Focus / Back To The Irish / 1CDR

Focus / Back To The Irish / 1CDR / Galaxy

Translated Text:

Live At National Stadium, Dublin , Republic Of Ireland May 9th 1973 Audience


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Precious excavation live sound source of 73 years of progressive band FOCUS to represent the 70s the Netherlands first appearance!

Introduced from good audience recording master the performances at the 1973 May 9, Dublin, Ireland of the National Stadium.

Elegant guitar work and Thijs van rare distinctive yodel voices of Jan Ackerman, 73-year heyday of matches and swept the world-wide success of the Anglo-American chart from the Netherlands at that time in the originality of FOCUS unique of valuable live debut of FOCUS!



1. Focus III
2. Answers? Questions! Questions? Answers!
3. Focus II
4. Anonymous II
5. Eruption (excerpt)
6. Hocus Pocus
7. Sylvia
8. Hocus Pocus (reprise)

Live At National Stadium, Dublin, Republic Of Ireland May 9th 1973

Galaxy. GX 029

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