Frank Zappa / Second Stage Hollywood / 2CDR

Frank Zappa / Second Stage Hollywood / 2CDR / Red Zepp

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Soundboard Live At The Palace, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA July 22ND 1984. Soundboard



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7月22日Los Angeles Hollywood Palace performances first appearance in the sound board complete recording sound source from U.S. tour of 1984 Frank Zappa! 

Set list also different course as a second-night following the day before the performance of familiar so far. Triple guitar system Ray White, with Ike Willis is recommended live fan must listen very first time playing in a heavy day before performances and more than Zappa! Do not miss the transcendence play no questions asked! !

SECOND STAGE HOLLYWOOD フランク・ザッパ84年のアメリカ・ツアーより7月22日ロサンジェルス・ハリウッド・パレス公演がサウンドボード音源コンプリート収録で初登場!


01. Intro
02. Black Page # 2
03. Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel
04. Dumb All Over
05. The Evil Prince
06. Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy
07. Advance Romance
08. He’s So Gay
09. Bobby Brown
10. Keep It greasey
11. Honey Do not You Want A Man Like Me?
12. Carol You Fool/13. Dangerous Kitchen
14. Chana In The Bushwop

DISC 2 01 . Let’s Move To Cleveland 02. Why Do not You Like Me?03. Stick It Out 04. Truck Driver Divorce 05. Jam 06. In France 07. Chunga’s Revenge

Red Zapp-044A/B


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