Fleetwood Mac / Tusk Tour At Budokan 1980 / 2CD WX OBI Strip

Fleetwood Mac / Tusk Tour At Budokan 1980 / 2CD WX OBI Strip / Shakuntala 2016

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Live At Budokan Hall Tokyo Japan February 5, 1980


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Fleetwood Mac is one of the rare bands that are active in the still exceed the already 40-year career active duty. This only was able to continue the long career is, of course along with the splendor of the music, such as the unity between was hit to the subscriber and the withdrawal members, nothing else in because there was a extraordinary effort. Also the biggest factor as that element is in the flexible attitude that began to change the music according to the request and the members of the tastes of the era. Although formation can be traced back to the 1960s, initially for people who do not know only Mac that was a big hit after it was blues band will not be OJ imagination.

In the early days of the 70’s from the late ’60s, especially in the UK blues-rock boom was visiting. Fleetwood Mac’s formation but were those riding in the flow, go early to the boom is obsolete. Mack is the United States the hub of activity in 1974, but moved to California, where saw what was a hard rock with a focus on lengthy improvisation rather than the blues. Of course, the environment is not something that can be classified in one word surrounding the lock at the time, but while the basic blues, the sound was a situation that is subsided extruded it itself on the whole surface. So Mack joined the Stevie Nicks on vocals, it is to cut a large rudder to pop route.

Mack was the transition from blues-rock, which has been subsided to pop routes, was released first album “Fantastic Mac”, which welcomed Stevie Nicks is that of 1975. This attempt is a great success, the album, including the single-hit such as “Say You Love Me,” “Rianon” is to win the national number one. Would be the way to go with Mack is convinced here. And album “rumors” of the 1977 announcement will be further hit album. And not only just a hit album, the US album chart number 1 monopoly over the 31 weeks, sales more than 17 million sheets, become a thing that determines the popularity of Mac along with the reputation as a historical masterpiece than it was. First visit to Japan performance has been carried out in such a time. It was also possible in 1977.

Star the next album of the position was established in the smash hit album is expected but also worry about how artists tend to be excessive, the album “Fang” following the “rumor” Mac also does not leak to the example, at the time There is also a situation of rapidly changing musical fashion, production will be difficulties. As a result, it had been a whopping released as LP2 sheets set of epic. Despite his strong showing in many sales specific experimental song intention of Buckingham, it was not able to still exceed the previous work “rumor”. However, world tour with the album “Fang” is still to prove that the popularity of Mac is high, it did not have that attendance will decline.

Tour with the album “Fang” begins from Pocatello 1979 October 26, Idaho, the United States over two years leg rest, Japan, Oceania, and Europe, were large ones that just across the whole continent. The total performance number count the really 111 performances. Especially in Japan, while the first visit to Japan is was only just four performances, 1980, his second Japan tour, including the three consecutive days Budokan, Kyoto, Gifu, Sapporo, Yokohama, Sendai, and the Osaka, 10 that carry out the performances, it was also carried out on a scale that suggests a high popularity in Japan at that time. This work has been recorded on February 5 Budokan performance than Budokan three consecutive performances decorate the beginning of this 1980 visit to Japan. Dates are as follows in 1980 Japan Tour.

February 3, Nippon Budokan
February 4, Nippon Budokan
February 5 Budokan
February 8, Kyoto Kaikan first hole
February 9, Gifu civic center
February 11, Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall
February 13, Kanagawa Prefectural
February 14, Miyagi Sports Center
February 16, Osaka Festival Hall
February 17, Osaka Festival Hall

There is also that you are not only after two years since the last visit to Japan, but the set list are similar to those at the time of visit to Japan in December 1977, it is as hit songs that are indispensable, the new album of “Fang” it is the largest of the features that the music is being played on stage.

This work is a first appearance sound source that has not been around at all until now that you provide from the one in which the presence at the time Budokan. Moreover, as it can be seen if you listen to the sample, but a high-quality sound, not think the first appearance sound source has never been the world out until now. Excitement of the Budokan of the day spread in front of the eye. Set list, which is choice from the masterpiece that forms a “rumor” a pair of “Fang” is well to say that the best specific music selection of Mac today, it’s completely recorded in such first appearance sound source is, exactly it will be fortunate for the Japanese fans.

From large-scale concert in Japan, which became the second time, the 1980 February 5 Budokan performance, high-quality full inclusion at the first appearance sound source. After this, the members of the Mac will be transferred to our focus on solo activities, activities as a band is stagnation, the next visit to Japan is that after 10 years. In the sense that said so it can be said is the last tour that can listen to a number of representative music in real time of the Mac. Permanent preservation firmly press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification. With Japanese band.






2月3日 日本武道館
2月4日 日本武道館
2月5日 日本武道館
2月8日 京都会館第一ホール
2月9日 岐阜市民センター
2月11日 北海道厚生年金会館
2月13日 神奈川県民ホール
2月14日 宮城スポーツセンター
2月16日 大阪フェスティバルホール
2月17日 大阪フェスティバルホール


本作は、当時武道館に臨場した方から提供していただいた今まで一切出回っていなかった初登場音源である。しかもサンプルを聴いていただければわかる通り、今まで世に出たことがない初登場音源とは思えぬ高音質なものである。当日の武道館の興奮が目の前に広がる。『噂』と『牙』という対をなす代表作からチョイスされたセットリストは現在でもマックの ベスト的な選曲といって良く、それをこのような初登場音源で完全収録しているのは、まさに日本のファンにとって幸運なことであろう。



01. Introduction
02. Say You Love Me
03. The Chain
04. Don’t Stop
05. Dreams
06. Oh Well
07. Rhiannon
08. Oh Daddy
09. What Makes You Think You’re The One
10. Sara
11. Not That Funny

01. Never Going Back Again
02. Landslide
03. Tusk
04. Angel
05. You Make Lovin’ Fun
06. I’m So Afraid
07. World Turning
08. Go Your Own Way
09. Sisters Of The Moon
10. Songbird

Shakuntala 2016. STCD-070/071

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