Fleetwood Mac / Passaic 1975 / 1CD+1DVD

Fleetwood Mac / Passaic 1975 / 1CD+1DVD / Non Label

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Live At Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey, USA 17th October 1975. PRO-SHOT


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completely unreleased pro shot black-and-white footage (CD).Recording is the performance of October 17 both, but has been performed twice as a late show of the night and early show in the afternoon on that day, and recorded the Early Show The press CD to be SBD sound source, I have recorded in the finest professional shot black-and-white video + best line quality the late show full of unpublished so far been shrouded in mystery to press DVD. ! Shock is exactly what unreleased footage of Mac at this time member changes shortly afterLet’s introduce from CD with Early Show first. The original source of this is the excavation sound source was broadcast in 1990 FM program in the United States in the “King Biscuit Flower Hour”, the present board to reach the highest value sound of the original sound by applying the noise removal and thorough in this It is the one that has been re-mastered recording meticulously Ocean. You can safely say this is the sound quality and the quality of the best at the moment probably. For example, the scene sound of the special instrument-flexor tone coming out in the intro track of (1) is swung heavily on the left and right will come out, but (19 seconds 11 seconds near ~ 00 minutes), the overwhelming transparency already here I’d be surprised to stereo and wide. “Station Man” is Yuki started solemnly from the sound image rich the sound, but combine sound image is a phenomenal one harmony which are isolated in beautiful (Stevie and Christine) two voices and three instruments . I can enjoy driving rhythm firmly comfortable space of the performance of Because even out well and a clear attack of the low frequency range. Kyokuso with a floating feeling is captured in crisp sound quality in “Spare Me A Little Of Your Love”, a fascinating sound image with the three-dimensional sense of contrast for the part that rhythm starts to move big songs and latter part lyrical in the first half I’ll be jumping out at. Singing voice with the growth of Stevie is handed down in great resolution masterpieces in “Rhiannon”, but the tone of the guitar sound in the back is also captured clearly, two of this new subscription big Mac sound at the time how much It becomes the scene to understand better what was revolutionized. And (20 seconds near to 3 minutes) guitar solo how the slide into diffusion melody show a look multifaceted more by playing finger is also reported scrupulously, for example Yuku is inherited from singing Stevie, is larger in the back of the singing voice It is far from great to hear that it can feel (22 seconds near to 6 minutes) scenes Kakinarasa. It is a song you can feel the extremity of this stereo SBD also “Landslide”. Comparison with the singing strong core that can be delivered straight from the center and arpeggio guitar sound high texture in the right and left bright, you’ll make me realize the depth of the edge and contour of the sound here. On the other hand the charm of bass and midrange comes out well “I’m So Afraid” is a song that you can thoroughly enjoy crowded to play the sound of concentrated nascent Mac. And when you can see how the out burst one after the other is Kyokuso dramatic in (56 seconds near-finale 3 minutes), the bulge of the tone how the sound of the organ and guitar melt together beautifully is reported in the song the second half-finale in particular I think. “World Turning” is attention to the goodness of the sense of separation. Of course, because the guitar sounds good separation singing melody, and striking sound, hi-hat, what is picked up clearly the sound of maracas that Shaka Shaka the richness of muted expression has stands out clearly from the beginning of the song. expansion from 53 seconds around 1 minute rhythm starts to move even a brilliant, would not be there is no example in any title of its outstanding sound source to come to report the movement of the music in the sound of each part stood firm so much emergence.overwhelmed by too dense sounding finale front, guitar from 55 seconds 7 minutes, drums, organ is simultaneously in the Trinity no doubt. Spread of colorful sound from the 51 seconds around 1 minute will be worth mentioning “Don’t Let Me Down Again”. You should would love to hear how the guitar ringing in the main sound of wet hi-hat with a uniform grain, and keyboard, incoming in vivid glissando from the right channel is a great interactive music. The “Hypnotized”, how the slide into crossing slowly in tone with the damp that each instrument and voice is Nuresobo~tsu have been recorded in the sound quality of the best. Beautiful shade of adult touch is depicted a number, it is the last tune of deadly does not release the mind in the last one sound. And DVD discs of the press, I record the late show which took place in the evening of the same day as the CD. In the video of the full first appearance, appearance of innocent nascent Mac to be displayed on the screen of a beautiful black-and-white shot of a professional multi-angle viewing is possible. It is one piece that is finished it can be said also here that an attempt is made ​​to improve image quality and noise rejection thorough CD side Similarly, the highest quality video at the moment. It would be characteristic Late Show has changed quite a set, songs that did not play in the early show are many that are contained. At the beginning, “Get Like You Used To Be” is one of them, but is surprised by the high-quality video that while exchanging about liking a variety of shots of multi-angle, first singing to calm Christine Yuku blend into the Kyokuso bluesy I think. From being surprised that recorded sound is not only a clear image quality in that it is an excellent very line recording, you should you turn this feeling from this first track that the live video Marvel is spread in front of me at the same time as the joy . Stevie also appeared from “Spare Me A Little Of Your Love”. It is a figure familiar suffered a silk hat, but surprised it is its presence. We bear in support of the vocal Christine as usual here, but not like also will be reminded that the aura is out significantly from the screen already. The splendor of the ensemble as a band is also noted, how the melody and good of sharpness of playing dance big is captured beautifully in the portion of the tempo up over the finale songs from a shot, this is Yuku flow in a beautiful black and white screen There is a very impressive of. “Rhiannon” is a recording from the guitar solo of a song midfield, but Stevie after returning to singing solo after a fascinating, to be overwhelmed by that volume of voice with the core comes out from the that lovely figure, of course things, has become the image of competence extraordinary as a singer we feel also that approach and singing to push up the driving force of the music. The “Let Me Down Again”, a feature bass and drums of things that do not appear mostly on the screen’s stand out, that the ensemble that is full of power appeal with the rhythm section is larger music in the portion of the guitar solo You will be able to realize. Beautiful tone and brilliant touch you can feel the depth in one sound one note more than that showed off in early Shaw stands out, dense sound that does not muddy never be a strong response rate is also the chase as visual “I’m So Afraid” is attractive. It is a tune to listen only this late show with “Oh Well” and “The Green Manalishi,” but, playing dense cheerful like this time has been exploding your expected here.Recording sound too excellent has also boost greatly the charm of this scene, in which the camera captures well the density representation of singing, such as panting of Stevie in “The Green ..” In particular, organ, rhythm, guitar tapestries beautifully It is sure to be overwhelmed by the sound image Yuku match. It is the music that I listen only at this late show also “Blue Letter”. Camera has been following the scrupulously in two-shot also a scene full of sense of urgency of guitar and drums to spread repeatedly in the finale before, and it is with a video to be strongly stimulated the imagination of those who sound sensual with power sees. Kyokuso adult touch has come out well Early Show similar “Hypnotized”, I feel that it is the keyword “breathing” in this case is decipher the playback will. As early Stevie and Christine Do you want to harmony What kind breath, breath of hitting sound that struck a reasonably sharp base coming into the exquisite breathing mild guitar are captured scrupulously he plays finger and breathing, of It’s are, but it would be an important factor how much I can feel the breath of the match musical in helping to appreciate the Mac at the time of member changes later. After all it is the reason it is in video appeal of the nascent Mac unexplained we feel is firm never last song just good. Coupling of the same day, another program called CD of the best sound quality and black-and-white video DVD beautiful these are not the only firm traced the day of Mac eve break. Lush impact of sound was born in that the personality of Stevie and Lindsey overlaps the performance of Mac conventional shock itself of sound ie nascent Mac the audience of this day has received issues is amazing freshness is kept perfectly I am able to relive in a sound image basis.Because now with the release of on very thoroughly adjust the sound as well as our store only what was good too, and adjust to perfect it over time, it is finished and you can be to your satisfaction surely also an avid Mac fan I’m sure to have. This weekend, is finally appeared! This work was confined in sound quality and picture quality of the best quality charm of the nascent Mac 75 years in Pictured disc of beautiful tall type DVD Case

2014年最初のフリートウッド・マックの新タイトルが当店からいよいよ登場します! 1月にリリースされ大反響を呼んだレインボーのプロショット新発掘映像『DOWN TO NEW JERSEY』はまだ記憶に新しいと思いますが、今回のマックもそれと同じ米国ニュージャージー・キャピトルシアター会場で行ったライブからの流出映像で、リンジーとスティーヴィーが参加した最初の75年全米ツアーより、同会場で行われた驚きの完全未発表プロショット白黒映像(DVD)とSBD音源(CD)をプレス盤で封じ込めました。収録はどちらも10月17日の公演ですが、この日は午後のアーリー・ショウと夜のレイト・ショウとして2回行われており、SBD音源となるプレスCDにはアーリー・ショウを収録し、プレスDVDにはこれまで謎に包まれていた完全未発表のレイト・ショウを極上プロショット白黒映像+極上ライン音質で収録しています。メンバーチェンジ後間もないこの時期のマックの未発表映像はまさに衝撃です!

まずはアーリー・ショウを収録したCDから御紹介しましょう。これの元ソースはアメリカのFM番組『キング・ビスケット・フラワー・アワー』で1990年に放送された発掘音源ですが、本盤はこれに徹底したノイズ除去を施して原音の響きを最高値で届くよう細心の注意を払ってリマスタリング収録したものです。恐らく現時点でこれがベストの音質・品質と言って差し支えないでしょう。例えばトラック(1)のイントロ部分で出てくる特殊楽器・フレクサトーンの響きが左右に大きく振られるシーンが出てきますが(00分11秒付近~19秒)、ここで既にその圧倒的な透明度とワイドなステレオ感に驚かれると思います。その響き豊かな音像の中から「Station Man」が厳かにスタートしてゆきますが、3つの楽器と2つの声(クリスティンとスティーヴィー)の綺麗に分離したハーモニーがひとつに組み合わさる音像は驚異的です。低音域の明瞭なアタックと空間性もよく出ているので演奏の心地良いドライヴ感もしっかり満喫出来ます。

「Spare Me A Little Of Your Love」では浮遊感のある曲想が鮮明な音質で捉えられており、前半のリリカルなパートと曲後半でリズムが大きく動き出すパートの対比が立体感のある艶やかな音像で飛び出してきます。名曲「Rhiannon」ではスティーヴィーの伸びのある歌声が素晴らしい解像度で伝わってきますが、その後ろで鳴るギターの音色も鮮明に捉えており、この新加入の2人がどれだけ当時のマック・サウンドに大きな変革をもたらしたのかがよく分かるシーンとなっています。指弾きによってメロディがより多面的な表情を見せて拡散してゆく様子も克明に報告され、例えばスティーヴィーの歌唱から引き継がれてゆくギターソロ(3分20秒付近~)や、その歌声の後ろで大きく掻き鳴らされるシーン(6分22秒付近~)はそれが実感出来る大きな聴きどころです。

「Landslide」もまたこのステレオSBDの極みが感じられる一曲です。ここでは左右で質感高く鳴るギターのアルペジオとセンターから真っ直ぐに届けられる芯の強い歌唱との対比が眩しく、音の輪郭とエッジの深さを実感させてくれるでしょう。一方「I’m So Afraid」は中音域と低音域の魅力がよく出ており、新生マックの濃縮な音の弾き込みが堪能できる一曲です。特に曲後半~終曲ではギターとオルガンの響きが見事に溶け合う様子が報告され(3分56秒付近~終曲)、その音色の膨らみの中にドラマチックな曲想が次々に弾け出る様子を御確認戴けると思います。「World Turning」は分離感の良さに注目です。シャカシャカしたマラカスの音を明瞭に拾っているのは勿論のこと、歌唱メロディ、ハイハットの打音、そしてギターが分離良く聴こえる為、曲の冒頭から弱音表現の豊かさが鮮明に浮き出ています。リズムが動き出す1分53秒付近からの展開も鮮烈で、各パートがこれほどしっかり立った音で楽曲の運動性を報告してくる音源は既発のどのタイトルにも例が無いのではないでしょうか。終曲手前、7分55秒からのギター、ドラム、オルガンが三位一体で同時進行する濃密な響きにも圧倒される
こと間違いありません。「Don’t Let Me Down Again」は1分51秒付近からの色彩豊かなサウンドの広がりが特筆されるでしょう。粒の揃ったハイハットの湿った響き、右チャンネルから鮮烈なグリッサンドで入ってくる鍵盤、そしてメインで鳴り響くギターが素晴らしい音楽対話をしている様子に聴き惚れてしまう筈です。「Hypnotized」は、声と各楽器が濡れそぼった湿り気のある音色でゆっくりと交錯してゆく様子が極上の音質で記録されています。アダルト・タッチの美しい陰影が幾つも描写され、最後の一音まで気を抜けない必殺のラスト・チューンです。

そしてプレスのDVDディスクには、CDと同日の夜に行われたレイト・ショウを収録。完全初登場の映像で、プロショット・マルチアングルの美麗な白黒の画面に映し出される初々しい新生マックの姿が鑑賞出来ます。こちらもCDサイド同様に徹底したノイズ除去と画質向上を試みた事で、現時点で最高品質映像と言える仕上がりになっている一枚です。レイト・ショウはセットをかなり変えており、アーリー・ショウではプレイしなかった曲が多々含まれているのが特徴でしょう。冒頭の「Get Like You Used To Be」もそのひとつですが、マルチアングルの多彩なショットを程好く交えながら、まずはクリスティンの落ち着いた歌唱がブルージーな曲想に溶け込んでゆく高画質映像にびっくりされると思います。驚かされるのは鮮明な画質だけでなくその収録音も極めて優秀なライン録音であるという点で、喜びと同時に驚嘆のライブ映像が目の前に広がる事をこの1曲目からお感じになる筈です。

「Spare Me A Little Of Your Love」からはスティーヴィーも登場。シルクハットを被ったお馴染みの姿ですが、驚くのはその存在感です。ここではいつも通りクリスティンのボーカルをサポートするに留めていますが、既にそのオーラが画面から大きく出ている事に嫌でも気付かされるでしょう。またバンドとしてのアンサンブルの見事さも特筆され、曲中盤から終曲にかけてのテンポアップする部分では演奏のキレの良さや旋律が大きく踊る様子が見事に捉えられており、これが美麗な白黒画面で流れてゆくのは大変見応えがあります。「Rhiannon」は曲中盤のギターソロ部分からの収録ですが、ソロ後の歌唱に戻ってからのスティーヴィーが魅惑的で、あの可愛らしい姿から芯のある声量が飛び出してくる事に圧倒されるのは勿論のこと、音楽の推進力を押し上げるその歌い方やアプローチにもシンガーとしての並々ならぬ力量が感じ取れる映像になっています。

「Let Me Down Again」は、画面に殆ど映らないもののベースとドラムが際立っているのが特徴で、ギターソロの部分ではそのリズム隊との訴える力に充ちたアンサンブルが音楽をより大きくしている事を実感出来るでしょう。「I’m So Afraid」はアーリー・ショウで披露したものより更に一音一音に奥行きが感じられる明晰なタッチと美しい音色が際立ち、強奏でも決して濁らない濃密な響きが視覚として追えるのも魅力です。「Oh Well」と「The Green Manalishi」もこのレイト・ショウのみで聴ける曲ですが、ここでは御期待通りこの時期らしい快活で濃密な演奏が炸裂しています。秀逸過ぎる収録音もこのシーンの魅力を大きく後押ししており、特に「The Green..」ではスティーヴィーの喘ぐ様な歌唱の濃淡表現をカメラがしっかり捉える中、オルガン、リズム隊、ギターが見事に綴れ合ってゆく音像に圧倒されること請け合いです。

「Blue Letter」もまたこのレイト・ショウでのみ聴ける曲です。終曲手前で繰り広がるギターとドラムの緊迫感溢れるシーンもカメラがツーショットで克明に追っており、威力ある官能的な響きが観る者の想像力を強く刺激する映像となっています。「Hypnotized」はアーリー・ショウ同様にアダルト・タッチな曲想がよく出ていますが、ここでは”呼吸”が演奏を読み解くキーワードとなっている気がします。クリスティンやスティーヴィーがどの様な呼吸でハーモニーするかを初めとして、適度に打ち鳴らされる打音の呼吸、絶妙に入ってくる鋭いベース


Live at Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey, USA 17th October 1975 (Early Show)

1. Introduction 2. Station Man 3. Spare Me A Little Of Your Love 4. Rhiannon 5. Landslide
6. I’m So Afraid 7. World Turning 8. Don’t Let Me Down Again 9. Hypnotized


Live at Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey, USA 17th October 1975 (Late Show)

1. Get Like You Used To Be 2. Spare Me A Little Of Your Love 3. Rhiannon 4. Let Me Down Again
5. I’m So Afraid 6. Oh Well 7. The Green Manalishi 8. World Turning 9. Blue Letter
10. Hypnotized

PRO-SHOT B&W NTSC Approx. 43min.

Mick Fleetwood – Drums, Percussion Christine McVie – Keyboards, Vocals John McVie – Bass
Lindsey Buckingham – Guitar, Vocals Stevie Nicks – Vocals

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