Europe / Lyin Eyes And Other Rarities / 1CD

Europe / Lyin Eyes And Other Rarities / 1CD / Zodiac

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Extraordinary rare single of mint quality plate finally excavated ” Lyin ‘Eyes “.

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LYIN ‘EYES is a rare rare single of mint quality plate finally excavated. Treasures collection that assembled the finest official rare / take, with the highest peak ever in history, appears as a permanent preservation press CD! Let’s introduce the contents in detail as soon as possible.

【SEVEN DOORS HOTEL [1983 Single Remix Version]】
The first appearance is a remix version of famous songs that have made popularity in Japan. There are 4 studio takes of this song (single in 1983, original LP, CD, re-recorded in 1985), the most valuable among them is “1983 single version”. It is recorded with the best quality in this work. Although it is a tight overall as compared with the LP version, there is a new flavor added to the masterpiece, such as the guitar solo being edited more than that, and the wind like the introduction is added to the last.

【LYIN ‘EYES [1983 Withdrawn Single Version]】
The biggest eyeball became also the title of this work! It is a take that was recorded from a phantom singles released at the end of 1983, a version whose vocal take is different from the regular album version.
This single is EUROPE collection’s most super rare. Although it was released as a leading single of “WINGS OF TOMORROW”, it is collected immediately. Although it was pressed for 1000 in total, about 100 pieces have been circulated around the world due to collection trouble. When it was sent to overseas net · auction for the first time, it is “Holy Grail of the EUROPE collection” about as much as about 150,000 yen super premium attached. Just listening to it is an extremely rare experience, but in this work it is a miracle mint quality record board. Despite non-remastering, it is recorded in perfect state without any scratch / noise.

【OPEN YOUR HEART [1984 Single Remix Version]】
This is also a treasure of “WINGS OF TOMORROW” era. Long version remixed for single in 1984. Keyboard etc. are added, fade out is late than album version, it is recorded for more than 20 seconds.

【Movie “ON THE LOOSE” 1985 single (4 songs)】
Single take that was released in 1985 just before “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN”. “Rock The Night”, “On The Loose”, and “Broken Dreams” are three rare takes only for 7 inch single released as the soundtrack for the movie “ON THE LOOSE”. “Rock The Night” “On The Loose” is an original version that is different from the re-recorded version of “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN”, and “Broken Dreams” is a hidden name ballad that has not been included in the album.
In addition, although 7 inches is the above three songs, at 12 inches it was another mixed version of “Rock The Night” (about one and half minutes longer). This work contains all 4 takes.

【THE FINAL COUNTDOWN [Mix 40 Principales]】
This is also the eyeball of this work comparable to the single “LYIN ‘EYES”! It is a remixed version for the Spanish radio station “40 PRINCIPALES”, which is also very super rare. It is recorded only in the test pressed 7-inch single, and it is a super rare board with more than single “LYIN ‘EYES” in number. It is a new excavation that is not known even to date and is more shocking than the core maniac.
Contents are also amazing. BON JOVI’s “Runaway” also had a similar remix, but it was exquisitely exhilarating enough to think that the player was broken, and the official exclusive finish. It is one take of shock that can only be heard in this work anyhow.

【WHERE MEN WILL NOT DARE [Outtake – Stereo Version]】
The installation number of “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN” outtake. It was also included in the official DVD “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN TOUR 1986: LIVE IN SWEDEN? 20 TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION (Japan not yet released)”, but somehow it is monaural. It is recorded in stereo version in this work.

【Rare · Take of PRISONERS IN PARADISE era (3 songs)】
Two songs and one acoustic live from the so-called “LE BARON BOYS session”. “LE BARON BOYS” is a session that took a death of “Heavy too much” from a record company, and in this work it recorded 2 songs “Rainbow Warrior” and “Blame It On Me” which are difficult to obtain while officially released It is.
Acoustic live is “Open Your Heart”, rare take only for British CD single singles. It was recorded on the BBC program “NICKY CAMPBELL SHOW” on January 20, 1992.

【Hero [Radio Remix]】
From here we are rare and take in the reunion era. This is a remix for the radio that was recorded only in the UK CD single. Compared to album version, acoustic guitar is emphasized, drum is a conspicuous mix.

【START FROM THE DARK, LAST LOOK AT EDEN live · take (3 songs)】
Two songs “Sign Of The Times” and “Start From The Dark” are 7 inches attached to “LAST LOOK AT EDEN”, ​​and take only 2000 pieces of rare single. It is a live performance of Paris performance on November 10, 2004.
“Last Look At Eden” is a show of SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL on June 6, 2009. This show was also radio broadcasted, but here it is recorded from the rare / promo CDR single of “NEW LOVE IN TOWN” which was made the only official.

【Bring It All Home [Remix]】
Extra rare remix for radio that does not have delivery or promotion board.

【The Final Countdown [2016 Version]】
Reprint version of super representative song 2016. It was recorded only on 12 inch single of delivery and lacodo store · day limited 1000 sheet press.

Over, about 77 minutes · All 18 song treasure tracks. Above all, the phantom singles “Lyin ‘Eyes” are shocks, but the take-ups of only the test press boards which are not known even for others are all ultra superb take of the official production. Moreover, it records only with the highest peak sound version ever. Not only is it rare, but even when fans who do not know the preciousness listen to it, it is also a musical work in which the radiance of each era is dazzling. A decisive piece with a value equal to or better than the official work group. Contained in a press CD leaving a sparkle forever, it is a majestic appearance here.

遂に発掘されたミント・クオリティ盤の激レア・シングル『LYIN’ EYES』。その史上最高峰版を筆頭に、極上の公式レア・テイクを集成した秘宝集が永久保存プレスCDで登場です! 早速、その中身を詳しくご紹介していきましょう。

【SEVEN DOORS HOTEL [1983 Single Remix Version]】

【LYIN’ EYES [1983 Withdrawn Single Version]】
本作のタイトルにもなった最大の目玉テイク! 1983年暮れにリリースされた幻のシングルから収録された1テイクで、正規アルバム・バージョンとはヴォーカル・テイクが違うバージョンです。
このシングルは、EUROPEコレクション随一の超・激レア。『WINGS OF TOMORROW』の先行シングルとしてリリースされたましたが、即回収。トータルで1000枚プレスされたものの、回収騒ぎによって世の中に出回ったのは100枚ほど。初めて海外ネット・オークションに出品された際には、約15万円もの超プレミアが付いたほどの“EUROPEコレクションの聖杯”なのです。ただ聴けるだけでも激レア体験なのですが、本作では奇跡のミント・クオリティ盤。ノン・リマスタリングにも関わらず、一切のスクラッチ・ノイズがない完璧な状態で収録しています。

【OPEN YOUR HEART [1984 Single Remix Version]】
こちらも『WINGS OF TOMORROW』時代のお宝。1984年にシングル用にリミックスされた長尺バージョン。キーボード等が足され、アルバム・バージョンよりフェード・アウトが遅く20秒以上も長く収録されています。

【映画『ON THE LOOSE』の1985年シングル(4曲)】
『THE FINAL COUNTDOWN』直前の1985年にリリースされたシングル・テイク。「Rock The Night」「On The Loose」「Broken Dreams」の3曲は、映画『ON THE LOOSE』のサントラとしてリリースされた7インチ・シングルのみのレア・テイク。「Rock The Night」「On The Loose」は『THE FINAL COUNTDOWN』の再録版とは異なるオリジナル・バージョンですし、「Broken Dreams」はアルバム未収録となった隠れた名バラードです。
さらに、7インチは上記の3曲ですが、12インチでは「Rock The Night」の別ミックス版(約1分半も長い)でした。本作はその全4テイクを収録しています。

【THE FINAL COUNTDOWN [Mix 40 Principales]】
これもシングル『LYIN’ EYES』にも匹敵する本作の目玉! スペインのラジオ局“40 PRINCIPALES”向けにリミックスされたバージョンで、これまた超・激レア。テスト・プレスされた7インチ・シングルにだけ収録され、枚数的にはシングル『LYIN’ EYES』以上の超稀少盤。これまで存在すら知られず、コアなマニアの方ほど衝撃となる新発掘です。
中身も凄い。BON JOVIの「Runaway」にも同様のリミックスがありましたが、プレイヤーが壊れたかと思うほど豪快に換骨奪胎しつつ、公式ならではの精密な仕上がり。とにかく本作でしか聴けない衝撃の1テイクです。

【WHERE MEN WON’T DARE [Outtake – Stereo Version]】
『THE FINAL COUNTDOWN』のアウトテイクのインスト・ナンバー。公式DVD『THE FINAL COUNTDOWN TOUR 1986: LIVE IN SWEDEN ? 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION(日本未発売)』にも収録されましたが、なぜかそちらではモノラル。本作ではステレオ・バージョンで収録しています。

通称“LE BARON BOYSセッション”から2曲とアコースティック・ライヴ1曲。“LE BARON BOYS”は、レコード会社から「ヘヴィすぎる」と没を食らったセッションで、本作では公式リリースされながら入手困難となっている2曲「Rainbow Warrior」「Blame It On Me」を収録しています。
アコースティック・ライヴは「Open Your Heart」で、イギリス盤CDシングルのみのレア・テイク。1992年1月20日のBBC番組“NICKY CAMPBELL SHOW”で収録されたものです。

【Hero [Radio Remix]】

「Sign Of The Times」「Start From The Dark」の2曲は『LAST LOOK AT EDEN』に付属された7インチで、限定2000枚のレア・シングルだけのテイク。2004年11月10日パリ公演のライヴです。
「Last Look At Eden」は2009年6月6日SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVALのライヴ。このショウはラジオ放送もされましたが、ここでは唯一オフィシャル化された『NEW LOVE IN TOWN』のレア・プロモCDRシングルから収録しています。

【Bring It All Home [Remix]】

【The Final Countdown [2016 Version]】

以上、約77分・全18曲の秘宝トラック達。何よりも幻シングルの「Lyin’ Eyes」が衝撃ですが、その他も存在すら知られていないテスト・プレス盤だけのテイクなど、すべてオフィシャル制作の超・極上テイク。しかも、それぞれ史上最高峰サウンド版ばかりで収録しています。単に珍しいだけでなく、貴重度を知らないファンが聴いても各時代の輝きが眩しい音楽作品でもあります。オフィシャル作品群と同等以上の価値を持つ決定的な1枚。永久に輝きを残すプレスCDに封じ込め、ここに堂々の登場です。


1. Seven Doors Hotel (1983 Single Remix Version)
2. Lyin’ Eyes (1983 Withdrawn Single Version)
3. Open Your Heart (1984 Single Remix Version)
4. Rock The Night (1985 Single Version)
5. On The Loose (1985 Single Version)
6. Broken Dreams (Non Album Track)
7. Rock The Night (1985 12inch Remix Version)
8. The Final Countdown (Mix 40 Principales – Spanish Test Pressing)
9. Where Men Won’t Dare (The Final Countdown Outtake – Stereo Version)
10. Rainbow Warrior (1989 Le Baron Boys Demo)
11. Blame It On Me (1989 Le Baron Boys Demo)
12. Open Your Heart (Acoustic Live At Bbc Nicky Campbell Show 20Th January 1992)

13. Hero (Radio Remix)
14. Sign Of The Times (Live At Elysee Montmartre, Paris, France 10Th November 2004)
15. Start From The Dark (Live At Elysee Montmartre, Paris, France 10Th November 2004)
16. Last Look At Eden (Live At Sweden Rock Festival, Norje Havsbad, Norje, Sweden 6Th June 2009)
17. Bring It All Home (Remix)
18. The Final Countdown (2016 Version)

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