Fleetwood Mac / Sachihoko / 2CDR

Fleetwood Mac / Sachihoko / 2CDR / Midnight Dreamer

Live At Nagoya Shi Kokaido Nagoya, Japan December 1st 1977. Audience

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Introducing a valuable live recording of Fleetwood Mac’s performance in Nagoya on December 1, 1977, which was a great breakthrough in the world in 1977 and the long-awaited first performance in Japan was realized. ..

Stevie Nicks, Christine McBee, and Lindsey Buckingham each performed their vocals in Japan at the time when the album “Rumor” recorded the number one in the United States in a row and was in great shape. It will be an unforgettable concert for me.

This Nagoya performance, which reproduces the time with good sound quality, is a highly recommended title in terms of both content and sound quality!





DISC ONE:01. Say You Love Me /02. Monday Morning /03. Dreams /04. Oh Well /05. Rhiannon /06. Oh Daddy /07. Never Going Back Again /08. Landslide /09. Over My Head

DISC TWO:01. Gold Dust woman /02. You Make Loving Fun /03. I’m So Afraid /04. Go Your Own Way /05. World Turning /06. Blue Letter /07. The Chain /08. Second Hand News /09. Songbird

Live At Nagoya-shi-Kokaido, Nagoya, Japan December 1st 1977

Midnight Dreamer. MD-500A/B

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