Firm / Wembley Arena 1985 Complete Multitrack Master / 2CD

Firm / Wembley Arena 1985 Complete Multitrack Master / 2CD / Wardour

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Live at Wembley Arena, London, UK 22nd May 1985.  STEREO SBD

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The farm, which was a fusion of Jimmy Paige and Paul Rogers, took a massive American tour after releasing the first album bearing the group name in February 1985. The venue was the convention places familiar to Jimmy at the stage of ZEP era such as Oakland Colosseum at LA Forum. The group who finished it is doing a short-term British tour in May. Originally The Farm was doing a warm-up tour of the group at the end of 1984, but this time it probably included the trivial implications after the release of the album. EDINBURGH 1985: DIRECT MASTER “which is near Sold Out now that I recorded the best seller as a sound board recording by saying that it is the upper version of the sound source representing this tour. Items have been released so far from the characteristic of soundboard, but quality to wipe out them.
The Edinburgh Performance was held on 20th May, but after two days we will conclude the short-term British tour at the Wembley Arena in London, and finish the live activity of The Farm in 1985 Was done. For The Farm, who began activities since the latter half of 1984, this is a stage that will be a period of activity on this day. So it was recorded by a multitrack recorder.
Unfortunately, although there was not anything officially released from this place, fortunately the rough mix tape containing the entire show leaked. In addition, because the sound quality was extremely good, the title “RADIOACTIVE” appeared 20 years ago from now. Originally in the live sound source of The Farm in 1985 where the outflow frequency of soundboard recording was high, it was evaluated as a mania as an item proud of high quality of sound outstanding. After that, The Farm Another item of the classic sound source familiarized with Hammer Smith of 1984 “UNITED KINGDOM VOL.1” was also invented item.
But Wembley’s recording is multitrack. Clearly say the quality of the official class. It is a level that will be beyond Edinburgh that released the first album and revealed the skeleton of the stage at the time when the farm was full of hope. In general, Edinburgh was a sound board recording of PA out, but boasts a good balance that can be released as a live album. In other words, whichever boasts the fastest speed, Edinburgh is a rally car and this Wembley is F1 … … is it good?

It’s Wembley Arena in 1985 which will be released for a long time, but of course I can not miss the point that it contains a great upper feeling. Because it is a copy from the master anyway, it is a clearness that seems to be the first to compare from the past episode (it can not escape the copy of the cassette even in the times). Even so, it is worth noteworthy but, in any case, the recording time has improved greatly. First of all, BGM before the band appeared, Horst’s suite “Planet” from “Jupiter” flowing to the venue for a long part. However, since this is a part not related to the performance of The Farm, it is true that the edit sense of the past items which kept it to the minimum record is also Ali.
More than that, the main feature of this time was that the finale’s R & B cover “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love” was recorded for the first time in complete. ZEP Although it is a high-speed arrangement reminiscent of the version incorporated in the “Whole Lotta Love” medley at the euro tour in 1973, in the case of The Farm, the band stopped playing and chanted the audience and the band said “Thank you, everyone” As I said, it made me pretend that I got off the stage and finished back to the stage and the performance was repeated.
However, each label that released items in the past did not know the circumstances of the neighborhood, none of them faded out where the band from the chorus got off the stage. Or perhaps he stopped copying thinking that the person who leaked the sound source ended without knowing the circumstances. Either way, none of the past items was an incomplete version up to the chorus.
But this time the complete version which I recorded “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love” for the first time to the end finally. On the contrary, the same song finished and even the BGM of the performance finally flowed to the venue, and it was a surprise because it showed up to where the switch of the multitrack recorder was stopped. This is the master!

And since the sound quality is crystal-clear quality, the first full-scale band activity after ZEP’s dissolution has become the first full-scale band activity The Farm The figure of Paige who challenges with the whole body in the last stage of 85 years is engraved in real. As Mrs. Paul Rogers testified later, after ZEP broke up due to unforeseen circumstances, Paige, which had become like a scraping shell, formed a unit with Rogers who sprung with ARMS America Tour A project that was strongly meaningful in rehabilitation. If I borrowed the words of Mrs. Rogers, “Even having Paige once again got a guitar had a big meaning.”
Certainly the fact that Paige’s lead play at the time in The Farm from the ZEP Final Tour has declined steadily is a fact proved by various sound sources including this time. Especially during the farm era, I tried to use a telecaster with a string vendor instead of an arm, and I tried to add an accent to my monotonous handicap playing.
However, Paige’s role in The Farm was elsewhere. It is Robert Plant that testifies to that. He is a show in front of Edinburgh and I am watching the NEC Birmingham performance on the 18th, which was the first day of a short-term British tour. His commentary on that was “precise thing that solos have withered, but I am somewhat skillful in making skill changes to common songs like bad company.” In other words, the plant feels that Paige ‘s ability as an outstanding songwriter has not declined.
Among the songs actually recorded in The Farm’s first album, it is also clearly evident from Wembley’s recording that Paige’s involvement in composition is all rich in melody. On the contrary, when it comes to songs such as “Money Can not Buy” made by Rogers alone, the melody’s inflection is poor, and the catchy that the 80 ‘s wanted is lacking. It’s fluffy because it will be suddenly excited when it comes to “Closer” that involved Paige playing at the opening. Here is the talent that he was born with.
Conversely, as Rogers sang “Midnight Moonlight” that had been warming since the ZEP era, the completeness as a singing song improves at a stroke, finally the release of the songs is realized. And, in the cassette recording “PAINOUT” EDINBURGH 1985: DIRECT MASTER “, the two songs” Radioactive “and” Live In Peace “which were incomplete recordings on the tape change were completely recorded here. Upper version with no complaints in every sense In 1985 Wembley, promoted to a piece representing the live tone generator of The Farm!

★ Aside from the upper quality of the sound quality, the beginning and the end of the show are included for a long time as against the previous departure. Encore’s “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love” is the first complete recording. It first appeared after 33 years, the longest and highest sound quality, genuine multitrack master.

ジミー・ペイジとポール・ロジャースの融合であったザ・ファームはグループ名を冠したファースト・アルバムを1985年2月にリリース後、大規模なアメリカ・ツアーを行いました。その会場はLAフォーラムにオークランド・コロシアムなど、ジミーがZEP時代のステージで慣れ親しんでいた大会場ばかり。それを終えたグループは5月に短期のイギリス・ツアーを行っています。元々ザ・ファームはグループの結成ウォームアップ的なツアーを1984年の末に行っていましたが、今回はアルバム・リリース後の凱旋的な意味合いも含まれていたのでしょう。このツアーを代表する音源のアッパー版ということでサウンドボード録音としてベストセラーを記録したのが、今やSold Out間近の「EDINBURGH 1985: DIRECT MASTER」。サウンドボードという特性からこれまでにもアイテムがリリースされていましたが、それらを一掃するクオリティ。
残念ながら、ここからオフィシャルなリリースが産み出されることは何一つなかったのですが、幸いにもショー全体を収録したラフ・ミックスのテープが流出。おまけに音質が極めて良好であったことから、今から20年前に「RADIOACTIVE」というタイトルが登場。そもそもサウンドボード録音の流出頻度が高い1985年のザ・ファームのライブ音源の中にあって、抜きん出た高音質を誇るアイテムとしてマニアには評価されていたものです。その後、ザ・ファームもう一つの定番音源としておなじみ1984年のハマースミスとカップリングさせた「UNITED KINGDOM VOL.1」というアイテムも生み出されました。

それ以上に今回の目玉、それはフィナーレのR&Bカバー「Everybody Needs Somebody to Love」が初めてコンプリートで収録されたこと。ZEP1973年ユーロ・ツアーにおいて「Whole Lotta Love」メドレーに組み込まれたバージョンを彷彿とさせる高速アレンジですが、ザ・ファームの場合は演奏を止めて観客に合唱させたままバンドが「みんな、ありがとう」と言いつつ一旦ステージを降りて終わったと見せかけ、再びステージに戻って演奏が繰り返される展開でした。
しかし今回は「Everybody Needs Somebody to Love」を初めて最後まで収録してみせたコンプリート・バージョンが遂に。それどころか同曲が終わって会場に終演のBGMまでもが流れ、何とマルチトラック・レコーダーのスイッチが止められるところまで収録してみせたのだから驚き。これがマスターというものだ!

実際にザ・ファームのファースト・アルバムに収録された曲の中で、ペイジが作曲に関わったものはどれもメロディが豊かであることがウェンブリーの録音からもはっきりと伝わってきます。反対にロジャースが一人で作った「Money Can’t Buy」のような曲になるとメロディの抑揚が乏しく、80年代が求めていたキャッチーさが欠けている。それがオープニングで演奏されているペイジも関わった「Closer」になると俄然ワクワクさせられるのだから流石。ここに彼の生まれ持った才能がある。
反対に言うとZEP時代からずっと温め続けられていた「Midnight Moonlight」をロジャースが歌うことで一気に歌モノとしての完成度が高まり、遂に楽曲のリリースが実現した訳です。そしてPAアウトのカセット録音「EDINBURGH 1985: DIRECT MASTER」ではテープ・チェンジに当たって不完全収録だった「Radioactive」と「Live In Peace」の二曲もここでは完全収録。あらゆる意味で文句の付けようがないアッパー版1985年ウェンブリー、ザ・ファームのライブ音源を代表する一枚へと昇格しました!

★音質のアッパーは勿論、既発に対し、ショウの最初と最後が長めに収録されています。アンコールの「Everybody Needs Somebody to Love」は初の完全収録。33年の時を経て初めて登場した、最長・最高音質、正真正銘のマルチトラック・マスターです。


Disc 1 (64:16)
1. Jupiter Intro 2. Closer 3. City Sirens 4. Make Or Break 5. The Morning After 6. Together
7. Cadillac 8. Prelude 9. Money Can’t Buy 10. Satisfaction Guaranteed 11. Radioactive
12. Live In Peace 13. Midnight Moonlight

Disc 2 (65:26)
1. You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling 2. Bass Solo 3. The Chase 4. Guitar Solo 5. Drum Solo
6. I Just Wanna Make Love To You 7. Band Introductions 8. Someone To Love
9. Boogie Mama 10. Everybody Needs Somebody to Love

Paul Rodgers – Lead Vocals, Guitars Jimmy Page – Guitars Tony Franklin – Bass
Chris Slade – Drums, Percussion



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