Europe / Wings Over Kawasaki / 2CD

Europe / Wings Over Kawasaki / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live at Club Citta, Kawasaki, Japan 9th January 2015


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Name board “WINGS OF TOMORROW” full reproduce live is appeared! New Year early, EUROPE you came to Japan in without waiting for the announcement of the new. While Meiuchi the second album completely reproducible, actually only the 5 performances in three performances were reproduced. In Tokyo it was only “January 9” of the first day (Fes other day by 3-band format). This work is a live album that was captured by the “Club Citta January 9, 2015 Kawasaki performances” audience recording of direct feeling plenty of!
“WINGS OF TOMORROW” of it is I’m happy just completely reproduced listen, surprising and sound. But come applause and cheers heard by playing is it of audience recording undoubtedly, play starts and surprise! Musical tone is not heard only in most line recording. Well to refer a clear recording and also or referred to as a “sound board class”, but this is not a kind of level. Fiercely in direct to have been recorded, if there is no beginning scene enough to think “Where is the audience recording What?”. Well …… “desk directly-class audience” and how about you I speaking even. The audience recording fan, and much would think “a little more or not it may be a reverberation?”, “Directly connected feeling” is there for (of course, it is not connected actually). Although I have somehow become complain, and live of contents is “full reproduction of WINGS OF TOMORROW”, another story. This super direct feeling is the strongest weapon. After all “name board of the live performance version” because of I, subtleties of playing important than usual live. That’s, is good vivid it is enough can be compared to the studio name board. In that sense, sound of this work is 100 points. If, even not come out in the future sound board, this work is reproduced live album that can be even enough “official instead”.
And “WINGS OF TOMORROW reproduction” of essential requirements, this is downright amazing! Large masterpiece of questions asked “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN” is also good, but at the time the strongest name board is for the fans who scorched the chest was the “Nordic Metal” unknown world would be “WINGS OF TOMORROW”. Also shining and melody, go to the European HR not never pop. No way, it …… will be able to wrap yourself in this shine in Japan in 2015.
In addition, Tokyo first day overnight reputation as “best” is also in this visit to Japan. In fact, the voice of Joey Tempest listen in direct feeling plenty of recording really great. There is no sodomy of hobby, but in voice you do not lose the sex appeal in the 51-year-old, it …… you would involuntarily and entranced. And, buddy John Norum guitar! In recent works is his that have taken also Zakk Wylde whiff, but this time after all “WINGS OF TOMORROW” theme. Heaviness Nanzo It’s not and! The cut in the “Scream Of Anger”, and whisper in “Dreamer”, turn the fist in Enka Installation “Aphasia”. Was once touted as “Michael Schenker and Gary Moore of fusion”, is that crying is a complete revival !!

Once enjoyed the disk 1 immersed in the world of “WINGS OF TOMORROW”, disk 2 Best Hit Live. “START FROM THE DARK” 12 songs that have been evenly Choice from Zensaku other than, history Gyuu stuffed band. It is a fierce band of twists and turns, but reminded that you’ve been writing always a good song. “WINGS OF TOMORROW” In addition to the songs “Seven Doors Hotel”, “The Final Countdown” is also Nante listen at a time, really deep feeling! In addition, “Superstitious” In the WHITESNAKE “Here I Go Again”, “Rock The Night,” “Woman From Tokyo” of in DEEP PURPLE also jumped, and I real thrill of European HR is small that fills the whole volume.
Full reproduction and Greatest Hits in it spelled Japanese tour memorable. Best of honor High overnight Among them, I of this work was to vacuum-packed in direct sound. Whether you think of any more of luxury? Best live album about the brain to paralysis. It is a large appeared in two sets of emergency of the press !!

名盤「WINGS OF TOMORROW」の完全再現ライヴが登場です!新年早々、新作の発表を待たずして来日したEUROPE。セカンド・アルバム完全再現を銘打ちつつ、実は再現したのは5公演中3公演だけ。東京では初日の「1月9日」だけでした(他の日は3バンドによるフェス形式)。本作は、その「2015年1月9日クラブチッタ川崎公演」をダイレクト感たっぷりの客席録音で捉えたライヴ・アルバムです!
「WINGS OF TOMORROW」の完全再現が聴けるだけでも嬉しいですが、驚くべきはサウンド。再生して聞こえてくる拍手や歓声は間違いなくオーディエンス録音のそれですが、演奏が始まるや驚き! 楽音はほとんどライン録音にしか聞こえない。よくクリアな録音を指して「サウンドボード級」と称したりもしますが、これはそういうレベルではありません。凄まじくダイレクトに録れていて、冒頭シーンがなければ「どこがオーディエンス録音なんだ?」と思うほど。そうですね……「卓直結級オーディエンス」とでも言えばいいでしょうか。客席録音ファンとしては、「もう少し残響があっても良いんじゃないか?」と思ってしまうくらい、“直結感”があるのです(もちろん、実際には繋がってません)。なんだか文句になってしまいましたが、ライヴの中身が「WINGS OF TOMORROWの完全再現」となると、話は別。このスーパー・ダイレクト感は最強の武器です。なにせ“名盤の生演奏バージョン”なのですから、普通のライヴ以上に演奏の機微が大事。それこそ、スタジオ名盤と比較できるくらいにビビッドな方が良いのです。その意味では、本作のサウンドは100点満点。もし、今後サウンドボードが出てこなかったとしても、本作は十分に“オフィシャル代わり”にさえなり得る再現ライヴ・アルバムです。
そして肝心要の「WINGS OF TOMORROW再現」、これがなんとも素晴らしい! 問答無用の大代表作「THE FINAL COUNTDOWN」も良いですが、当時は未知の世界だった“北欧メタル”に胸を焦がしたファンにとって最強の名盤は「WINGS OF TOMORROW」でしょう。キラキラとメロディが輝いても、決してポップではないヨーロピアンHRの粋。まさか、2015年の日本でこの輝きに身を包むことができるとは……。
しかも、東京初日は今回の来日でも“ベスト”と評判の一夜。実際、ダイレクト感たっぷりの録音で聴くジョーイ・テンペストの声は本当に素晴らしい。男色の趣味はありませんが、51歳にして色気を失わない声には、思わずウットリとしてしまう……。そして、相棒ジョン・ノーラムのギター! 近作ではザック・ワイルドっぽさも取り込んでいる彼ですが、今回はなにしろ「WINGS OF TOMORROW」がテーマ。ヘヴィネスなんぞお呼びじゃない! 「Scream Of Anger」で切り込み、「Dreamer」で囁き、演歌インスト「Aphasia」でコブシを回す。かつて「マイケル・シェンカーとゲイリー・ムーアの融合」と謳われた、あの泣きが完全復活です!!

ディスク1で存分に「WINGS OF TOMORROW」の世界に浸ったら、ディスク2はベストヒット・ライヴ。「START FROM THE DARK」以外の全作から満遍なくチョイスされた12曲は、バンドの歴史がギュウ詰め。紆余曲折の激しいバンドですが、常に良い曲を書き続けてきたことを思い知らされます。「WINGS OF TOMORROW」全曲に加えて「Seven Doors Hotel」「The Final Countdown」も一度に聴けるなんて、ホント感無量! さらに「Superstitious」ではWHITESNAKEの「Here I Go Again」、「Rock The Night」ではDEEP PURPLEの「Woman From Tokyo」も飛び出し、ヨーロピアンHRの醍醐味が全編に充満しているショウなのです。
記念すべき完全再現とグレイテスト・ヒッツで綴った日本ツアー。その中でもベストの誉れ高き一夜を、ダイレクト・サウンドで真空パックしたのが本作なのです。これ以上の贅沢が思いつきますか? 脳が麻痺するほど最高のライヴ・アルバム。緊急のプレスの2枚組で大登場です!!

Disc 1 (46:09)

Wings Of Tomorrow

1. Intro. 2. Stormwind 3. Scream Of Anger 4. Open Your Heart 5. Treated Bad Again 6. Aphasia
7. Wings Of Tomorrow 8. Wasted Time 9. Lyin’ Eyes 10. Dreamer 11. Dance The Night Away

Disc 2 (66:20)
1. Riches To Rags 2. Firebox 3. Prisoners In Paradise 4. Love Is Not The Enemy
5. Superstitious incl. Here I Go Again 6. Seven Doors Hotel 7. Drum Solo (William Tell Overture)
8. Ninja 9. The Beast 10. Rock The Night 11. Last Look At Eden 12. The Final Countdown

Joey Tempest – lead vocals John Norum – guitars, backing vocals
John Leven – bass, backing vocals Mic Michaeli – keyboards, piano, backing vocals,
Ian Haugland – drums, percussion, backing vocals


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