Frank Zappa / Turn Of The Century / 3CDR

Frank Zappa / Turn Of The Century / 3CDR / Red Zapp

Live At Turn Of The Century, Denver, CO August 2nd 1984

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Frank Zappa’s 1984 US Tour Completely recorded with the finest audience recording masters of the Early Show and Late Show held at “Turn of the Century” in Denver, Colorado on August 2nd. Appeared!

The setlist has a very different and interesting content, in addition to Zappa, a powerful guitar lineup such as Ray White and Ike Willis’ triple guitar battle, double keyboard, and Chad Wackerman’s transcendental drums. It is a highly recommended title! !



01. Zoot Allures/02. Tinsel Town Rebellion/03. Trouble Every Day/04. Penguin In Bondage/05. Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel/06. Dumb All Over/07. Be In My Video/08. Cocaine Decisions / Nig Biz/09. Outside Now/10. He’s So Gay/11. Bobby Brown/12. Keep It Greasey/13. Honey Don’t You Want A Man Like Me?/14. Carol You Foo//15. Chana In De Bushwop/16. Let’s Move To Cleveland

01. Dancin’ Fool/02. Cosmik Debris/03. Sharleena (Fadeout)

04. Opening/05. The Black Page / Band Introductions/06. City Of Tiny Lights/07. You Are What You Is/08. Mudd Club/09. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing/10. Advance Romance/11. Truck Driver Divorce/12. Joe’s Garage/13. Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?/14. Tinsel Town Rebellion/15. Trouble Every Day

01. Penguin In Bondage/02. Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel/03. Camarillo Brillo / Muffin Man/04. Easy Meat/05. The Closer You Are/06. No No Cherry/07. Whipping Post

Live At Turn Of The Century, Denver, CO August 2nd 1984


Red Zapp 077A/B/C

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