Foreigner / Nagoya 1980 / 2CDR

Foreigner / Nagoya 1980 / 2CDR /Uxbridge

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Live At Kinrokaikan, Nagoya, Japan 23rd January 1980.

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The second Japan tour that was realized at the end of the six-person era. The original master who vacuum packed the site appears.
This work is “January 23, 1980: Aichi Prefectural Labor Conference Hall” performance. It is that special-purpose audience recording. First of all, let’s check the position of the show from the schedule of arrival at that time.

· January 21 + 22: Osaka Festival Hall (2 shows)
· January 23: Working House in Aichi 【This work】
· January 25 – 27: Nippon Budokan (3 performances)
· January 29: Fukuoka City Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium

Over all, 7 shows. It was a large-scale tour that became the largest in their history of coming to Japan, and the Nagoya performance of this work was a concert that came in the middle of the tour. This work which contained such a show is a really wonderful audience recording … …. I suddenly wrote it unreliable, but in fact it is an audience. Recently, we are unearthing the original recording of Nagoya performance in our shop, but this one is one of them. It has been converted directly to CD from the master / master who gave it away from the recordingist, and there is no mistake in audience recording. However, the flowing out from such a master is the beautiful sound that made it clear that the guest book was removed. Although the clapping hands on the scene is also real, the customer record likes it. The detail also vibrant playing sound approaches in front of you, beautifully separate. Both vocals and chorus stand out clearly without distance. The feeling is almost FM broadcasting. It is picking up even the noise of howling and the silence that the PA emits at the silent part of the site, just like a live broadcast air check. It sounds like being lost for a moment as “Do you have a radio broadcast this year?”
And because it is 1980, I am particularly pleased with such quality. Anyway, this time it is a large household with six people formation. I can listen to the extensive ensemble with Ian McDonald and Al Greenwood in detail. In the first visit to Japan in 1978, the site PA at the very bottom was the worst, and the performance of six players was also spoiled, but in 1980 it is no problem. You can taste the beautiful taste unique to the early stage. Especially, it is the middle stage “Starrider” to realize it. When the song breaks with a crying guitar solo, the flute, organ, synth connect one after another and it returns to the dynamic guitar solo again. Its delicate and dramatic … …. Especially in the flute solo phrases reminiscent of “I Talk To The Wind” by KING CRIMSON overflowed, the sight of the palace which was only a dream at that time comes to mind. Of course, even though it is solos of each person, backing is also included firmly as part of the song, and there is a phrase like that which challenges the main melody is also dancing there. And then, at the age of 29 that ended such a big drama Lou Gram stretches out crawling … …. The sound of this work can be experienced in such an ambull.
Although it suddenly became a detailed story, the show drawn with such a sound is wonderful in its entirety. While acquiring the big hit songs and the representative songs from the early trilogy, there are plenty of unique numbers at that time. If “FOREIGNER” is “The Damage Is Done”, “Fool For You Anyway” “Headknocker”, “HEAD GAMES” “The Modern Day” “Women” “Love On The Telephone” Hit songs and ensemble are just live albums that summarize the 6 era with one show.

It is full of beautiful melodies and hits, yet a variegated and rich dramatic show. It is a masterpiece of a live album that has drawn such a performance in Japan with a brilliant sound of FM broadcasting. It is not just a pop band but FOREIGNER of the six era which is different from the later four era. The show, which can also be said its arrival point, Please enjoy this work for it.


・1月23日:愛知県勤労会館 【本作】

そして1980年だからこそ、そんなクオリティが殊更嬉しい。何しろ、この時は6人編成の大所帯。イアン・マクドナルドとアル・グリーンウッドも交えたぶ厚いアンサンブルが事細かに聴き取れる。1978年の初来日では、肝心の現場PAが最悪でせっかくの6人演奏も台無しでしたが、1980年は無問題。初期ならではの旨みが美麗ダイレクトに味わえるのです。特にそれを実感するのは、中盤の「Starrider」。泣きじゃくるギターソロで曲がブレイクするとフルート、オルガン、シンセが次々とソロを繋ぎ、再びダイナミックなギターソロへと戻っていく。その繊細にしてドラマティックな事……。特にフルートソロではKING CRIMSONの「I Talk To The Wind」を彷彿とさせるフレーズが溢れ出し、当時夢でしかなかった宮殿の光景が浮かぶ。もちろん、各人のソロとは言っても曲の一部としてバッキングもしっかりと入っており、そこにもメインの旋律に挑みかかかるようなフレーズが舞っている。そして、そんな一大ドラマを締めくくる当時29歳だったルー・グラムの伸びまくる絶唱……。本作のサウンドは、そんなアンアンブルが克明に味わえるのです。
いきなり細かい話になってしまいましたが、そんなサウンドで描かれるショウは全編が素晴らしい。初期3部作から大ヒット曲・代表曲を取りそろえつつ、当時ならではのナンバーもたっぷり。『FOREIGNER』なら「The Damage Is Done」や「Fool For You Anyway」「Headknocker」、『HEAD GAMES』なら「The Modern Day」「Women」「Love On The Telephone」等々。ヒット曲も、アンサンブルも、まさに6人時代を1つのショウで総括するようなライヴアルバムなのです。


Disc 1(41:13)
1. Intro 2. Long Long Way From Home 3. Blue Morning, Blue Day 4. The Damage Is Done
5. Head Games 6. Dirty White Boy 7. Fool For You Anyway 8. Cold As Ice 9. The Modern Day 10. Women

Disc 2(46:06)
1. Starrider 2. Double Vision 3. Feels Like The First Time 4. Love On The Telephone
5. Headknocker 6. Hot Blooded

Lou Gramm – Vocals Mick Jones – Guitar, Vocal Dennis Elliott – Drums
Ian McDonald – Guitar, Keyboards  Alan Greenwood – Keyboards Rick Wills – Bass,Vocal

Uxbridge 843

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