Europe / Steelhouse Festival 2014 / 2CDR

Europe / Steelhouse Festival 2014 / 2CDR / Non Label

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Live at Hafod-y-Dafal Farm, Ebbw Vale, Wales, UK 20th July 2014


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While refrain New release of “WAR OF KINGS” in March, played a visit to Japan to jump ahead EUROPE. This time, became the topic “WINGS OF TOMORROW” completely reproducible, but is doing from 2014 to become the 30th anniversary, it is only a few times of special gig books, most of which was live a normal set list. Album full reproduction of the monument board “WINGS OVER KAWASAKI” is of course is a complete must listen, who this was the out will EUROPE cares again to machine, to the person who continues to long fan, usually live in the highest quality where I would like to taste. Therefore, to deliver is, it is “July 20, 2014 Wales performance” was fully captured by the audience recording that is comparable to the sound board “STEELHOUSE FESTIVAL 2014”!
“WINGS OVER KAWASAKI” in but was inconsistent say that “audience recording, such as the desk directly connected”, line-ish sound in this work also different meaning. “WINGS OVER KAWASAKI”, although I felt that ride is audience seems to applause, cheers to intense near the tone of the clear sense of plenty, although this work there is a slight sense of distance to the drum, there is almost no kind of applause, cheers. That there is no one is in the way of the musical tone, also’s a superb clear sense of different homeopathic.
Live that unfolds in such a powerful sound, just all-time best. Although there no “Seven Doors Hotel” debut album is a pity, it’s “(but is often neglected by John Norum absence,’m name board!) OUT OF THIS WORLD” hit is also doing three songs from I’m happy is. “Here I Go Again” of WHITESNAKE even “Superstitious” of this work is inserted, it is called a chorus. On the contrary, there even after formation re-songs about half, and also ideal for re-introduction to anyone who “recently what about me EUROPE?”. Is there a now latest “BAG OF BONES” tour of the place of but, “LAST LOOK AT EDEN” It is interesting place even for a thicker selected balance from. Although route had twists and turns, at any time good song, I think than who can well understood is that it’s a band that has been written a catchy melody.
Blowing the Nordic metal of wind in Japan, of 2015 that European HR reminded me a real thrill of that has been forgotten EUROPE. Once again, just because now the European HR was endangered, and Why not try to re-confirm their ability and achievement. And it is the perfect live album. By all means, we did not Toma love, please feel European wind.


新作「WAR OF KINGS」のリリースを3月に控えつつ、一足先に来日を果たしたEUROPE。今回、話題になった「WINGS OF TOMORROW」完全再現は、30周年となる2014年からやっていますが、それはあくまでホンの数回のスペシャル・ギグで、ほとんどが通常セットリストのライヴでした。アルバム完全再現の記念碑盤「WINGS OVER KAWASAKI」はもちろん完全必聴ですが、これを機にEUROPEが再び気になり出した方、長くファンを続けてくださる方には、普段のライヴも最高品質で味わっていただきたいところ。そこでお届けするのが、「2014年7月20日ウェールズ公演」をサウンドボードに匹敵するオーディエンス録音で捉えきった「STEELHOUSE FESTIVAL 2014」です!
「WINGS OVER KAWASAKI」では“卓直結のようなオーディエンス録音”という矛盾した言い方をしましたが、本作もまた違った意味でラインっぽいサウンド。「WINGS OVER KAWASAKI」は、クリア感たっぷりの激近楽音にオーディエンスらしい拍手・歓声が乗る感じでしたが、本作はドラムにわずかな距離感があるものの、拍手・歓声の類がほとんどない。楽音を邪魔するものがないという、またひと味違った抜群のクリア感なのです。
そんな強力サウンドで繰り広げられるライヴは、まさにオールタイム・ベスト。デビュー・アルバムの「Seven Doors Hotel」がないのは残念ですが、ヒット作「OUT OF THIS WORLD(ジョン・ノーラム不在で軽視されがちですが、名盤ですよ!)」から3曲もやっているのが嬉しい。本作の「Superstitious」でもWHITESNAKEの「Here I Go Again」が挿入され、合唱を呼んでいます。逆に、約半数の曲が再結成後でもあり、「最近EUROPEってどうなの?」という方の再入門にも最適。今のところの最新作「BAG OF BONES」ツアーではあるのですが、「LAST LOOK AT EDEN」から厚く選ばれたバランスなのも面白いところです。路線は紆余曲折ありましたが、いつでも良い曲、キャッチーなメロディを書いてきたバンドだということがよく分かっていただけるのではないでしょうか。

Disc 1(50:21)
1. Intro 2. Riches To Rags 3. Firebox 4. Superstitious 5. Scream Of Anger 6. No Stone Unturned
7. New Love In Town 8. Wasted Time 9. Guitar Solo 10. Girl From Lebanon 11. Drums Solo
12. Sign Of The Times

Disc 2(49:12)
1. MC 2. Demon Head 3. Carrie 4. Love Is Not The Enemy 5. Let The Good Times Rock
6. The Beast 7. Rock The Night incl. In For The Kill & Superstition 8. Prelude/Last Look At Eden
9. The Final Countdown

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