Focus / New Master Tokyo 74 2nd Night / 1 CDR

Focus / New Master Tokyo 74 2nd Night / 1 CDR / Non Label

Live At Koseinenkin, Tokyo, Japan 1st July 1974.

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Translated text:

From 1974 “Hamburger concerto” accompanied by the first Japan tour from July 1st on the 2nd day of Tokyo performance Shinjuku welfare pension hall performance was recorded in the best audience recording. We used original master cassette which was not even circulated among traders. Although it is recording only in the first half of the show, it is recorded with excellent sound with preeminent stability and you can thoroughly enjoy the precious takeovers on the second day of Tokyo. A beautiful guitar melody that Yan Ackerman’s playing, free of form but stimulating classical, delicate, lacrimal glands stimulates the audience by creating an overwhelming drama in any song. Although it is technically superior in this way, it is not just a piece of technique, but a high-level performance that puts emphasis on the composition of music to the last is all that can be called a listening place. Tys organ and flute invite listeners to a profoundly unlikely world. Regrettable that recording only in the first half of the show is disappointing (it is not recorded any more), the set is different from the first day, including ad-lib part, there are a lot of listening places on this day, fans definitely added to the collection It is a great take that seems to be better.


1. Focus III 2. Answers? Questions! Questons? Answers! 3. Focus II 4. Sylvia
5. Harem Scarem 6. Love Remembered 7. Untitled 8. House Of The King

Thijs Van Leer – Vocal, Organ & Flute Jan Akkerman – Guitar
Bert Ruiter – Vocal & Bass Colin Allen – Drums

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