Frank Zappa / Stockholm Syndrome / 2CDR

Frank Zappa / Stockholm Syndrome / 2CDR / Red Zapp

Translated Text:
Live At Folkets Hus, Stockholm, Sweden November 19th 1971. Audience


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Frank Zappa & The Mazars ’71 valuable excavation live recordings of “REDZAPP” The first appearance than the label!

The November 19, 71 Sweden Stockholm performances and complete recording than high-quality audience recording master.

Keyboard members change from Bob Harris in Don Preston.
Performances of the day, which was the first day of the European Tour, the same year also there that you have played with John Lennon in Fillmore, showing off to the “I want to hug” of the Beatles following the familiar “Happy Together” to the last!

The Zappa collector is a big recommendation title that can not be overlooked! !




01. Call Any Vegetable
02. Any Way The Wind Blows
03. Magdalena
04. Dog Breath
05. Sofa Suite
06. A Pound For A Brown
07. Sleeping In A Jar
08. Wonderful Wino
09. Sharleena
10. Cruising For Burgers

01. Mud Shark
02. Latex Solar Beef
03. Willie The Pimp
04. Do You Like My New Car ?
05. Happy Together
06. I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Beatles Cover)

Live At Folkets Hus, Stockholm, Sweden November 19th 1971

Red Zapp 051A/B

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