Fleetwood Mac / Live In The Netherlands 1969 / 1CDR

Fleetwood Mac / Live In The Netherlands 1969 / 1CDR / Vintage Masters
Translated Text:
Live At Congresgebouw, The Hague, The Netherlands February 28th 1969. Soundboard

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Precious radio broadcast sound board sound source of Fleetwood Mac of Bruce · band era when he was enrolled in Peter · Green appeared!
Recorded radio broadcast sound source recorded in The Hague, The Netherlands and Amsterdam in 1969.
While partly incomplete but a single hit then “Albatross” From blues to rock and roll number, precious broadcast live tone source compilation that captured the fleet wood · mac of the Blues band era! !


Intro 01.
02. One-Sided Love
03. Stop Messin’Around
04. San Ho-Zay
05. Albatross
06. Tallahassie Lassie
07. Blue Suede Shoes
08. Teenage Darling (Bass Intro Only)
09. Twist And Shout (Cut)
Live At Congresgebouw ◆, The Hague, The Netherlands February 28Th 1969

10. Intro
11. Merry Go-Round
12. One-Sided Love
13. Dust My Broom
14. Got To Move
15. Peter Green Instrumental
16. Sugar Mama
Vintage Masters. VMCDR-508

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