Firm / Edinburgh 1985 Direct Master / 2CD

Firm / Edinburgh 1985 Direct Master / 2CD / Wardour
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Live at Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland 20th May 1985 STEREO SBD


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It had been housed in directly passed master cassette from the parties, genuine Omoto sound board sound source. One of unprecedented boasts a vivid wonders is the appearance.
The are contained in this work, by Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers of THE FIRM “May 20, 1985 Edinburgh performances”. It is a “RADIOACTIVE SIRENS” classic sound source that has given rise to “PLAYHOUSE THEATRE 1985” the beginning and the name board from the previous, but it was obtained from this official, it’s a master cassette to be the Omoto. In fact, the sound flowing from the cassette, direct feeling of all time. Although it was not a great line sound by from already issued, it even difference dimension at all, as if as if being played directly in the brain and digs the plug into the ear. In the same way as already issued from the end of the “Radioactive” over the beginning of the “Live In Peace”, and also there is also a lack of tape change in the middle of “I Just Wanna Make Love To You,” but such a scene without any fade process, Reality of chopped is the master cassette is boasts a vivid, such as in front of the eye.
In addition this time, carefully remastered the original sound of the master cassette. Of course, we have not imitate, such as processing the vividness of the original sound. A little back to the center of the balance was right side, slightly higher pitch adjusted to just. Sound, which has been in a more site is it was focused on mastering that revives the faithful.
Because it is so much of the sound, the voice of Paul Rodgers also just “breathing” level. Everyone wants shy, and I sound like whispers in my ear is that voice that you envy. Although it is Rogers who will not hear the beautiful voice, not knowing the decline today, this time the 35-year-old. The rock singer fat survived, that greet the future prime as a blues singer, it was the most delicious age. In fact, it flows into the ear over this work, is a mellow singing voice rarity. While every word sounded mellow, delicate nuances really delicate. To say whether, without also the artificial singing once as David Kavu~aderu, you have to bleed the rich emotion just that tone. From FREE up to now, there is no confidence that “is this work best singing” only Rogers you’ve left a number of name ayat as possible says, but the recording approaching this as the name ayat is close, it does not come up a little.
Given that Rogers’s “breathing” level, Jimmy Page is What should I say even a “vibration of the strings” level. The only time that has been “airship of illusion” trying to move away from, but is not far from the true value even in a career that has been wrapped in glory, that’s why even the passion is hot indeed. In particular, emotion full installation from the “DEATH WISH II,” “Prelude” is really wonderful. Soul that has been put in a delicate melody, … to be poured into the ear in the direct sense of sound to sound rubbing the strings. Furthermore sake mettle that sheer is a new start “Midnight Moonlight”. It is the thing which was remade “PHYSICAL GRAFFITI” out-of-the grand take song “Swan Song,” but, despite the DADGAD tuning, the “White Summer / Black Mountain Side” is not touched at all. And this after “OUTRIDER” “? COVERDALE PAGE” Although it is Paige go with a compromise of the legendary little by little, here is a new partner: appearance to stick to its own world with Paul Rogers is impressive.
The new song group of debut “THE FIRM”, such “two people of the world”, but is not is engraved, especially impressive for the “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.” What a wonderful thing of gentle blues singing voice and guitar that lock the go pale decorate. Its hue is little by little, gradually increase the depth as lees that accumulate to like wine. And, Paige solo and Rogers singing entanglement in the middle, at once Rogers in the end is to explode emotion. It is one take of deep flavor, such as a collection of best of British blues-rock to have at all. The “two people of the world” is spread, it is not the only new song. In Rogers’s solo repertoire “Live In Peace”, and to meet the singing voice of Rogers Komu sing deeply, to push play hot hot the Paige also passion Flaring solo. As described above beginning has been cut, but the hot, intense, late deep two of emotion is Interlacing are fully captured in stunning direct sound. Just these two people would name part of precisely because Narabitatsu.

Instead of “Rogers LED ZEPPELIN sing”, it is not even “Paige is BAD COMPANY to play”. While stomach it the world of THE FIRM that can not be only in “this two people”. It is the live of inscription goods that are felt touched likely as familiar by hand. It was realized for the first time to become in 2015 that exceeds the time of ’30, one that can be closest to the “two legendary”. This weekend, you will be able to stand between the two people.

本作に収められているのは、ジミー・ペイジとポール・ロジャースによるTHE FIRMの「1985年5月20日エディンバラ公演」。以前から「RADIOACTIVE SIRENS」「PLAYHOUSE THEATRE 1985」をはじめとした名盤を生んできた定番音源ですが、今回関係者から入手したのは、その大本となるマスターカセットなのです。実際、そのカセットから流れ出るサウンドは、空前絶後のダイレクト感。既発からして素晴らしいライン・サウンドだったわけですが、それすら次元がまったく違い、まるで耳にプラグを突っ込んで脳で直接再生しているかのよう。既発と同じように「Radioactive」の終わりから「Live In Peace」の冒頭にかけて、また「I Just Wanna Make Love To You」の中盤でテープチェンジの欠落もありますが、そんなシーンもフェイド処理がなく、ぶつ切りのリアリティは、マスターカセットが目の前にあるような生々しさを誇っているのです。
ロジャースが“息づかい”レベルだとすれば、ジミー・ペイジは“弦の振動”レベルとでも言えばいいでしょうか。“飛行船の幻影”から遠ざかろうとしていた時期だけに、栄光に包まれたキャリアの中でも真骨頂とはほど遠いわけですが、だからこその情熱が熱いのも確か。特に「DEATH WISH II」からの情感溢れるインスト「Prelude」は本当に素晴らしい。繊細な旋律に込められた魂が、弦のこすれる音まで聞こえるダイレクト感で耳に流し込まれる……。さらに新たなスタートを期する気概が透けるのは「Midnight Moonlight」。「PHYSICAL GRAFFITI」のアウトテイク曲「Swan Song」を壮大に作り替えたものですが、DADGADチューニングにも関わらず、「White Summer/Black Mountain Side」には一切触れない。この後「OUTRIDER」「COVERDALE?PAGE」と、少しずつ伝説との折り合いを付けていくペイジですが、ここでは新たなパートナー:ポール・ロジャースとの独自世界にこだわる姿が印象的です。
デビュー作「THE FIRM」の新曲群には、そんな“2人の世界”が刻まれているわけですが、特に印象深いのは「You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling」。穏やかなブルースロックを淡く彩っていく歌声とギターのなんと素晴らしいことか。その色合いが少しずつ少しずつ、まるでワインに溜まる澱のように深みを増していく。そして、中盤にペイジのソロとロジャースの歌声が絡み合い、終盤で一気にロジャースが感情を爆発させる。まったくもって英国ブルースロックの粋を集めたような深い味わいの1テイクです。“2人の世界”が広がるのは、新曲だけではありません。ロジャースのソロ・レパートリー「Live In Peace」では、深く歌い込むロジャースの歌声に応えるように、ペイジも情熱迸るソロを熱く熱く弾き込む。前述の通り冒頭がカットされていますが、熱く、激しく、深い2人の情感が交錯する後半は見事なダイレクトサウンドで捉えきっている。まさにこの2人が並び立つからこその名パートでしょう。

“ロジャースが歌うLED ZEPPELIN”ではなく、“ペイジが弾くBAD COMPANY”でもない。それでいながら“この2人”でしかあり得ないTHE FIRMの世界。それを手で触れられそうなほど身近に感じられるライヴの銘品です。30年の刻を超えた2015年になって初めて実現した、“伝説の2人”に最接近できる1本。今週末、あなたは2人の間に立つことになるでしょう。

Disc 1 (49:30)
1. Intro. 2. Closer 3. City Sirens 4. Make Or Break 5. The Morning After 6. Together 7. Cadillac
8. Prelude 9. Money Can’t Buy 10. Satisfaction Guaranteed 11. Radioactive 12. Live In Peace

Disc 2 (62:27)
1. Midnight Moonlight 2. You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling 3. The Chase
4. I Just Wanna Make Love To You 5. Band Introductions 6. Someone To Love 7. Boogie Mama


Paul Rodgers – Lead Vocals, Guitars Jimmy Page – Guitars Tony Franklin – Bass
Chris Slade – Drums, Percussion
Wardour – 154

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