Focus / Milton Keynes 2018 / 4CDR

Focus / Milton Keynes 2018 / 4CDR / Amity
Live at the Stables, Milton Keynes, UK 12th November 2018

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“FOCUS 11” which was Roger Dean’s artwork again for the first time in four years from the previous work “FOCUS X” is also the topic FOCUS. It is their decision to release their latest live best album.
This work which first appears is a big four-piece set. Audience recording of “Milton Keynes Performance on November 12, 2018”. It is one set of 2 superb master of perfect recording. Sales of “FOCUS 11” has already started on the official website, but regular shop front sales will be in 2019. First of all, let’s imagine the position of the show from the schedule of 2018/2019 in order to know their current situation.

● 2018
· February 3 – 8: CRUISE TO THE EDGE
· July 7th – 29th: Netherlands # 1 / UK # 1 (4 shows)
· August 25 – October 6: Europe (6 shows)
“November 9” FOCUS 11 “site sale start”
· November 9 – December 1: British # 2 (21 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· December 7th + 9th: Netherlands # 2 (2 performances)
● 2019
· January 21 – 27: Netherlands # 3 / UK # 3 (5 shows)
“January 25” FOCUS 11 “general release”

This is the schedule which has been published to date. I seem to be active lively activities in 2018, but it is quite sporadic when I look closely well. Only the “British # 2” in November was able to be called a tour that repeatedly live every day. The Milton Keynes performance of this work is a concert that corresponds to the 4th performances.
“British # 2” began at the same time as “FOCUS 11” was announced, but this work can taste its start · dash with two stunning recordings. “Recorder 1 (Disk 1-2)” was a subject of maniacs shortly after appearing on the net, “Recorder 2 (Disk 3-4)” in our shop “famous British master” familiar from familiar It is an original master who was transferred directly.
I am introducing either one normally, but on this day both are superb. “Recorder 2” is also a special inscription in the master collection, and “Recorder 1” is also not losing because mania is making a fuss. Both of them inhale a realistic sense of air to call it “as if it is a sound board”, but it is not a fault but a beauty point. The “Stables Theater” which became the site is a small club space of about 400 people, but its narrowness gives a sense of close contact and intimacy, and a small sense of space is also a fantastic mood for FOCUS ensemble . That feeling seems to be a rehearsal album that accompanied the studio rather than a live.
The show drawn with that sound is also wonderful. The summary of the set will be handed over to the commentary of “GATESHEAD 2018 (Amity 500)” released at the same time, but since this work is extremely early in the fourth show, it is different from the other two sets. There are fine order of pieces, but the big one is the middle stage of the show. Approximately seven minutes session comes after the new song “Focus 11”, followed by famous piece “Focus 2” and new song “Mazzel”. This session & “Focus 2” “Mazzel” seems to have dropped off early in the tour, and can not be heard in “GATESHEAD 2018” “MANCHESTER 2018 (Amity 501)”.
Also, this scene not only delicious tune but also mood that seems to be early in the tour. MC enters after the session, but there is trouble with drum equipment that is revealed there. Actually, during this session, Pierre van der Linden has fixed the bus drafter and it was an on-the-spot session. Laughter also happens with that MC, but the sympathy of fantastic and striking improvisation is not noticed that it was drumless unless it got rose. It is also a wonderful scene that you can feel for the whole time how the current FOCUS is a band with imagination.

14 years since returning to Pierre, 2 years since participation of the newest Udo Panecetate. The ensemble is also a 4-disc set that tastes the treasures of the Netherlands, which became a masterpiece, with two superb sounds. This week is three releases at the same time, but if you enjoy the famous piece “Focus 2” and the new song “Mazzel” as soon as possible, this is one of the works. 3 hours and 53 minutes bliss, please enjoy as plenty as you want.

前作『FOCUS X』から4年ぶり、再びロジャー・ディーンのアートワークとなった『FOCUS 11』も話題のFOCUS。そんな彼らの最新極上ライヴアルバムが一挙リリース決定です。
まず登場する本作はビッグな4枚組。「2018年11月12日ミルトン・キーンズ公演」のオーディエンス録音。完全収録の極上マスター2種をセットしたものです。すでに『FOCUS 11』は公式サイトでの販売が始まっていますが、正規の店頭販売は2019年になってから。まずは、彼らの近況を知る意味でも2018年/2019年のスケジュールからショウのポジションをイメージしてみましょう。

《11月9日『FOCUS 11』サイト販売開始》
《1月25日『FOCUS 11』一般発売》

「英国#2」は『FOCUS 11』の発表と同時に始まったわけですが、本作はそのスタート・ダッシュを見事な録音2種で味わえる。「Recorder 1(ディスク1-2)」はネットに登場した直後からマニアの話題をさらったもので、「Recorder 2(ディスク3-4)」は当店では“英国の巨匠”でお馴染みの名手から直接譲られたオリジナル・マスターです。
通常でしたらどちらか一方をご紹介するところですが、この日は両方とも極上。「Recorder 2」は巨匠コレクションでも格別の銘品ですし、「Recorder 1」もマニアが騒ぐだけあって負けていない。いずれも「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ぶにはリアルな空気感も吸い込んでいますが、それは欠点ではなく美点。現場となった“ステーブルズ・シアター”は、約400人規模の小さなクラブ・スペースなのですが、その狭さが密着感と親密感を漂わせ、ほんのりとした空間感覚もFOCUSのアンサンブルにファンタジックなムードを与えている。その感触は、ライヴと言うよりはスタジオに同席したリハーサル・アルバムかのようです。
そのサウンドで描かれるショウがまた素晴らしい。セットの概要は同時リリースされる『GATESHEAD 2018(Amity 500)』の解説に譲りますが、本作は4公演目という極初期だから、他2作とはセットが異なる。細かい曲順もありますが、大きいのはショウの中盤。新曲「Focus 11」の後に約7分のセッションが入り、その後に名曲「Focus 2」、新曲「Mazzel」へと続くのです。このセッション&「Focus 2」「Mazzel」はツアー序盤で落ちたらしく、『GATESHEAD 2018』『MANCHESTER 2018(Amity 501)』では聴けないのです。

ピエールの復帰から14年、一番新しいウド・パンネケートの参加から2年。アンサンブルも盤石となったオランダの至宝を極上サウンド2種で味わい尽くす4枚組です。今週は3作同時リリースではありますが、名曲「Focus 2」や新曲「Mazzel」をいち早く楽しむなら本作の一択です。3時間53分の至福、どうぞ思う存分たっぷりとお楽しみください。

Recorder 1

Disc 1(62:54)
1. Focus 1 2. House Of The King 3. MC 4. Eruption 5. MC 6. Sylvia 7. Who’s Calling?
8. Focus 11 9. Intermission Instrumental

Disc 2(53:01)
1. Focus 2 2. Mazzel 3. MC 4. La Cathedrale de Strasbourg 5. MC 6. Harem Scarem
7. Menno Solo 8. Udo Solo 9. Harem Scarem (Reprise) 10. Thijs Flute Solo
11. Hocus Pocus incl. Pierre Drum Solo

Recorder 2

Disc 3(56:04)
1. Thijs Flute Solo Intro 2. Focus 1 3. House Of The King 4. Eruption 5. Sylvia
6. Who’s Calling? 7. Focus 11

Disc 4(60:58)
1. Intermission Instrumental 2. Focus 2 3. Mazzel 4. La Cathedral De Strasbourg
5. Harum Scarum 6. Hocus Pocus/Band Introductions
7. Pierre Drum Solo/Hocus Pocus (Reprise)

Thijs van Leer – Hammond-organ, flute and vocals Menno Gootjes – guitar
Udo Pannekeet – bass Pierre van der Linden – drums

Amity 499

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