Frank Zappa / Another Halloween Night / 2CDR

Frank Zappa / Another Halloween Night / 2CDR / Red Zapp

Translated Text:
Live At Palladium, New York City, NY October 30th 1981. Soundboard


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’81 Of Frank Zappa legend “Halloween Concert” is followed by 4 Disc Complete version than RED ZAPP label, the day before recorded performances was “ANOTHER Halloween Night” is the first appearance in the sound board sound source!

October 29, 81 in ’81 “Halloween Concert” which was held at the New York Palladium in four consecutive days from but is familiar the 31st performance is sound and the video both official release, those of recording this time the day before The recorded performance of 30 days sound quality best stereo sound board sound source.

The first appearance becomes attention sound source is this plan of two-stage has become the only show is canceled the day as a valuable sound board sound source that had not seen the light of day ever!

Steve Vai enrolled at the time of the legendary “Halloween Concert” is Another version of the appearance! !

フランク・ザッパ伝説の81年”ハロウィーン・コンサート”がRED ZAPPレーベルより4枚組コンプリート・バージョンに続いて、その前日公演を収録した”アナザー・ハロウィーン・ナイト”がサウンドボード音源で初登場!




01. Treacherous Cretins/02. Montana/03. Easy Meat/04. Society Pages/05. I’m a Beautiful Guy/06. Beauty Knows No Pain/07. Charlie’s Enormous Mouth/08. Fine Girl/09. Teen-Age Wind/10. Harder Than Your Husband/11. Bamboozled By Love

01. Sinister Footwear/02. Stevie’s Spanking/03. Cocaine Decisions/04. Nig Biz/05. Doreen/06. Goblin Girl/07. The Black Page/08. Tryin’ To Grow A Chin/09. Strictly Genteel

Live At Palladium, New York City, NY October 30th 1981

Red Zapp-040A/B

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