Fleetwood Mac / East Troy 1982 / 2CDR

Fleetwood Mac – East Troy 1982 / 2CDR / Uxbridge

Live At Alpine Valley Music Theater, East troy , WI USA 22nd September 1982

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The 1982 FLEETWOOD MAC was in the middle of the prime, when “Mirage” was sent to No.1 in the United States for the third time. Introducing a full live album that conveys the scene.
“The East Troy performance on September 22, 1982” is included in this work. It is the super / superb audience recording. In the previous year, Stevie’s “BELLA DONNA” was the lead, Lindsey’s “LAW AND ORDER” and Mick’s “THE VISITOR” were active solo activities, but in 1982, he concentrated on FLEETWOOD MAC. First, let’s check the show position from the schedule.

<< June 18, “Mirage” release >>
・ August 15th + 16th: North America # 1 (2 performances)
・ September 1-October 31: North America # 2 (32 performances) ← ★ Coco ★

This is the 1982 FLEETWOOD MAC. The so-called “MIRAGE TOUR” means “North America # 2”, and the East Troy performance of this work is the 12th performance. This tour is also called the official video “IN CONCERT: MIRAGE TOUR ’82”, but it was a concert one month before the performance of Inglewood.
This work recorded at such a show is one that appeared as a hot topic “COVID-19 QUARANTINE RELEASE!” This is the finest master series published by enthusiasts in order to withstand the global outing regulations of the new Corona pandemic. The other day I introduced the finest boards of Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and ROXY MUSIC, but this work is the FLEETWOOD MAC edition.
Actually, the sound is the finest product that makes you want to arrange “super” in a row. The drum sounds have a (slight) audience-like feel, but at the timbre level, I can’t feel any more like a customer record. The thick core jumps into your ears without a sense of distance, and the guitar, bass, and keyboard are clearly distinct from the beginning of each sound to the mute. Especially surprising is the vocal. The strangely aggressive Stevie’s singing voice peculiar to this period is also lively, and even if the chorus is thickly covered, it will only overlap and it will not mix at all. The singing voice of each person is tense like a thread, and while it vividly entangles the vibrato and the intonation of one word of the lyrics, it is like twilling. Rather than the presence being reduced to become a “face” like a woven fabric, the presence of each voice stands out, creating a three-dimensional structure.
◇ The full-scale show of “MIRAGE TOUR”, which is a gorgeous hit parade, is drawn with such a shocking sound. Since the official video “IN CONCERT: MIRAGE TOUR ’82” mentioned above was edited, it wasn’t full, so there are plenty of songs that I can’t listen to. Speaking of them in the 80’s, there is also a traditional live album “LIVE”, so let’s compare and organize them together.

● Fantastic Mac (4 songs)
・ Rhiannon / I’m So Afraid / Blue Letter (★)
・ Songs that cannot be heard in the official “MIRAGE TOUR ’82”: Landslide
● Rumors (8 songs)
・ The Chain (★) / You Make Loving Fun (★) / Go Your Own Way / Songbird (★)
-Songs that cannot be heard in the official “MIRAGE TOUR ’82”: Second Hand News (★) / Don’t Stop / Dreams / Never Going Back Again
● Fang (task) (5 songs)
・ Not That Funny / Tusk (★) / Sisters of the Moon (★)
・ Songs that cannot be heard in the official “MIRAGE TOUR ’82”: Brown Eyes (★) / Sara
● Mirage (4 songs)
・ Eyes of the World (★) / Gypsy (★) / Love in Store (★)
・ Songs that cannot be heard in the official “MIRAGE TOUR ’82”: Hold Me (★)
● Other
・ Songs that cannot be heard in the official “MIRAGE TOUR ’82”: Oh Well
* Note: The “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard even on the official “LIVE” version.

… And this is how it looks. You can enjoy plenty of 9 songs cut in “IN CONCERT: MIRAGE TOUR ’82”. In particular, I couldn’t listen to 3 songs “Second Hand News”, “Brown Eyes”, “Hold Me” even in “LIVE”. In all the history of FLEETWOOD MAC, “Brown Eyes” was only played in the 1980s, and “Hold Me” was sealed for the next 26 years. The “Love in Store” is a limited number only for this tour, despite the single cut.
Despite the heyday, “MIRAGE TOUR” was the incomplete official video and wasn’t blessed with a definitive masterpiece. It is a live album where you can enjoy the full show with the highest quality of barefoot sound board. That is a masterpiece that can be enjoyed as a sequel to the official “LIVE”. Please enjoy yourself to your heart’s content.

★ This is exactly the 80’s Dan Lampinski! ! This is the first sound quality to appear! ! “COVID-19 QUARANTINE RELEASE!” (Roxy Music last week, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins was awesome! …)

『ミラージュ』を三度目となる全米No.1に送り込み、全盛のド真ん中にいた1982年のFLEETWOOD MAC。その現場を伝えるフル・ライヴアルバムが登場です。
そんな本作に収められているのは「1982年9月22日イースト・トロイ公演」。その超・極上オーディエンス録音です。前年にはスティーヴィーの『BELLA DONNA』を筆頭にリンジーの『LAW AND ORDER』やミックの『THE VISITOR』等、ソロ活動が活発でしたが、1982年はFLEETWOOD MACに専念。まずは、そのスケジュールからショウのポジションを確かめてみましょう。
 これが1982年のFLEETWOOD MAC。いわゆる“MIRAGE TOUR”とは「北米#2」のことで、本作のイースト・トロイ公演はその12公演目にあたる。このツアーは公式映像『IN CONCERT: MIRAGE TOUR ’82』ともなっているわけですが、その現場となったイングルウッド公演の1ヶ月前となるコンサートでした。
そんなショウで記録された本作は、話題沸騰となっている“COVID-19 QUARANTINE RELEASE!”として登場した1本。これは新型コロナのパンデミックによる世界的な外出規制を耐え抜くべく、マニアが公開している極上マスター・シリーズ。先日もピーター・ガブリエルやフィル・コリンズ、ROXY MUSICの極上盤をご紹介しましたが、本作はそのFLEETWOOD MAC編なのです。
そんな衝撃級の極上サウンドで描かれるのは、豪華ヒットパレードとなる“MIRAGE TOUR”のフルショウ。前述した公式映像『IN CONCERT: MIRAGE TOUR ’82』は編集されているのでフルではなかったわけで、そこでは聴けない曲もたっぷり。また、80年代の彼らと言えば伝統のライヴアルバム『LIVE』もありますので、併せて比較しながら整理してみましょう。
・Rhiannon/I’m So Afraid/Blue Letter(★)
・公式『MIRAGE TOUR ’82』で聴けない曲:Landslide
・The Chain(★)/You Make Loving Fun(★)/Go Your Own Way/Songbird(★)
・公式『MIRAGE TOUR ’82』で聴けない曲:Second Hand News(★)/Don’t Stop/Dreams/Never Going Back Again
●牙 (タスク)(5曲)
・Not That Funny/Tusk(★)/Sisters of the Moon(★)
・公式『MIRAGE TOUR ’82』で聴けない曲:Brown Eyes(★)/Sara
・Eyes of the World(★)/Gypsy(★)/Love in Store(★)
・公式『MIRAGE TOUR ’82』で聴けない曲:Hold Me(★)
・公式『MIRAGE TOUR ’82』で聴けない曲:Oh Well
……と、このようになっています。『IN CONCERT: MIRAGE TOUR ’82』でカットされた9曲もたっぷりと楽しめる。特に3曲「Second Hand News」「Brown Eyes」「Hold Me」は『LIVE』でも聴けなかった。FLEETWOOD MACの全史で見ても「Brown Eyes」は80年代でしか演奏されていませんし、「Hold Me」もその後26年に渡って封印。「Love in Store」に至っては、シングルカットされたにも関わらず、このツアーだけの限定ナンバーです。
全盛期にも関わらず要のオフィシャル映像が不完全で、決定的な名盤にも恵まれてこなかった“MIRAGE TOUR”。そのフルショウをサウンドボード裸足の極上クオリティで味わえるライヴアルバムです。それこそ、公式盤『LIVE』の続編としても楽しめてしまう大傑作。どうぞ、思う存分たっぷりとご堪能ください。
★まさに80年代のダン・ランピンスキー!!完全初登場にしてこの音質!!恐るべし “COVID-19 QUARANTINE RELEASE!”(先週のロキシー・ミュージック、ピーター・ガブリエル、フィル・コリンズも凄かった!・・・)
Disc 1(50:04)
1. Intro
2. Second Hand News
3. The Chain
4. MC
5. Don’t Stop
6. Dreams
7. Oh Well
8. Rhiannon
9. Brown Eyes
10. Eyes of the World
11. MC
12. Gypsy
13. Love in Store
Disc 2(75:27)
1. Not That Funny
2. Never Going Back Again
3. Landslide
4. Tusk
5. Sara
6. Hold Me
7. You Make Loving Fun
8. I’m So Afraid
9. Go Your Own Way
10. “Thank You”
11. Blue Letter
12. Sisters of the Moon
13. Songbird
Christine McVie – Keyboards, Vocals John McVie – Bass Stevie Nicks – Vocals
Mick Fleetwood – Drums Lindsey Buckingham – Guitar, Vocals

Uxbridge 1283

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