Europe / Out Of This World Tour London & Nottingham 1989 / 2CDR

Europe / Out Of This World Tour London & Nottingham 1989 / 2CDR / Shades

Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 1st April 1989

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This is the big picture of “OUT OF THIS WORLD TOUR”. It was a huge three-year tour, literally a world tour of North America, Europe, Asia and South America. Above all, it is the “Europe” leg that has become one of the most important performances. The 2 performances of this work were the final album concerts that hit the 56th and 58th performances. Let’s introduce each one individually.

【Disc 1: Performed on April 1, 1989 in London (12 songs)】
The first thing that will appear is the stereo soundboard recorded at the British traditional venue “Hammer Smith Odeon”. This is super-superior! Official level with no complaints about recording, mixing and master freshness. It’s not a proper mix that seems to be in the single B side, but it’s an official regular release class super-super sound board.
It can not be helped to say four five before this sound. The show drawn in the quality you want to finish with “Oh, please listen!” Is also delicious. The set is a choice from all over from debut to the latest, but its axis is clearly the masterpiece “OUT OF THIS WORLD”. Although “Sortwind” and “Seven Doors Hotel” have been selected from the beginning, though they are selected as such from “The Final Countdown”. The rest is the “OUT OF THIS WORLD” number, and the six songs that become half of the album are the big screen behavior. Among the most valuable are “Lights and Shadows” and “Tower’s Callin ‘”. Both are hidden masterpieces played only in “OUT OF THIS WORLD TOUR”, and can be listened to in the official name-class super-super sound.

[Disc 2: April 4th, 1989 Rotterdam show (15 songs)] The disc 2 in place is a Dutch show three days later. This is a step better than the super-quality disk 1, but it is still a noiseless and glossy soundboard. If it is not even compared with the disk 1, it is a masterpiece that can be played alone.
And the strength here is length. Disk 1 was about 58 minutes for 12 songs, but about 72 minutes for 15 songs here. There are a lot of songs, but there is still a lot of “Danger On The Track”, “Ready Or Not”, “Just The Beginning”, “Sign Of The Times” and “I’ve Got A Feeling” that can not be heard on Disc 1. “Just The Beginning” of “OUT OF THIS WORLD” is also a rare song only for this tour, but I’ve Got A Feeling ” The Beatles cover, but EUROPE has played this song several times in Hong. Moreover, rather than play and a cappella, which are often found in rare songs, they have been playing bands for about four minutes. You can enjoy so many super rare songs on the sound board.

Let’s organize the famous songs that can be enjoyed by the total of 2 performances here.
● “Fantasy Symphonic Poetry” “The Wings for Tomorrow”
・ Seven Doors Hotel (DISC 1 only), Stormwind (DISC 1 only)
・ Carrie, Rock The Night, The Final Countdown
・ On The Loose (DISC 1 only), Danger On The Track (DISC 2 only)
・ Let The Good Times Rock, Lights and Shadows, More Than Meets the Eye, Open Your Heart, Tower’s Callin ’, Superstitious
・ Ready Or Not (DISC 2 only), Just The Beginning (DISC 2 only), Sign Of The Times (DISC 2 only)
● Cover
・ I’ve Got A Feeling (DISC 2 only)

… and is like this. As you can see, “OUT OF THIS WORLD” paradise. You can enjoy a live version of 9 songs out of 12 songs in a total of 2 performances, and of course the guitar is a master of great sense, Key Marcelo! Of course, although there is John Noram when saying EUROPE, Marcelo’s smooth, the guitar is still wonderful, and it is hard to forget the masterpiece group which shines with an urban sense. Even now, there are those who say “OUT OF THIS WORLD! More than THE FINAL COUNTDOWN” also say “Marcello’s best fit to Joey’s voice and melody.” It is a superb soundboard album that directly responds to such feelings. The two-disc set closest to “raw stage version OUT OF THIS WORLD”. Please enjoy yourself and enjoy it!

これが“OUT OF THIS WORLD TOUR”の全体像。足かけ3年に及ぶ巨大なツアーであり、北米・欧州・アジア・南米を巡る文字どおりのワールドツアーでした。中でもひと際公演数が多い要となっていたのは「欧州」レッグ。本作の2公演は、その56公演目・58公演目にあたる最終盤のコンサートでした。それでは、それぞれ個別にご紹介していきましょう。

まず登場するのは、英国の伝統会場“ハマースミス・オデオン”で記録されたステレオ・サウンドボード。これがもう、超・極上! 収録もミックスもマスター鮮度も文句なしのオフィシャル級。それもシングルB面に入っていそうな適当ミックスの物ではなく、公式通常リリース級の超極上サウンドボードなのです。
このサウンドの前には四の五の言っても仕方がない。「もう、聴いちゃってください!」で済ませたいクオリティで描かれるショウがまた美味しい。セットはデビュー作から最新作まで全部からチョイスされてはいるものの、その軸は明らかに名作『OUT OF THIS WORLD』。さすがに『The Final Countdown』からもそれなりにセレクトされているものの、初期からは「Stormwind」「Seven Doors Hotel」の2曲だけ。後はひたすら『OUT OF THIS WORLD』ナンバーで、アルバムの半分となる6曲が大盤振る舞いなのです。中でも貴重なのは「Lights and Shadows」と「Tower’s Callin’」。どちらも“OUT OF THIS WORLD TOUR”でしか演奏していない隠れ名曲であり、それをオフィシャル名盤級の超極上サウンドで聴けるのです。

代わってのディスク2は3日後のオランダ公演。 こちらは超絶クオリティのディスク1に比べると一歩譲るのですが、それでもノイズレスで艶やかなサウンドボード。ディスク1と比べさえしなければ、十分に単品勝負できる銘品です。
そして、こちらの強みは長さ。ディスク1は12曲で58分ほどでしたが、こちらは15曲で約72分。被る曲も多いのですが、それでもディスク1では聴けない「Danger On The Track」「Ready Or Not」「Just The Beginning」「Sign Of The Times」「I’ve Got A Feeling」がたっぷり。『OUT OF THIS WORLD』の「Just The Beginning」もこのツアーだけのレア曲ですが、さらに輪をかけて激レアなのが「I’ve Got A Feeling」。ビートルズのカバーですが、EUROPEがこの曲を演奏したのはホンの数回。しかも、レア曲にありがちな遊びやアカペラではなく、約4分に渡ってちゃんとバンド演奏している。それほどの激レア曲をサウンドボードで楽しめるわけです。

・Seven Doors Hotel(DISC 1のみ)、Stormwind(DISC 1のみ)
・Carrie、Rock The Night、The Final Countdown
・On The Loose(DISC 1のみ)、Danger On The Track(DISC 2のみ)
・Let The Good Times Rock、Lights and Shadows、More Than Meets the Eye、Open Your Heart、Tower’s Callin’、Superstitious
・Ready Or Not(DISC 2のみ)、Just The Beginning(DISC 2のみ)、Sign Of The Times(DISC 2のみ)
・I’ve Got A Feeling(DISC 2のみ)

……と、このようになっています。ご覧の通りの『OUT OF THIS WORLD』パラダイス。2公演の合計でアルバム全12曲中9曲のライヴバージョンが楽しめますし、当然ギターはセンス抜群の巧者、キー・マルセロ! もちろん、EUROPEと言えばジョン・ノーラムではあるわけですが、マルセロの滑らかでギターもやはり素晴らしく、都会的なセンスで輝く名曲群は忘れがたい。今なお「THE FINAL COUNTDOWNよりもOUT OF THIS WORLD!」という方も「ジョーイの声やメロディに一番合っていたのはマルセロ」という方もいらっしゃるでしょう。そんな気持ちにダイレクトに答えてくれる極上サウンドボード・アルバムなのです。まさに「生ステージ版OUT OF THIS WORLD」にもっとも近い2枚組。どうぞ、思う存分たっぷりとお楽しみください!

Disc 1(58:06)
Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 1st April 1989

1. Let The Good Times Rock 2. On The Loose 3. Carrie 4. Lights and Shadows 5. Stormwind
6. More Than Meets the Eye 7. Seven Doors Hotel 8. Open Your Heart 9. Tower’s Callin’
10. Rock The Night 11. Superstitious 12. The Final Countdown


Disc 2(72:09)
Live at Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands 4th April 1989

1. Intro 2. Ready Or Not 3. Just The Beginning 4. Danger On The Track 5. Let the Good Times Rock
6. More Than Meets The Eye 7. Sign Of The Times 8. Carrie 9. Lights and Shadows 10. Stormwind
11. I’ve Got This Feeling 12. Open Your Heart 13. Tower’s Callin’ 14. Rock the Night
15. Superstitious 16. The Final Countdown

Joey Tempest – lead vocals Kee Marcello – guitar John Leven – bass
Mic Michaeli – keyboards Ian Haugland – drums



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