12. Mr. Big
13. The Hunter
Shakuntala. STCD-044

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