Europe / The Final Countdown World Tour & In America / 2DVD+1Bonus DVDR

Europe / The Final Countdown World Tour & In America / 2DVD+1Bonus DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:

Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 23rd February 1987 plus Bonus DVDR “Hammersmith 1987: Missing Tracks” Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA. USA 22nd April 1987 PRO-SHOT

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EUROPE in 1987 which had swept the whole world with “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN”. Official video that can meet them in such a vertex period is reprinted with the highest peak quality ever.
Two images are contained in this work. It is a set of two pieces “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN WORLD TOUR” on Disk 1 and “IN AMERICA” on Disk 2. Similar title “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN TOUR 1986” is also official DVD, but it is totally different. It is two works produced by dividing after Key · Marcelo joined. Both are video works that featured a live show, so let’s first organize each period in the tour schedule.

● 1986
· April 29 – May 26: Sweden (19 performances) ← ※ Official DVD
“May 26” THE FINAL COUNTDOWN “released”
· September 6 – 13: Japan (6 shows)
· September 26 – October 14: Scandinavia + West Germany (13 performances)
“October: Leave Norham → subscribe to Marcelo”
· November 22: “PETER’S POP SHOW” starring
● 1987
· January 24 – March 12: Europe # 1 (33 performances) ← ★ Disc 1 ★
· April 15 – May 17: North America (23 performances) ← ★ Disc 2 ★
· July 4 + 6 / September 5 / November 7: Europe # 2 (4 shows)

This is the whole picture of the vertex period. Official DVD “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN TOUR 1986” is in John Norum when he was in album release. On the other hand, this album is a big hit, and it is a picture of 1987 that was sweeping the world. Let’s introduce each image in detail.

First of all, it is a live video work of the royal road. It is a professional shot of “The London Show on 23rd February 1987” which is the 22th tour of “Europe # 1” above schedule. That quality is an official grade without questions. Of course, it seems natural that the former is an official image, but this is different from a simple video raising. At that time, using the mint quality plate of laser disc released only in Japan, digitized by outsourcing it to a specialized manufacturer overseas. In our shop, we have reprinted a number of Japanese discs laser discs, but the latest work that gathered their know-how. In fact, the quality of this work is overwhelming, it is the image beauty surpassing even the real official DVD “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN TOUR 1986”.
Even the official items are drawn with quality that is shining at the height of the peak. Danger On The Track “,” Dreamer “,” On Broken Wings “and” Dance The Night Away “which are different from the Norham era’s official DVD are also included. More than that is the performance of the band itself. In popularity / familiarity Noram must be EUROPE guitarist, but Key Marcelo who joined on behalf of him is also a genuine talent. The sound is neat and endless, and the fingering is also beautiful. Despite his absence of his own original songs, too brilliant performances have already shown the scales of the next album “OUT OF THIS WORLD”, a big explosion at the jam jamming from the guitar solo. Even though it is fluent and classical, plenty of crying guitar fully synchronizes with the EUROPE sound, it embodies the ideal of Northern Europe metal. I am convinced that there are many fans who even say “It was better than Noram.”
In addition, traditional songs are also interesting as they grow as professionals. “Dreamer” full-fledged a cappella · arrange, “Rock The Night” a funny play of a complaint phone, “Dance The Night Away” entering the performance after skipping once, etc than “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN TOUR 1986” I am used to the stage much. It is clear that it is not a band that simply plays good songs but grown into a band that entertains the audience.

【Disk 2: Road Movie “IN AMERICA”】
Continuing disc 2 is a documentary work “IN AMERICA” that can adhere to their road life. Works that can travel alongside themselves, such as movement and backstage, while featuring the live footage of “Los Angeles Performance on April 22, 1987” which will be their first tour of North America 5. Of course, this is also the ultimate official quality reprinted from the Japanese version laser disc.
Of course, since it is a Japanese version, Japanese subtitles are complete. Members ‘comments and fans’ interviews are transmitted to Vivid. The comments are all real and great anyway. “When I was a child, there was something I wanted to be a carpenter, that is unlikely to be a rock star” and murmured, “It’s not a feeling of being a success.” While dancing in the unprecedented success, the real face of the mid-20s who is trying to catch the reality is dazzling.
The air in the world surrounding such members is also wonderful. From the radio, “Good Morning Detroit! Tonight Europe Comes Up, It’s the Ultimate Race!”, And “It’s a big star since ABBA! 5 members proved to be a heavy metal even in a beauty form” is introduced. That’s more than that. For example, in an interview outside the venue, a couple who came to see EUROPE together starts fighting. As a rock and geek boyfriend told the critic, “Do not think that the undercard is necessary,” she turns back to her as “awesome than Bon Jovi, thanks to Bon Jovi! You do not need the undercut! Also, a group of female fans cheat innocently saying, “Everyone is cute, it’s all cute, everyone loves them, their eyes are lovely!” Half the pleasure of such idol, half the bitterness members are also interesting. In the Q & A section on radio appearances, raw dialogue with fans. “Joey and everyone else are gorgeous!” Joey returns “Thank you, listen to our music, do not you think?” I was asked, “Tempest is the real name?”, In trouble, “It’s a name in a dressing room.It is my name’s anyway” as a misrepresentation (his real name is Rolf Magnus Joakim Larsson). Although the fan of this fan became the cause of Noram withdrawal, I can feel the boiling for the first time in real.
There are plenty of places to see. Movement with private jet, shopping crew garage dressing room, homesick-driven member, singing “The Final Countdown” in Swedish, when dented in the criticism of magazines, “This reporter is a fan of folk I thought, I’m lost in our show. ” It seems to be EUROPE that the youth of Northern Europe where gentleness but simplicity remains remains. Even in the rain, the conversation with being touched by the audience who does not return is also good. “It’s been since we went to see the queen” “It was at the time of Stockholm’s concert” “(QUEEN) everyone started to leave.” “Even though I liked the rain I played the song, “” So we are amazing, “and so on. Young people who have loved rock, even if they try to have a feeling that they are approaching their hero, they have not come to a pin somewhere. Such a stupid face is a fun video work.

Road movie traveling with such a prologue pro shot live of the golden age. I can not hope for reprints on the official side because the era is too strong, but this is the glow of the peak period. A set of 2 carved that reality with the highest quality super high quality ever. Northern Europe Metal The highest video work, please enjoy it.

『THE FINAL COUNTDOWN』で全世界を席巻していた1987年のEUROPE。そんな頂点期の彼らに出逢えるオフィシャル映像が史上最高峰クオリティで復刻です。
本作に収められている映像は2種。『THE FINAL COUNTDOWN WORLD TOUR』をディスク1に、『IN AMERICA』をディスク2に配した2枚組です。似たタイトルの『THE FINAL COUNTDOWN TOUR 1986』も公式DVD化されていますが、それとはまったく別。キー・マルセロが加入してから仕切り直しで制作された2作品です。どちらもライヴをフィーチュアした映像作品ですので、まずはそれぞれの時期をツアー日程の中で整理してみましょう。

・11月22日:“PETER’S POP SHOW”出演

これが頂点期の全体像。公式DVD『THE FINAL COUNTDOWN TOUR 1986』はジョン・ノーラム在籍時で、アルバムリリース直前。それに対し、本作はアルバムも大ヒットし、世界を席巻していた1987年映像なのです。それでは、各映像を詳しくご紹介していきましょう。

まず登場するのは、王道のライヴ映像作品。上記日程の「欧州#1」22公演目にあたる「1987年2月23日ロンドン公演」のプロショットです。そのクオリティは、問答無用のオフィシャル級。もちろん、元が公式映像ですから当たり前のようですが、これが単なるビデオ起こしとはワケが違う。当時、日本でのみリリースされたレーザーディスクのミント・クオリティ盤を使用し、海外の専門メーカーに委託してのデジタル化。当店では、数々の日本盤レーザーディスクを復刻して参りましたが、そのノウハウが結集した最新作。実際、本作のクオリティは圧倒的で、本当のオフィシャルDVD『THE FINAL COUNTDOWN TOUR 1986』さえも凌駕する映像美なのです。
公式品さえ超えたクオリティで描かれるのは、絶頂期に輝くショウ。ノーラム時代の公式DVDとはセットも異なり、あちらでは見られなかった「Danger On The Track」「Dreamer」「On Broken Wings」「Dance The Night Away」も収録している。それ以上なのがバンドのパフォーマンスそのもの。人気・知名度ではノーラムこそがEUROPEのギタリストに違いないものの、彼に代わって加入したキー・マルセロも本物の才人。サウンドはどこまでも端正で、フィンガリングも美しい。彼自身のオリジナル曲がないとは言え、見事すぎる演奏はすでに次作『OUT OF THIS WORLD』の鱗片をうかがわせ、ギターソロから突入するジャムで大爆発。流麗かつクラシカルでありながら泣きもたっぷりなギターはEUROPEサウンドに完全シンクロし、北欧メタルの理想を体現している。未だに「ノーラムより良かった」とさえ言うファンが多いのも納得です。
さらに、従来の曲もプロとしての成長がうかがえて面白い。本格的なアカペラ・アレンジの「Dreamer」、クレーム電話の小芝居が可笑しい「Rock The Night」、一度スカしてから演奏に突入する「Dance The Night Away」等々、『THE FINAL COUNTDOWN TOUR 1986』よりも遙かにステージ慣れしている。単に良い曲を演奏するだけのバンドではなく、観客をノセて楽しませるバンドに成長したのがハッキリと分かるのです。

【ディスク2:ロードムービー『IN AMERICA』】
続くディスク2は、そんな彼らのロード生活に密着できるドキュメンタリー作品『IN AMERICA』。彼ら初の北米ツアー5公演目となる「1987年4月22日ロサンゼルス公演」のライヴ映像もフィーチュアしつつ、移動やバックステージなど、素顔の彼らに寄り添って旅ができる作品。もちろん、こちらも日本盤レーザーディスクから復刻された超極上のオフィシャル・クオリティです。
そんなメンバーを囲む世界の空気も素晴らしい。ラジオからは「おはようデトロイト! 今夜ヨーロッパがやってくる。全米制覇だ!」と流れ、「アバ以来の大スター! 5人のメンバーは美形でもヘヴィ・メタルができると証明した」と紹介される。それ以上なのがファン。例えば、会場外のインタビューでは一緒にEUROPEを見に来たらしきカップルが喧嘩を始めてしまう。いかにもロック・オタクな彼氏が「前座が必要だと思うな」と評論家めいて口にするや、彼女が凄い剣幕で「ボン・ジョヴィより凄かったわ。前座なんていらないわよ!」とやり返す。また、女性ファンのグループも「みんな最高にカワイイのよね、全員大好き!目がステキ!」と無邪気にはしゃぐ。そんなアイドル人気を嬉しさ半分、苦さ半分なメンバーも面白い。ラジオ出演のQ&Aコーナーでは、ファンとの生対話。「ジョーイも他のみんなもゴージャスね!」と話しかけられ、ジョーイが「ありがとう。僕らの音楽聴いてる?」と思わず返してしまう。「テンペストって本名なの?」と訊かれ、困りながら「楽屋での名前だよ。とにかくボクの名前さ」と誤魔化す(彼の本名はRolf Magnus Joakim Larsson)。こうしたファンのノリがノーラム脱退の原因ともなったわけですが、その沸騰ぶりがリアルに感じ取れるのです。
この他にも見どころだらけ。自家用ジェットでの移動、シェービングクリームを塗りあいする楽屋、ホームシックに駆られるメンバー、スウェーデン語で「The Final Countdown」を歌ってみたり、雑誌の酷評に凹んでは「この記者はフォークのファンだと思う。僕らのショウに迷い込んだのさ」と言ってみたり。華やかでありながら素朴さが残る北欧の若者ぶりが実にEUROPEらしい。雨の中でも帰らない観客に感動しての会話も良い感じ。「クイーンを見に行って以来だ」「あれはストックホルムのコンサートの時だったな」「(QUEENでは)みんな帰りはじめてたよ」「雨が好きだって曲を演ったんだけど、ファンの反感をかってね」「だから俺達は凄いんだ」等々。ロックを愛してきた若者らしさ、自分達のヒーローに近づいている実感を持とうとしてもどこかピンと来ていない。そんな素顔が楽しい映像作品なのです。



Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 23rd February 1987

1. The Final Countdown 2. Danger On The Track 3. Carrie 4. Guitar Solo/Jam
5. On The Loose 6. Dreamer 7. Open Your Heart 8. Rock The Night 9. Cherokee
10. On Broken Wings 11. Dance The Night Away 12. The Final Countdown (Reprise)

55min. Linear PCM Stereo 4:3

Live at Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, California, USA 22nd April 1987

1. The Final Countdown 2. Seven Doors Hotel 3. Heart Of Stone 4. Open Your Heart
5. Guitar Solo 6. Bass Solo 7. Drum Solo 8. Cherokee 9. Rock The Night
10. Dreamer アカペラ 11. Carrie 12. The Final Countdown (Reprise) 13. End Credits

72min. Linear PCM Stereo 4:3

PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx.128min.(total)


Europe / Hammersmith 1987 Missing Tracks / 1single DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 23rd February 1987 PRO-SHOT

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This volume press 2 DVD is a super masterpiece image that draws EUROPE cum all-out moment with top quality ever in history. However, the live image of Disk 1 was not a full show but was also cut off by official editing for the product. This work is a pro shot of such “cut song”. It is one piece that you can experience fullshow by combining with the main part.
That’s why in this work is the same as Disk 1 of the main press DVD, “February 23, 1987 London Show”. This album is a multi-camera pro shot of 5 songs + α without any coverage. If you say what was the actual order of songs ……

The Final Countdown / Danger On The Track
★: Ninja
Carrie / Guitar Solo / On The Loose
★: Drum & Keyboard Solos
★: Heart Of Stone
★: Time Has Come
★: Love Chaser
★: Seven Doors Hotel
From Open Your Heart onwards until the last

……, and it looked like this. Mujirushi is a part recorded on press bibliography, “★” is this work. Not only is “Heart Of Stone” “Love Chaser” not seen in “The FINAL COUNTDOWN TOUR 1986” of Nolam era delicious, but also you can enjoy the “Seven Doors Hotel” of the deadly attack. “Ninja” “Heart Of Stone” was also in “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN TOUR 1986”, it is indispensable for the total feeling. By combining this volume press DVD and the two works of this work, “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN” includes all songs. In other words, this set is a moving daimyo board, it is also a live performance version of multi camera camera shots.
And the quality is also wonderful. Although it does not reach ultra quality of the press 2DVD exceeding even the official goods indeed as expected, it is the highest class as an ordinary excavation pro shot. If it is a bonus content it’s a level of image beauty that can be officially released.
This work that complements it and it can be thinned in fullshow of the day against the overwhelming main volume press DVD, which is calculated and polished. It is a luxury set that you can enjoy even as the highest peak image at the height of the daimyo as a stage edition of the Daimyo Edition “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN”. The peak of Scandinavian metal that gained key and Marcelo and increased its radiance. Please enjoy with plenty.


The Final Countdown / Danger On The Track
Carrie /Guitar Solo / On The Loose
★:Drum & Keyboard Solos
★:Heart Of Stone
★:Time Has Come
★:Love Chaser
★:Seven Doors Hotel
Open Your Heart以降、ラストまで

……と、このようになっていました。無印が本編プレスDVDに収録されたパートで、「★」印が本作分。ノーラム時代の『THE FINAL COUNTDOWN TOUR 1986』では観られない「Heart Of Stone」「Love Chaser」が美味しいだけでなく、必殺の「Seven Doors Hotel」も楽しめます。「Ninja」「Heart Of Stone」は『THE FINAL COUNTDOWN TOUR 1986』にもあったものの、トータル感には欠かせない。本編プレスDVDと本作の2作を併せることで『THE FINAL COUNTDOWN』全曲を収録している。つまり、このセットは動く大名盤であり、マルチカメラ・プロショットの生演奏版でもあるのです。
計算され、磨き込まれた作品感が圧倒的な本編プレスDVDに対し、それを補完して当日のフルショウに肉薄できる本作。絶頂期の最高峰映像としても、大名盤『THE FINAL COUNTDOWN』のステージ編としても楽しめる豪華セット。キー・マルセロを得て輝きを増した北欧メタルの絶頂。ぜひ、併せてたっぷりとご堪能ください。

1. Ninja 2. Drum & Keyboard Solos 3. Heart Of Stone 4. Time Has Come
5. Love Chaser 6. Seven Doors Hotel

30min. Linear PCM Stereo 4:3


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