Focus / Live Archives 1972 -1973 / 2CDR

Focus / Live Archives 1972 -1973 / 2CDR / Highland Project

Translated Text:
Soundboard Recording Live at Apeldoorn, Netherlands September 1973. Audience



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A two-sheet set featuring performances performed in the Netherlands in the home country in 1972 and 1973, the first time in the Netherlands progressive rock band, the focus debuted!

In 1972 he was a superb quality audience recording master, and in 1973 he was a sound board sound source, with Yan Ackerman’s wonderful guitar and supernatural vocals and flutes, the transcendent play by the notable Tais van Leer acclaimed worldwide It is a live tone generator that represents the early focus that was done!


01. Focus III
02. Answers Questions ? Questions Answers/03. Focus II/04. Focus I/05. Anonymous Two

01. Eruption (inc “Guitar, Drums Solo”)/02. House Of The King
Audience Recording Live at Ceres, Wageningen, Netherlands January 1972

03. Introduction/04. Focus III/05. Focus II/06. House Of The King/07. Sylvia/08. Tommy/09. Hocus Pocus/10. Outroduction
Soundboard Recording Live at Apeldoorn, Netherlands September 1973
Highland Project. HLP-154A/B

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