Faces / San Bernardino 1975 / 1CD

Faces / San Bernardino 1975 / 1CD / Wardour

Translated Text:
Live at Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, California, USA 7th March 1975 Stereo SBD


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Large representative sound board of the late THE FACES is the appearance become upper version! Do that, “March 7, 1975 San Bernando performance” is you remember the shock which became the highest sound quality and long version? Another eight years is going to Sugiyo from there. This work, I that best version “SAN BERNADINO 1975 MASTER” upper board! You might think that “? The possible doing what is there more”, certainly this version also overall sound is almost the same. However, “I Can Feel The Fire,” “You Wear It Well” mono part of “Maggie May” is’s the stereo! So, the only maximum was of’ve been told a disadvantage “stereo → mono” switching is not !! it had been imprinted with “such mon’s” before you give up Kano and while listening to the large representative recording “ginger no”, that discomfort it is but does not exist. In fact, if you are listening to this new version, go naturally show flows enough to forget where or there was a switch of previous versions. It is a I one even already issued that would have crowded thoroughly listen and would wipe out from the storage !!
Of course, then you have been recorded this name should also be referred to as a mark of the sound source “Motherless Children” also became the appearance of shock to eight years ago, “Take A Look At The Guy,” “I Can Feel The Fire”, “Angel” is also pat. There was Duration of number patterns in conventional version, is packed with exactly the same VOLUME the longest version “SAN BERNADINO 1975 MASTER” among them. Sound quality is also not inferior to already issued, sound the best sound quality and vivid was cohabiting alive and well. No, it is enough to hear rather slightly force increases. Of large Ketteiban that had seemed almost perfect, just a slight drawback was even happen to also overcome …… That is the true character of this work!
And, essential cornerstone of live is also extremely good. And say late THE FACES, and drunk, but also had to become gudaguda be, to enjoy the premise of this work is broadcast, tension is through one and Bishitsu. And yet, it is tour de force that is inherent loose is sublimated to the groove. While there is a full-bodied a groove feeling of late unique, and performance of I that was fulfilling much than really fall tour that became the disbanded just before. And, is indeed dazzling Rod Stewart & Ron Wood of showman-ship ride there. Day by day two giant that went shine as a star, is there patronage even while confronting. Never again to go back again, great British lock’s the Gyuu justified in 1CD.
Let’s be honest. Before because version “SAN BERNADINO 1975 MASTER” was too great, anything you may also have those who will not notice the difference, even after this upgrade to ear have to say. However, official / unofficial the beyond “this one there is only” because I large decision sound source, must be left to history in the form of extremely ultimate-supreme. Korezo, it is faultless. Perfect live-permanent preservation specifications appropriate to album press CD is imposing of birth!


後期THE FACESの大代表サウンドボードがアッパーバージョンとなって登場です! あの「1975年3月7日サン・ベルナンド公演」が最高音質&ロング・バージョンになった衝撃を覚えていらっしゃいますか? あれからもう8年が過ぎようとしています。本作は、あのベストバージョン「SAN BERNADINO 1975 MASTER」のアッパー盤なのです! 「あれ以上がどうやって可能なのか?」と思われるかも知れませんが、確かに今回のバージョンも全体のサウンドはほぼ同等。しかしながら、「I Can Feel The Fire」「You Wear It Well」「Maggie May」のモノラルパートがステレオなのです! そう、唯一最大の欠点と言われてきた“ステレオ→モノラル”切り替えがない!! かの大代表録音を聴きながら「しょうがない」とあきらめる以前に「こういうもんだ」と刷り込まれていた、あの違和感が存在しないのです。実際、今回の新バージョンを聴いていると、以前のバージョンのどこで切り替えがあったのか忘れてしまうほどに自然にショウが流れていく。徹底的に聴きこんでいたはずの既発ですら記憶から消し去ってしまう1枚なのです!!
もちろん、この名音源の刻印とも言うべき「Motherless Children」も収録されていますし、8年前に衝撃の登場となった「Take A Look At The Guy」「I Can Feel The Fire」「Angel」もばっちり。従来バージョンでも数パターンの収録時間がありましたが、その中でも最長バージョン「SAN BERNADINO 1975 MASTER」とまったく同じヴォリュームが詰まっています。サウンド・クオリティも既発に劣らず、最高の音質と生々しさが同居したサウンドは健在。いや、むしろ若干迫力が増して聴こえるほどです。ほとんど完璧と思われていた大決定盤の、ほんのわずかな欠点さえも克服してしまった……それが本作の正体なのです!
そして、肝心要のライヴがまたすこぶる良い。後期THE FACESというと、酔っ払ってグダグダになってしまうこともありましたが、本作は放送を前提としていただけに、緊張感がビシッと一本通っている。それでいて、特有のルーズさがグルーヴにまで昇華されている名演です。後期ならではのコクのあるグルーヴ感がありながら、本当に解散直前となった秋ツアーよりも遙かに充実したパフォーマンスなのです。そして、そこに乗るロッド・スチュワート&ロン・ウッドのショウマン・シップが実に眩しい。日増しにスターとしての輝きを増していった両巨頭が、対峙しながらも引き立てあっている。もう二度と戻ることのない、素晴らしいブリティッシュ・ロックが1CDにギュウ詰めなのです。
正直に申し上げましょう。前バージョン「SAN BERNADINO 1975 MASTER」があまりにも素晴らしかったゆえに、何も言わなければ今回のアップグレードを耳にしても違いに気づかない方もいるかも知れません。しかし、公式/非公式を超えて“これ1本しかない”大決定音源なのですから、究極・至高を極めた形で歴史に残さなければなりません。これぞ、完全無欠です。パーフェクトなライヴ・アルバムに相応しい永久保存仕様のプレスCDが堂々の誕生です!

1. Take A Look At The Guy 2. I’m Losing You 3. Bring It On Home To Me / You Send Me
4. Sweet Little Rock’n Roller 5. I’d Rather Go Blind 6. Too Bad / Every Picture Tells A Story
7. Angel 8. Stay With Me 9. Motherless Children 10. Gasoline Alley 11. Stay With Me
12. I Can Feel The Fire 13. You Wear It Well 14. Maggie May 15. Twistin’ The Night Away


Rod Stewart – Vocals Ron Wood – Guitar, Vocal Ian McLagan – Keyboards
Tetsu Yamauchi – Bass Kenney Jones – Drums


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